Room Service

Author: David Williams

His cell phone rang, and he allowed it to ring several times before he answered it, his deep voice measured in tone and speed.

“Room 334. Take the elevator to the third floor and take a right when you get out. The room is the fourth on the left down the hallway. There is a fire extinguisher two doors down across the hall. When you get to that, open your coat. The room door is open. Come on in. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” her voice was slightly shaky with excitement and fear.

“Once you come into the room, no words are to be spoken. Do you understand that?” he asked her.

“Yes, sir,” she answered.

“If you speak, then it all stops. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Then come up now.”

He hung up the phone and pulled his shirt off, revealing his muscular, tanned body. Unlike a body builder, his muscles were those of someone who works hard for a living. He had that hard, steel look like he was more chiseled out of stone then made of flesh and blood.

His facial features were strong and yet subdued. There was nothing remarkably breath-taking about how he looked, and yet the features blended together to create a very handsome man. His goatee and long hair gave him a more swashbuckling look than he would otherwise have had, like he had just stepped out of a three musketeers movie or some fantasy epic. He did not look like he belonged here and now; He was of some other time.

He stretched his back and shoulders, a slight crackling from his spine as he worked out the kinks. Running his hands over his hairless body, he paused as they brushed over his tribal swirl on his left shoulder. The symbol of fire wrapped around his arm and ended just above the bicep.

His black slacks were triple pleated in the front and yet they could not hide his bulge as his cock ran down his right leg. He was as aroused as she was and looking forward to this even more.

He absently brushed his fingers down the length of the shaft and smiled thinking of the event ahead of them. He was lost in these thoughts when he heard the distant sound of the elevator dinging its arrival. He took a deep breath and waited.

The door silently opened, and she was there. She was shy and scared as she pushed the door wide. Her black long coat opened to reveal her nude form underneath. She stepped into the doorway and waited for further instructions. She tried to keep herself from shaking but wasn’t doing it very well, her body trembled like a leaf.

He motioned for her to come in and close the door, which she did immediately, glad to be safe from passers by in the hallway. She smiled at him, and he grinned back. She was every bit as tempting as he knew she would be. Her body was full of curves in all the right places. Her face was so sweet and innocent looking. He would enjoy fucking both equally.

As she approached him, he pushed her coat off her shoulders, and she let it drop to the floor. He motioned for her to turn, which she did, to give him a full view of her nakedness. His cock was straining against his pants as she came back to face him, a fact that she noted with great satisfaction. He smiled at her and brushed her cheek with his fingertips. That light touch sent shocks through her body like lightning.

He smiled at her squirming and let her calm down again before stepping back and doing a half turn. He motioned her to the wide open sliding glass doors that lead to the balcony. The view was amazing. All of downtown Tampa was displayed before them. Nodding to her, he guided her out onto the balcony to be displayed to the city below.

As she stood looking out at the twinkling lights of the city, she heard the sound of his zipper behind her. There was the faint whisper of cloth and then he pressed up behind her, nude, his cock sliding between her ass cheeks. He felt so warm against her and as his arms snaked around her, she felt so safe in his embrace her body finally stopped trembling, and she allowed herself to be pulled hard against him.

Safe in his arms, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations and the thoughts that bombarded her. She could hear the traffic from the city below, could almost feel eyes watching them. She could feel his breath on her neck, could feel the heat from him, especially from his hard cock. It was like fire pressed against her ass crack and lower back. He was thick and long, and she wondered if she could take him in all the way. He was big. She knew she would for him; She would do anything for him.

His hands began to play over her body, gently caressing her. Only the very tips of his fingers touched her flesh, like the wind whispering by. It was almost not even a touch. She felt her body covered immediately with goose bumps, and she squirmed and giggled as he continued his attentions.

Both hands slid under her heavy breasts and squeezed them, and she moaned softly and leaned her head back against his chest. His fingers played with her nipples, and she felt her already wet pussy begin to drip cum down her legs. As he pulled on her nipples gently, she felt a tiny climax shake her, and she found herself laughing for no apparent reason.

She could feel him smile. She didn’t know how she knew but she could feel it through his entire body as he held her. His hands began to slide down her body and across her belly, so she spread her legs for him and he laughed. She felt herself blushing and snuggled up against him again.

His fingers slid between her legs and began to play with her. He was not coy or overly rushed. His fingers slid around her clit, and she squirmed at the intensity of the pleasure. As she did, he slid two fingers into her dripping wet slit and then deep into her. She leaned forward and grabbed the railing, big tits hanging over the edge, and she looked down at the city below as he fingered her from behind.

As his fingers probed her deeper and deeper and wiggled inside her, stroking the walls of her pussy, his fingers playing with her clit began to gently press and squeeze on it, teasing her until she was scared she would start to cry out words in her passion. His fingers seemed to be everywhere at once, and the pleasure was overwhelming her. Looking down at the street 3 floors down, her world was almost spinning from his attention.

As the orgasm took her, she grabbed the railing hard for support and grunted instead of calling out his name. It was so hard not to tell him how good it felt. She wanted so badly to cry out and let words gush out. Instead, she gripped the railing tighter and grunted again as cum spilled down her legs.

She was trembling and overly sensitive, hanging onto the railing for dear life as she tried to remember her own name. She held the thought that speech was not allowed but everything else seemed to have gone blank. Catching her breath, she cried out as she felt his huge cock sliding into her from behind. It felt like it would never be all in her, more and more sliding in deeper and deeper until she was so full she thought she would split open.

His fucking was nice and steady, hard and slow and deep. She moaned as he fucked her hard from behind, each thrust ending with a grind against her and his balls slapping her lips with a wet sloppy sound. Then he would slide almost all the way out, his big cock head still in her, and wait for a second before slamming back in to her. The railing creaked under the impact of his thrusts, and she suddenly remembered she was being fucked in front of the whole city.

His fucking got fast and more serious as she began to push back onto his huge cock. She was taking it all in now without any problem, and he began to fuck her hard and fast, grabbing her hair and pulling her back onto his cock. She groaned and moaned and bit her lip so she wouldn’t speak. It was almost too much.

His breathing was ragged and dangerous sounding, like an animal, as he fucked her. He growled and slapped her ass hard several times, laughing at her squeals. Spreading her ass cheeks wide, he watched his cock slam in and out of her pussy. Each time it came out, it was so wet it dripped from her cum. Growling louder, he fucked faster into her, getting close to cumming himself.

She felt the orgasm wash through her, and she was afraid she would fall. He held her up, and she felt as though she was flying over the city as she came. Her entire body seemed to be electrified at once and she couldn’t breathe any more. He kept fucking her and the orgasm kept intensifying. She felt like she would pass out at any second.

Then he cried out and grabbed her ass cheeks so hard he left deep angry red hand prints in her flesh. Fucking her as fast and hard as he could, he began to cum. Blast after blast of hot sticky cum filled her pussy and squished out and down her legs as he kept fucking her. His thrusts became uneven, and finally he thrust in once more and spilled the rest of his load of cum into her.

She leaned heavily on the railing, trying to catch her breath. She could see the lights of the city winking at her, and she smiled. Unable to stay standing, she slumped to her knees and leaned her face against the rails, the cold metal a blessing as she tried to calm her heart so it didn’t explode in her chest.

She felt his cum and hers leaking out of her pussy and pooling under her, making a mess. She grinned and giggled at the thought of how she looked. She turned to look back at him and found him standing there, dressed again, long coat over his bare chest. She knew it was time, and she nodded. He leaned down and kissed her, and she savored the kiss like wine long after he broke the embrace and turned to leave.

As she sat there quivering, her cell phone rang. She got up on wobbly legs and raced to get it. She caught it on the last ring and answered it. “Hello?”

“The room is paid for the night.” His voice was so sweet to hear.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Thank you, baby.”

“Next week?” she asked hopefully.

“Next week.” he answered.

They both hung up, and she kissed the phone. She closed her eyes and relived it all again and just wished she knew his name.

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