Slave Shadow part 1

Author: Belle Dimond

I was at her feet, eyes lowered, when she told me to start worshipping her pussy. I did so, with so much eagerness to pleaseand practiced fervor – but she would not have it. She grabbed my hair and yanked back and down, making me lose my balance and making me fall on my back from my knees.

“Go over to the training table,” she ordered.

“Yes, Mistress,” I answered, and crawled at her heal across the room, then climbed up on the table, lying flat on my back as
was the custom.

“Not like that!” Mistress yelped, grabbing my left breast and yanking me into a sitting position, my legs dangling over the end of
the table.

I nearly cried in frustration at not being able to please my Mistress lately, while I waited and watched Her fish a plastic bag out
of Her pocket.

She emptied the bag behind me onto the table. Reaching behind me, She found a ball gag with a strap and secured it to my
mouth. This was so unusual – I usually did not get gagged unless I was severely punished when we had guests. I suppose She
was not in the mood for conversation.

She reached behind me and came back with some sticky, strong packing tape and a couple of small cones. The cones were
black and looked and smelled like the incense which comes in the form of cones – about 1 inch high, with a 1/2 inch wide base.
They then taper off to a point on top. I couldn’t imagine what She was going to do with these.

“Hold your hands straight up above your head,” She ordered.

I complied immediately, as She tore off an approximately 3 inch by 3 inch piece of packing tape off the large roll. She then
placed the base of one of the small incense cones on the tape. The next thing she did was the beginning of a 5-hour long torture,
the likes of which I cannot remember ever enduring, or even imagining!

She placed the pointy end of the cone on my nipple, dead-center, and pressed it into my flesh. It did not penetrate, but only
served to push my nipple back into my tit-flesh a full inch. She then pressed the tape against my flesh, hard, making it stick tight.
And then pulled off another, larger piece of tape and secured it over the first one. The pain was nothing in comparison to the
desire that washed over me from this incredible stimulation.

My nipple wanted to be carressed – for this sensation to move over my nipple – for some kind of motion and further pinching or
rubbing. But no – it was this steady pressure – this slow – intense building of desire – as the warm sensation washed over me,
projecting straight into my clit.

I closed my eyes and fought to keep my hands in the air as my Mistress did the same thing to my other nipple. I moaned softly
and was slapped – hard.

“Keep your eyes open and pay attention!”

I tried to say “Yes, Mistress” through my gag, only to be slapped again and told to shut up.

After the same procedure was completed on my other nipple, Mistress took a long piece of tape and applied it under on of my
armpits, pulled it towards the other armpit, squeezed my breasts together with her other hand (pushing against the one pulling
the tape) and then secured the tape under my other armpit. This succeeded in not only adding pressure to the already
unbearable pressure to my nipples, but in making my breasts look much bigger. my cleavage was very impressive. Mistress
looked pleased as she took the tape and began wrapping tape around my body, starting at my armpit, going over the tape she
had just applied over my breasts, and then going around under my other armpit and around my back.

She did this about 3 times and was then satisfied that her handiwork was secure. She put down the tape and looked me over,
seeing my arms shaking from being held in the air so long.

She asked if I wanted to put my arms down now, and when I nodded earnestly and pathetically, She just smirked and looked
down at my chest, running Her fingernails on the tender, underside of my upperarms, and over the small areas of armpit which
were exposed just above the tape.

Then She reached up, grabbed my wrists, and pulled me down on the table so that I was now lying down. She walked down
and lifted each of my ankles into the stirrups and secured them. From her pocked she pulled a small vibrator and began playing
it around my lips and clit. She held the vibrator in her mouth, and I could feel Her warm breath on my cunt.

She moved the vibrotor into my cunt, moving it sloooooowly in – then out – then in…..taking a full 15 to 20 seconds per stroke.
I was so on fire and ready to cum, but She had other plans for me.

She released my ankles and took the ball gag off of me and told me to go upstairs and get ready to go out.

“I’ve laid out an outfit on your pet bed. your outfit does not include underwear of any kind, do you understand?”

Yes, Mistress,” I answered, and turned to go upstairs.

Once I arrived in our room, I saw what Mistress intended me to wear. A strappless summer dress, very low cut, which
thankfully had a long skirt to it.

I had been so worried about coming up to find a very short skirt (considering I was going out without underwear), that I hadn’t
thought about the implications of a low-cut dress and my current state. Mistress had said nothing about removing the tape, and
when I put on the dress, most of the fleshy part of my breasts were pushed up past the neckline, looking dangerously ready to
spill out of the dress.

I knew the looks I would get, the stares and whistles. I knew I would be considered a whorish slut by all who saw me – and
worse, if I didn’t keep the dress in place, the tape would begin to show and people would think me more of a showy whore for
pushing my breasts up for all to see in such a manner.

I arranged the dress the best I could and slipped into the 4 inch pumps I was required to wear whenever I was allowed out. i
arranged my hair nicely and put on a little makeup. But no matter what I did, I saw a shameless slut in the mirror before me. i
finally turned to go downstairs, feeling my nipples hard against the cones, and wincing at the pain inflicted as my nipples growing
harder at the humiliation I was sure to endure today.

Mistress had decided to take me clothes shopping. Clothes for Her, not for me. I helped her dress, I brought things back to the
dressing room for her to try, I tried to hide my embarrassment at my huge cleavage spilling over my dress when the salelady
eyed me up and down.

Mistress did not want to buy anything today – I soon found that out. She only wanted to humiliate me like i’d never been
humiliated in my life. While helping her try on her 4th outfit at the first store, she told me to open the curtains to the dressing
room by 3 inches. She backed up against the wall by the curtains so that she could not be seen from the outside, and told me to
sit in the chair that had been placed in the changing room, so that I could be seen from the outside of the dressing room if
anyone happened to walk by.

I sat and she continued to order me in a whisper, almost silently:

“Scoot your butt forward in the chair and slouch back into it – so that your pelvis is thrust forward.

“Good, now pull both of your feet up onto the chair. That’s it.

“Now, pull the skirt of your dress up to your waist, ah yes. Now your juicy pussy is there for all to see.”

my heart was racing, my cheeks were flushed and my nipples were hard as rocks – which served only to increase the pressure
of the cones against my nipples, which turned me on all the more.

“your cunt is dripping, you horny slut. you’d like to touch it, wouldn’t you?”

“No, Mistress, not here, PLEASE!” but it was no use. Her glee was only beginning, as she saw me turn every shade of red
there is, and squirm in my chair.

“Take the middle finger of your left hand and rub it vertically along your slit. That’s right – slooooowly. Now dip your middle
finger into your cunt and show me…gawd, you are wetter than I thought. you’re nothing more than a walking cunt, aren’t you?”

my heart was racing, I thought I hears footsteps coming towards us, but they turned and went the other way.

“What’s the matter? Afraid the world will learn what a desperate, pathetic whore you are? Put your finger back on your slit,
your middle finger. Get it good and wet – now circle it slowly around your clit – I said slooowly – make the circles smaller –
now press a little harder. Good! You can close your eyes if you want to, that’s right – make yourself feel reeeeeal good now….”

I closed my eyes and began to pant slightly, I forgot where I was an moaned softly. Softly, but it was loud enough. It brought me
to my senses and I heard footsteps coming quickly my way. I tried to pull my dress down in time, but the saleslady appeared
almost instantly and saw me closing my legs and pulling at my dress.

“OUT!” she shreiked! “OUT NOW!” I was yanked by the arm and marched to the front of the store while other customers
watched, surely thinking I had tried to shoplift or something. As the saleslady shoved me out the front door, she hissed, “Don’t
you EVER come back here! Skanky WHORE!”

I stood on the sidewalk, to stunned to cry, still feeling my pussy and nipples throbbing. I moved to the side of the doors and
waited for Mistress who emerged moments later, smiling and saying she didn’t find anything she wanted to buy and that we
should try another store.

We visited 2 more stores, replaying the same scene almost exactly. The only difference being the saleslady in the second store
saw me before I saw her, and had watched me appreciatively. As soon as I saw her, though, her embarrassment got the better
of her and she through me out on my ear.

After that, Mistress was hungry, so we went for a bite to eat at a corner diner.

cont’d in part 2

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