The Hunter and the Druid

Author: Daeron

The night elf was moving silently through the moonlit woods, his mind wandering, when a sudden odd and quiet yelp from his pet snapped his hunter training back into focus. He didn’t sense immediate danger, and yet something had made the Shadowmaw panther restless. Putting a hand down to calm him, the hunter then caught it too: the faint, estrous scent of a feline… and something more, but elusive.

It wasn’t long before they came upon her, a dim shape moving between the trees on a rise, her sleek dark blue-violet form silhouetted in the moonlight. Rubbing wantonly against a tree, the crescent-marked cat gave out a howl, loud, longing and beckoning.

Mecawyn quickly gripped a tuft of fur, holding back his cat before it gave chase. He couldn’t release Lyrah, because now he knew for certain…


The feline shape crested the rise and moved out of view. Mecawyn stepped quickly to follow, motioning for the panther to fall behind. Years of training kept the panther obedient.

Moving cautiously behind a large tree at the top of the rise, the hunter found the cat moving down into a hidden grotto. A small stream ran over a small outcropping at the far side, emptying into a pool of silvery glowing water. Was it some form of abandoned moonwell?

Before he could ponder the historical significance of the find, a magical mist began to form around the cat, and with a burst of mystic sparkling light, it returned to its true form…

The most beautiful night elf Mecawyn had ever seen.

Her youthful, leather-clad hips swayed in the flickering light of the pool as she stepped down and entered. He was captivated by those hips as she went through the motion of bending to wet her hair and then throwing it back, sending glistening drops of water flying.

The hunter’s pulse quickened as she began to carefully unfasten the clasps of her exquisitely fashioned armour. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, the way the water ran over her lavender skin and made it shine. Shbute released her firm, round breasts from their bondage, and he felt his manhood stir as he watched her move her hands over them, obviously glorying in their freedom. He couldn’t help but notice that she slowed the motion, perhaps momentarily satisfied, and repeated it over her now erect nipples.

There are likely few who can resist the moonlit sight of an unclad Kaldorei woman bathing waist-deep in an enchanted well, and Mecawyn was not among them. Entranced, he found himself moving forward almost against his will. He didn’t even notice the snap of the twig until the druid looked towards him in shock and panic, quickly covering her body. Some instinct told him it was time to retreat, and he began to move away into the trees, quickening his pace, afraid to look back.

Without warning, the weight of her cat form hit him full on, her huge paws bearing him to the ground and onto his back. As she sat upon his chest, snarling, it was very hard for him to resist the urge to reach for his blade. Her claws dug into his chest, and her glowing eyes raged at him. He motioned for Lyrah to stay back.

Without warning, the mist began to form again, and Mecawyn instinctively shielded his eyes from the flash of light so close to his face. When he opened them, he was surprised to find that the druid was still naked, but no longer wet from the pool.

“Your armour bears the mark of Cenarion,” she panted heavily, “You are with the Circle?”

“Well, yes, and you…” his words were cut off as her mouth met his lips full-on.

“Kyllina,” she said, breaking the kiss only long enough to introduce herself before putting a finger over his lips to silence him.

Without shame, she began to search for the straps and fasteners of his armour, undressing him. Pleasantly surprised and taken aback, Mecawyn could do little but watch in amusement as she quickly peeled off his armour and pulled his embroidered shirt over his head. Her hands took in the blue skin of his muscular chest, and she lowered her mouth to his again. He relished the texture of her small lips and the erotic push of her tongue. When she had trouble removing his belt, he saved her hands from fumbling, met her eyes and helped to remove the only barrier left between them.

Pulling back his garments, she released his manhood into the cool night air and began to run her hands over it, working it into hardness and sending shivers through him. Kissing him again, her mouth ran down his neck, and he couldn’t resist arching his back as she took his nipples between her lips, teasing first one and then the other. As her lips moved lower down his chest, he realized that nothing was going to stop this woman from getting what she wanted. Not that he would try, though he couldn’t help but wonder what this display meant. Did he simply meet her feral need or was her true interest in his affiliation? How long had she been out here alone? Perhaps, he was merely a rare opportunity to connect with someone she thought safe, another member of the Circle. The possibilities were endless, but his mind did not wander among them long. Her attentions snatched him away with ease.

And for a long time, Kyllina stroked and played with his manhood in the moonlight. She seemed entranced by it, unable to take her eyes off of it. He took the opportunity of her utter preoccupation to run his fingers through her silky blue hair, to marvel at the curves of her hips and to firmly tell his sex that pulsed with desire to wait. He opened his mouth to speak, but thought better of it… clearly the druid wasn’t in the mood for talking at the moment.

Leaning forward, she pressed her lips against the head of his cock, and he felt her warm lips moving downward then upwards again. She was kissing the length of him. Where her mouth was rejoiced and where it was not ached for more. She changed tactics then, making him gasp as she cupped his sack with one hand and toying with his tip with the other. Her tongue never left him, and he felt lost and yet found. When she glanced up at him and enveloped the head of his cock with her mouth, he felt her tongue working her saliva around it and over it.

The wetness was exquisite, but she did not let him linger, increasing the speed and longing of her touch. She moved a hand to caress her breast. Her body pressed against his leg and she began to turn her head from side to side. Her own need was obvious. The pleasure became unbearable, and he felt his pelvic muscles tensing. Mecawyn put his hand on her hair and pulled back a bit as a warning.

Looking up with understanding but little sympathy, she straddled him full and, leaning forward, pressed her breasts against his chest. She reached down and grasped his cock with one hand, opening herself with the other. She moved downwards, and suddenly he felt the hot tightness of her womanhood envelop him. They both moaned in unison at the almost unbearable pleasure of it.

Lifting up, Kyllina put her hands on his chest. Just minutes before, it had been her paws in the same spot! Memories of the pain her claws inflicted mix with the movement of her hips as she rubbed herself against him. His rock hard cock felt her warmth with ease. She coated their embrace entirely. Kyllina was amazingly wet already, and Mecawyn was not surprised.

Kyllina closed her eyes and tilted her head back as she rocked back and forth, savouring the fullness of him inside of her. Mecawyn took the opportunity to drink in the sight of her, the curve of her luscious hips, the sway of her full breasts, and especially her stunning face, adorned with blue markings in a butterfly-like shape. That glimpse told him that she had wings within her though she did not know it. Her long, pointed ears bounced and moved in rhythm with her arching motions.

Mecawyn concentrated, attempting to control his passion, as she moved faster and faster, closer and closer to climax. Suddenly her hips were squeezing him, her fingernails digging into his chest, and a little scream told him that she was coming. A few heartbeats, a few panting breaths later, she rose and began to walk away.

Puzzled, Mecawyn got up and took a few cautious steps to follow. But he could tell from the playful sway of her hips and bounce in her step that the night was still young.

Returning to the grotto, Kyllina bent down over her belongings and produced a long and soft fur-lined cloak. She draped it over one shoulder, concealing half of herself teasingly, while moving over to a grassy area beside the pool. Spreading the cloak on the grass, she stepped onto it and began to dance.

Mecawyn stared… and felt a bit foolish when he realized his erection was still strong, bobbing up and down and unfulfilled in front of him. To hide it, he took a seat in the grass before her. Lyrah came out of hiding to sit beside him.

It was no ordinary dance; for soon Kyllina began to move in erotic and probably forbidden ways. Her hands moved over her breasts and thighs, one moment concealing, the next revealing. Lowering herself down to the ground, she continued to move upon her knees and sway in a dancing rhythm, revealing sensual views of her round ass one moment and glistening pussy the next.

Mecawyn could resist her exhibition no longer. Moving towards her, he wrapped his arms around her from behind, cupping her breasts. She could feel his cock pressing against her bare bottom as he teased her nipples and kissed her neck.

Turning her to face him, Mecawyn kissed her lips passionately and long, with clear desperation. His hands moved over her body, taking in the marvel of her, from her face down to her breasts, over her thighs and her ass. Moving his kisses down over her neck and shoulders, he playfully licked one of Kyllina’s nipples. Her shudder begs him to go further, and he obliges by sucking with steadily increasing force, tasting it with his mouth and feeling its fullness with his hand.

Enjoying the feeling of his mouth on her breasts, Kyllina spreads her legs open in invitation. His hand follows, over her inner thighs and then up to her pussy. As he rubs her swollen lips, he cannot resist sliding two fingers inside of her, and she shudders at the feeling. Bringing his hand back up to his face, he inhales her scent and tests her flavour on his tongue. He has her now.

His training snaps to attention within, and Mecawyn pushes his prey to the ground. She gasps, looking at him with piqued interest. Moving quickly now, he lifts and spreads her legs with his strong arms, revealing her swollen purple mound beneath a small patch of blue hair. He spreads her tender lips, revealing a dripping wet vulva. Moving closer, he wraps an arm around her thighs and waist to get as close as he possibly can, his mouth pressed against her womanhood, his tongue kissing her inner lips. He feels her hips rise in response to his tongue finding her clit, and he teases it and pulls on it with his lips. Mecawyn begins to lick faster, pushing two fingers deep inside of her and feeling her squirm in pleasure. Working his fingers in and out, he drinks in the sweet taste and powerful scent of her.

Releasing his hold of her leg from a grip much tighter than he remembers using, he moves himself up between her thighs, pressing his cock against her pussy. Looking deep into each other’s eyes and never looking away, she plays her part and he his — open and entering. He thrills as he plunges his swollen cock deep inside of her. A gasp escapes Kyllina’s lips as she feels his hips begin to move, his cock thrusting into her — each forward thrust filling her and each pull back teasing. Grabbing his tight ass, she feels his powerful muscles rippling and tensing as he thrusts, the pleasure crashing against her like waves against a shore. Her pussy begins to contract around his cock, waves of pleasure washing over her body as she comes.

As she begins to come down from her intense orgasm, Kyllina realizes from his breathing and the intensity of his thrusts that Mecawyn is about to climax. “Wait!” she laughs, pulling away from him and pushing him onto his back. Quickly, she moves her mouth over his quivering wet cock, moving her lips over his head and stroking the length of him quickly with her hand. Moments later she feels his come erupt into her mouth, its sticky thickness spurting rhythmically. A drip trickles down her cheek, and she swallows reflexively.

A whimper nearby draws their attention to Lyrah, pacing back and forth. “He has been enjoying the show,” Mecawyn says, as they can both see the panther’s slim red penis hanging beneath him.

“Cats will often take multiple mates. Perhaps I can help,” the druid laughs playfully, as a magical mist begins to form.

“What? Are you… is that…” stammers Mecawyn, eyebrows raised.

“It is not forbidden by my order, just… never spoken of,” she says, as the now familiar flash of light completes her transformation into cat form.

Amazed, Mecawyn watches as Kyllina approaches Lyrah and rubbs up against him, biting at him playfully and rolling on her back in front of him. Kyllina pounces over to the grass, and Lyrah begins to follow her, trying to catch her scent. Lowering herself to the ground, she raises her hind quarters and moves her tail to her side, presenting herself to the panther.

Lyrah approached her warily, sniffing the air. Then, in a surprisingly quick motion, he lunged forward, biting down onto her neck and pinning her in place. Kyllina emits a pleased growl while he mounts her and enters without any hesitation–an act of pure animalistic lust. The panther’s thrusts are shallow, but extremely quick and relentless. Kyllina’s pleasure is clearly rising, but in a moment Lyrah is spent, and the big cat gives her a gentle nudge before turning to lie sleepily in the grass.

Rising, her tail lashing, Kyllina approaches Mecawyn again where he sits in shocked disbelief. He would be embarrassed to admit how aroused he was by the scene that was — only seconds ago — before his eyes, but yet again conversation does not seem to be on the woman’s agenda. Her paw reached for him, both of them actually, padding their way up his legs, and Mecawyn reached up to scratch behind her ears and neck without thinking. A cat had always been at his side. This one showed no sign of being any different, and sure enough Kyllina began to purr. But when her big feline tongue began to lick what is left of the come from his still-swollen cock, Mecawyn did jump a little in shock at the surprise.

Getting up, the big cat nudges and rubs against his chest wantonly. Still purring, she lowers herself again, raises her behind and moves her tail to the side.

“Do you really…” stammers Mecawyn, but he already knows the exciting answer. It would seem the Kaldorei is truly satiating an immense, instinctual need. She has had two helpings, and now her back paws claw the ground in anticipation and her swollen pussy is raised high. It could only mean she was shamelessly asking for more.

His heart tries to beat itself out of his chest while his swollen hard cock pulsed equally for attention and compells him forward. Torn but exhilarated, Mecawyn rises onto his knees determined to satisfy his wanton feline friend, using a tight grip on her fur to push himself inside. A low growl warns him: in this form, her pussy is much smaller, tighter and more sensitive. But thankfully — sweetly — it is wet, from both her own desire and Lyrah’s watery come, and Mecawyn manages to walk a fine line between terror, curiosity, resistance and urgency in order to be with her.

For a moment, Mecawyn pauses to truly feel the intense pleasure, the squeezing tight pressure around his cock. As he begins slow long strokes, he knows that he will not have any problem reaching a second orgasm so soon. He had never imagined anything could feel so amazing, and he wondered how different it felt for Kyllina in this form. As if in answer to the thought, her tail whips back and wraps around his waist, melting him and practically begging him to release the delicate control he has over their union. In response, he moves faster, thrusts harder, holding her coat tighter as the sensations building without end in sight.

Moving closer and closer to the edge, Mecawyn barely comprehends the forming of the mist around him. His eyes are squeezed shut in the longest, most intense orgasm he has ever experienced, while flashes of light dance around him unseen. Opening them he realizes Kyllina has changed back to human form, and they are both coming simultaneously – she is bent on her knees before him, and he is thrusting violently against her ass, his hand on her shoulder, bracing and possessing.

Her pussy contracts tightly as she comes, over and over, both of them gasping and letting out small shouts and screams, his cock pulsing and erupting, again and again. It lasts for an unbelievable several minutes; with him still deep in orgasm long after he had emptied himself, and her engulfed in waves of intense pleasure and dripping with sweat. Kyllina had heard whispers of this wonderful and little-known side-effect of the druidic transformational magic but had never before experienced it herself.

After what seems an eternity, she pulls away, her hand between her thighs as if to calm her swollen heat. Turning over onto her back, Mecawyn watches for a moment as his come, mixed with Lyrah’s, drips languidly from her deep purple slit, running down over the tightness of her ass.

They fall into each other’s arms next to the moonlit pool, exhausted but exhilarated. Lyrah joins them, providing a third warm body. For several hours, they caress and kiss each other in silence, watching and drinking each other’s presence in, until Kyllina finally breaks the silence.

“I am a little embarrassed to admit,” she says, her cheeks growing red, “that I didn’t even ask your name.”

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