Santa’s big helper

   She broke away from my mouth and said, “Shouldn’t we, uh … shouldn’t we find a more, um, comfortable spot for our reunion?”
   “What better place to be naughty?” I responded with a wicked smile, knowing that my overpowering desire demanded to be quelled right then and there. I tore off my elfish duds like they were blazing with chimney fire, and then more slowly and sensuously slid my panties over my big, round butt and popped open my bulging bra. My snow-white breasts spilled out into the open in an avalanche of flesh, and my ultra-pink nipples peaked at full one-inch hardness in the humid, super-heated air. My pussy was moist and raw, aching for fingers and tongue.

   “You put the hour in hour-glass figure, baby,” Sandra said, staring admiringly at my over-ripe body and reaching up to stroke my short, black hair. She then cast aside her own undergarments, along with her inhibitions, and we passionately embraced again, our nude, lewd, flaming bodies and need threatening to reduce the faux-gingerbread house to a smoking lump of coal.

   We frenched some more, then I captured Sandra’s darting tongue between my teeth and began sucking it. She stuck her slimy pleasure tool as far out of her mouth as she could, and I urgently sucked up and down its wet, rigid length like someone might suck a swollen candy cane. She caressed and fondled my tits as I did so. Then the petite cutie broke away from my mouth and really went to work on my chest. She clutched my breasts, squeezed them together, and teased my sensitive buds with her playful tongue – spanking first one distended nip and then the other, swirling her tongue around my huge aureoles. Then she swallowed a nipple in her mouth and tugged on it.

   “Yeah, Sandra! suck my tits!” I shrieked, my lust-addled voice booming out joy to the world.    

   The faint whir of floor-buffing machines could be heard after my scream-echoes had died down, as the mall cleaning staff worked away just outside the thin walls of our sugar shack, but at that moment, and the sexually-charged moments that followed, I could have cared less if the real Claus himself had stormed down the chimney demanding milk and nookie. Sandra was working miracles on my tingling tits, sucking hard on one engorged nipple and then the other, bobbing her blonde head back and forth between my boobs, cheeks billowing, breath steaming out of her flared nostrils as she greedily fed on my tits.

   “God, that feels good,” I groaned, as she kneaded and tongued my Christmas mams.

   She looked up at me, her eyes wild, her hands and mouth full of titty, and she asked, “Can you still handle the vertical sixty-nine, baby?”

   I stroked her golden hair with trembling fingers, closed my eyes while she painted my glistening nipples with her hot saliva. “For you, sweetie, I think I can summon the strength,” I murmured.

   And with that assurance, she jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist. I opened my eyes and set myself, then carefully maneuvered the gorgeous, light-as-feather hottie around until I was facing her delightfully drenched blonde pussy. I held her easily, shouldering her smooth, supple legs as she coiled them about my neck. She wasted no time in spreading my pussy lips and plunging two fingers inside my burning snatch.

   “Fuck, yeah!” I yelped, my knees buckling as the anxious girl frantically finger-fucked me, as she probed my clit with her warm, wet tongue. I gripped her taut little ass cheeks, breathed in her moist, musky scent for a couple of ticks, and then drove my tongue into her pussy.

   “Yes, Joy! Eat me!” she squealed, hammering her fingers in and out of my soaking wet pussy, buffing my swollen clitty with her tongue.

   I felt a wave of incredible heat rise like a fiery tide up my quivering body, and I knew that devastating orgasm was not far away. I lapped at her smoldering twat, tongue-stroking her from clit to butthole in long, sensuous strokes. She squirmed in my arms, but I held on tight, never wanting to let go, ever again. Then I latched onto the girl’s pink, protruding nub with my lips and sucked for all I was worth.

   “I’m cumming!” she screamed, even as she desperately plowed my pussy with her fingers, polished my electrified clit with her thumb.

   She let out a high-pitched, almost inaudible moan and spasmed uncontrollably as an orgasm exploded inside of her. She was jolted again and again with ecstasy, as orgasm after orgasm thundered through her, shattering body and soul.

   I quickly joined her in our rediscovered sexual utopia. “merry fucking christmas!” I bellowed, as a searing orgasm churned through my quaking body, rapidly followed by another, and another. I blindly struggled to tongue up Sandra’s scalding girl juices as she came over and over, as she sent my own senses skyrocketing into the blissful clouds of ecstasy with her unrelenting fingers.

   Finally, when the roof had settled back down on our fantasyland fuckhouse, I weakly turned Sandra around and put her back on her feet. We kissed and licked each other’s sugar-coated lips, tasting our own cumdrops as we fiercely hugged one another. And it wasn’t the twelve days of Christmas I was looking forward to now, but rather the twelve nights.

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