Bar None

Author: Cecilia

I sat there, on the wobbly bar stool and watched her walk around the club. Her body was to die for. She was taller than I am, I could tell that for sure. Her long curly red hair cascaded down her back and over her shoulders, easily covering her large breasts underneath. She could have been a mermaid with her red locks teasingly covering her bare breasts. Her long legs dared to defy physics itself as they stretched higher up than seemed possible. Her short skirt barely covered her ass and when she bent over, we got a nice view of whichever thong she happened to be wearing that night. She almost always wore knee high boots with her outfit. I’ve only seen her a few times in just pumps and once she walked around in just her pantyhose clad feet. She’s braver than I am. I’d never walk around a club barefooted.

Anyways, I’d been coming to this club for a while now, and she was the reason. The first time I’d been here, I came in just because I was bored and the name, Shooters, had been overheard at the office. Being new to the area, just transferred from Chicago, I thought I’d check it out. I’m glad I did, because now I had her to watch and pass my time dreaming about. Still, for weeks I’ve watched her. Not stalking mind you, but I’d definitely spend my nights at the club watching her movements, her smile, the way her tits bounced when she laughed or the way her hips swayed when she walked. She works at Shooters, not as one of the strippers but as a bar tender.

Tonight was going to be the night though. I’d never actually gotten up the nerve to say more to her than, “Beer.” Of course as soon as that word was said my beer was handed to me and she was off, leaving me with tons of wonderful thoughts springing through my head of what I could have said to her and possibly sweep her off her feet.

I looked at my watch; it was ten forty-five and almost time for one of her breaks. Since this was before the no smoking in public buildings was in affect, she’d just chill behind the bar and relax her feet, often sitting on the back counter with one leg crossed over the other, pumping her booted leg and smoking her ciggie.

I headed to the bathroom and made sure I looked all right, reaching into my bra and fluffy my tits a bit. Another reason why I was so nervous. I had no idea if she were into girls or not. I made it a point to find out tonight and if she wasn’t I’d just find another club to hang at. I reapplied my lipstick as I puckered my lips at the mirror. My heart was beating outta my chest. Part of me tried to talk myself outta approaching her, but the other half was hell bent on doing it. So… torn I headed out and prepared myself.

A few deep breaths later I was at the bar again, directly in front of where she normally takes her break. The music was pounding as hard as my head was, or was it the other way around? I fiddled with my beer, lightly running my fingers along the water that had formed, clinging to the outside of the glass. Just then some asshole bumps into me, making my beer fall over and pool all over the bar counter as she walks up for her break. The guy muttered some incoherent apologies and promised to give me the best lay of my life to make up for it. I pushed him off in time for her to speak.

“Gah hon. That guy was a real creep.”

I froze. She was speaking to me.

“You alright darlin? Did he hurt ya?”

She stared at me a little harder than was needed. I managed to stammer out a no as she slid another beer in my direction.

“Here hon. It looks like ya could use another one. Ya look like you’re about to leap off of a buildin’. What’s eatin’ ya?”

Ohhh man. I was really nervous now and I had no clue what to say, but she made it so I didn’t have to say anything… yet.

“I’ve seen ya here every weekend for a month almost. Ya don’t go up to the stage and watch the girls, ya don’t go home with anyone, ya just sit here and have a few beers. Ya waitin’ on something darlin? Or just relaxing?”

She smiled brightly at me and winked.

I couldn’t hold it in any longer; between her southern accent, her body and her attentions to me I had to say something.

“Oh yanno. I’ve wanted to go home with someone, just never got up the nerve to ask them. That whole fear of rejection thing.”

She bit right into it.

“Oh darlin, I certainly know whatcha mean about that. I hate being told no. Makes ya feel so… unwanted.”

I nodded. She went on.

“But yanno honey, if ya never ask, you’ll never know.”

That was it. I made the decision right then.

“Would you like to, ummm… well what I mean is…. Would you be interested…”

She leaned over the bar and put her finger to my lips.

“I’d love to honey.”

With that she told one of the other bar tenders that she was leaving and we headed to her place.

She lived in a nice two-bedroom apartment. I didn’t really notice much else since my heart was racing and my brain had completely shut off.

Most of the night was a blur, but I do remember her taking me into her room. We undressed each other and admired the other’s body. She was even more than I had ever dreamed of. Her perky breasts were a bit more than a handful; her large erect nipples screamed to be sucked on.

We quickly fell to the bed, our bodies rubbing and writhing against each other, our hands roaming and groping, our breathing fast and shallow. I have never been so horny in my life.

My fingers found her soaking wet pussy and quickly went to work on rubbing her little nub of a clit. The sweet sounds that came from her definitely urged me on and my juices flow. I began to work my way down her body, placing kisses, nibbles and licks.

She rolled over and was now on top of me. She smiled a sly grin and said that she’d been wondering just how good I tasted. As soon as she said that she slid down my body, her long red hair trailing against my skin.

She pressed her body to mine and slipped her fingers in between my wet lips. She let her fingers dance around my clit, again, never actually touching it. She was teasing me. I couldn’t stand any longer and wiggled my hips from side to side. That got a smile from her and she took the hint. She began long steady strokes along the full length of my clit. My body shuddered. I could feel my orgasm build behind my blonde curls, an intense heat. My heart beat harder as I thought about it and my blood surged through my body. She plunged her middle finger deep inside my pussy. I gasped and jerked, but instantly enjoyed it. She continued to play with my engorged clit with her thumb, rolling over and around it causing shocks of pleasure to shoot like lightning bolts throughout my body, then replacing her thumb with her warm wet tongue.

I rocked my hips against her mouth as I felt the beginning waves wash over me as my climax started to build. Her finger plunged in and out of my tight hole, her tongue lapping at my clit faster and faster. I squeezed harder with each thrust, my climax rapidly building. My moans grew louder and louder, filling the room. Then my orgasm over took me. My body shuddered, forcing the bed to rock. I arched my back and squeezed my thighs tightly against her hand and face as my climax intensified in strength.

I felt my slick fluids flow freely, coating her fingers and mouth. My chest heaved as I struggled to catch my breath, her fingers still working along my throbbing clit making ripple after ripple of pleasure shudder up my spine. She slowed down her finger dance once she was sure I was satisfied, looked up at me, that same sly grin on her face.

“You are bar none, the best I’ve ever tasted.”

I tried to say something between gasping for air, she just giggled and rose back up my body, placing a kiss on my lips.

“You’ll have plenty of time to have your taste. Catch your breath, its gonna be a long night darlin.”

I whimpered.

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