Lesbian Lover

Author: Michael Shuler

My name is Christie, and I recently became a lesbian’s lover. I didn’t plan it, it just happened. Well, Heather made it happen. It happened while I was in a girl’s school for five short, heavenly months, but we’ve stayed in touch since then. In the weeks to come I will relate my stories as I have the time, and the nerve. My family brought it all about, although making love to another girl is so great I would have gotten around to it eventually.

Being sent away to a girl’s school didn’t help, I was angry and confused at my parents, and rebellious. This frame of mind certainly added to my confusion, but simple loneliness became my downfall.

It started on the very first day, when I moved into my room. I slammed open the door, with an armful of luggage, and there she was. She sat bolt upright in the bed wearing blue pants and a matching blue sweater. I would have knocked, but they told me I was in a single room. Her pants were open and down, the sweater rolled up to her breasts. I knew what she’d been doing. I do it myself occasionally. I was amazed to find that other girls do it too. Somehow I thought I invented that little finger trick. She saw my gaze and stiffened, then gave me a rueful smile.

“Hi,” she said brightly, then yawned and stretched. I couldn’t help but notice that she was embarassed. As she pushed down her sweater I saw that her stomach was firm and slender, like mine, and her breasts were perfect grape fruit halves, while mine were smaller cones.

A stranger might mistake us for sisters, except I have black hair and she has auburn. She glanced up shyly and saw my admiring gaze. With a giggle she jumped out of bed and made her way to the adjoining bathroom. She didn’t bother closing the door. The sound of her peeing was loud in the room. I tried to ignore her and unpacked. It was 10:00 o’clock and I was tired. Luckily it was Friday night and I wouldn’t be expected to attend any classes in the morning.

“My name’s Heather,” the girl came strutting back and extended her hand. I took it suspiciously, not knowing if she’d washed it or not. The chill of her flesh and trace of moisture assured me that she had.

“I’m Christie,” I shook her hand firmly. She gave my hand a quick squeeze before sitting on my bed next to me.

“Can I help you unpack?”

“God no, I’m just getting out the stuff I need. I’ll unpack after I’ve slept for 15 hours. Thanks for the offer though.”

“No problem. Is there anything you need?”

“A new family would be nice.”

“Bad, huh?”

“My father’s a drunk, my mother’s a whore. Neither has kissed me goodnight in six or seven years. Not a hug, not a touch. I miss it,” I finished in a small voice.

“You’re one of those touchie-feelie type of people?” she smiled.

“Yeah, I guess I am,” I shrugged, suddenly shy. She sat gazing into my eyes until I started feeling creepy.

“Me too,” she slid closer. My eyes flew wide in surprise. She leaned close and put an arm around me. Before I knew what was happening, her lips were against mine. HOW HAD SHE KNOWN? Did it show? It was during the past few months that I had been attracted to girls, not seriously so, but… you know, curious. Now I was curious no longer. The touching and kissing was EXACTLY what I needed. I responded immediately by melting against her and kissing her urgently. I explored the moisture of her mouth, mashed her ample breasts against my own. It was so fucking wonderful.

Panting in excitement, Heather rushed over to the door of our room, slammed it and locked it. She hurried back, took her place beside me and grabbed my shirt. She began yanking at the bottom. I sat forward to help her remove it.

“How did you know?” I asked breathlessly.

“Sweetie, when you’ve seen that look as much as I have, there is no doubt. You are starving for affection and sex. I know that look. And I feel exactly the same,” she smiled. She removed my black bra deafly. It flew off into her hands. She rubbed it against her cheek, giving me an alluring look, then sniffed one cup and moaned, rolling her eyes. She tossed it on the floor with a giggle and lowered her mouth to my right breast. I hissed and stiffened beneath her mouth. She sucked urgently, as if breast feeding. I felt the rush of excitement shoot from my breast straight down to my pussy.

“Oh… oh that’s wonderful,” I moaned. Her hot, urgent lips sucked most of my breast into her mouth. I was amazed to feel my entire breast fill her open mouth. She sucked diligently. Her throat was stroking and stimulating my nipple. It was fantastic. In a moment her mouth found my second breast. She strummed the nipple rapidly until I was moaning and rolling beneath her. I had never been touched in a sexual manner before. This was beyond description. Feeling a girl sucking my breast like a little baby… God it was hot!

She moaned as she nursed on my breast. Her agile tongue strummed my left nipple. Fire filled my breasts with each stroke. Electric thrills ran down my chest and into my wet cunt. I rubbed my legs together and rolled beneath her. I had never felt anything so wonderful in my entire life. My dreams and imagination could never rival the true feeling of my first experience with sex. It was magnificent. And the fact that Heather was worshiping my breasts instead of a man, made it even more exciting. Would she go all the way? Would she eat me as I had read about in stories? I could never do that, no matter how excited I became. I just knew it.
“I’m on fire,” Heather said, breaking contact with my breast. She started reaching for the hem of her sweater.

I grabbed Heather and helped her jerk off her own sweater, while she kissed me. Like me, she wore a black bra. I recognized it, a Kmart special, Maidenform softcup. I had it unsnapped in seconds. She stood to slide it over her arms and I filled my mouth with her soft, sweet breast. It was heavenly. I loved the warmth and softness of it. The aroma was indescribable, barely discernable, but as alluring as any perfume.

I ran my hands over her soft ribs, while nursing on her sweet breast. I strummed the nipple with my tongue, then moved over to the other one. She hummed loudly above me. Her hands went to my hair and stroked it lovingly. I switched to the second breast. She panted loudly and gave a little cry. I could smell her pussy, it smell very aromatic. I was getting very turned on, but the main question remained. Would I have the nerve to go down on another girl?

Heather gave a loud cry and pushed me away. She pushed me back and began fumbling with the button on the front of my slacks. I unbuttoned and unzipped them for her. She pushed me all the way back on the couch and yanked off my slacks and panties all at once. I felt the cold air touch my pussy. My eyes opened in wonder when I saw Heather’s savage movements. She threw my slacks on the floor and knelt above me. Her lips touched my stomach. I gasped and stiffened. Her mouth was soft and hot against my skin.

As her loving mouth reached my neatly trimmed pubic hair she nuzzled it affectionately, then moved down off my legs.

“Let’s move over to the bed,” she whispered. She took my hand and led me to the bed. I followed meekly. My heart was beating out of my chest. My emotions were on a roller coaster. The great high of a sexual experienced were mixed with the guilt of doing it with a girl. I was also a little self-conscious about my nakedness. I would have preferred to do this in the dark. But Heather was in control. I had a feeling that if I would have backed down, she would have raped me anyway. Stupid, I know. Her hand was so soft and hot in mine. My eyes traveled over her naked body spuriously, as she led me to the bed. She was fuller figured than I was, but seeing her naked was so damned exciting. I felt like I would just drop dead at any moment. My heart was beating out of my chest. My mouth was so dry that I had to swallow several times. Suddenly she turned and faced me.

“Lie back on the bed,” she whispered, helping me. I fell and she literally pounced on me. With the strength of a man, she grabbed my legs and threw them open. This time she did not hesitate, her mouth went directly to my pussy and sucked noisily. I knew she was sucking up my juices. I could have died of lust.

Her tongue pressed against my pussy and fluttered. I bit my lip, restraining my moans of pleasure. It was all I could do to keep my body still while her hot mouth sucked on my pussy.

Heather’s tongue began to play in my wet folds of flesh and I arched my back enduring the pure ecstasy. Her tongue snaked through my wet envelope, then plunged deep inside me. It wiggled around for a moment, then began plunging in and out like a small prick. I had the terrible urge to spread my legs wider and hump my mound against her mouth, but with much restrain I managed to lay still.

The sound of her licking me was loud in the room. I bit my lip and endured the loving attack on my crotch in silence.

Heather moved up slightly and began flicking her tongue over my clit. I restrained a scream of pleasure, tensing my muscles to keep from moving. She suddenly stopped. I cried out in alarm, but she was just changing positions. I tried to hurry her into place. I felt like screaming and forcing her mouth against my pussy, but I didn’t want other’s to hear, to know what we were doing. She plunged her tongue up inside my loins and sucked at the entrance of my vulva. I realized she was drinking my juices again. This seemed both vulgar, and very fucking erotic. I squirmed under her loving tongue and warm lips. In a moment she concentrated on flicking my clit. My body jerked with each flick of her tongue. I reached down and fingered her hair, while pulling her face tighter into my crotch.

Heather pushed my legs up so they were sticking straight up in the air. She pressed her tongue against my asshole and tried to wiggle it’s way inside. A new heat began to burn down below, a very hot heat in a brand new area. It blended with the other areas and I felt a frightening, whirling wave of passion consuming me. I had never felt passion like this before. It was nothing like the simple pleasure I felt when I tweaked my clit with my finger. This was voracious, frightening and all- consuming. It was burning me up.

“Oh God, I can’t breathe,” I moaned in horror. She simply looked up at me from between my legs and smiled. I watched her tongue sliding through the folds of my wet pussy and I have never seen anything so erotic. It was sinfully wonderful.

“Is… is this called… eating?” I managed to asked between gasps.

“Yeah, sweetie, it sure is,” she paused for a moment, then plunged back into my pussy.

“Do I taste good, Heather?” I panted with my head thrown back and eyes closed. I don’t know why, but the question seemed important at the time. I needed to hear it from her lips.

“Absolutely delicious,” she sighed, then nibbled at the lips of my pussy, pulling them out with her lips. “The sweetest little virgin pussy I’ve ever tasted.”

She moved to the very top of my pussy and licked my sensitive area. I never realized that it was so sensitive. I cried almost continuously now, the sound echoed off the walls around us. I fervently wished that nobody could hear us. I was not ready to be known as a lesbian. What if my parents found out?

“Yes,” I gasped with my eyes closed and head thrown back. “Oh yes, do it some more, make me cum.”

She licked my pee hole for a long time, then moved her lips to encompass my clit and sucked savagely. I gasped and humped my sex against her face. She clamped onto my thighs with her hands, spreading them wide and opened her lips wider, engulfing my entire pussy. Then she sucked and licked my clit at the same time with my entire pussy filling her mouth.

She stopped suddenly and I cried out at being abandoned at the brink of orgasm.

“Turn over,” she commanded.


“Turn over, I want to do your ass.”

“My ass? Are you sure?” I asked, slightly revolted.

“Do it now,” she said, trying to turn me with her hands.

“Ok,” I relented. I pulled one foot forward so I could get it around Heather.

She waited and began her oral attack while my leg was still in the air. I could feel her tongue probing my sensitive, puckered little hole. I screamed into the sheets as I clenched them tightly in my fists. Her tongue was just beginning to penetrate my tight little ring when she switched and began licking my pussy again. I felt funny with my ass raised up in the air. I gasped and whimpered. I was mashing my ass back against her busy mouth. She clamped her lips onto the bottom of my fleshy little envelope and sucked brutally. The mixed pain and pleasure was just too much. The boiling waves of orgasm stuck me suddenly. I felt myself stiffening, then I jerked on the bed. She mashed her face against my pussy and swished it from side to side. I exploded, the added thrills were just too much. I suddenly threw myself down on the bed and thrashed violently. Her loving mouth stayed glued to my pussy until my orgasm finally slowed and died. I was so exhausted that I couldn’t move.

“Roll over,” she whispered. I rolled over and she walked on her knees until she straddled my legs.

“Raise one knee,” she commanded. I did and she began rubbing her wet pussy on my leg. It was thrilling. I felt my body beginning to recharge. Her pussy was so soft and wet on my leg that I suddenly craved a taste of it. Now that I had been fulfilled, there was no doubt about whether I would go down on her or not, it was an obsession. I must have her. I needed to feel her, taste her essence, and swallow her juices. My cute little red haired roommate was about to get a good eating. I lowered my leg and motioned for her to walk her way up my body. With an impish smile she began walking on her knees. She stopped and rubbed her pussy on my breasts, leaving a warm, wet trail of slime like a snail. I giggled and waited. She rubbed her pussy on the other tit. I could tell that it was stimulating her. She closed her eyes and bit her lip.

Suddenly her eyes flew open and she hurried to walk the last few inches to my mouth. I looked up at her pussy nervously. It was beautiful. It was lightly haired and very cute. She had a large mound, but her pussy lips were nearly hidden inside her mound.

I reached up and grabbed her tits in both hands, as she gently lowered her pussy down to my waiting mouth. I surged up to meet it, filling my mouth with her sweet taste, and wonderful juices. I moaned into her pussy as I sucked and licked industriously. She cried out at my attack. She stiffened and grabbed my breasts, pushing herself down on my mouth with great force. I loved it, I absolutely fucking loved it. I knew I was a natural born lesbian the minute I tasted Heather. This was the best thing to happen in my life.

I mashed her ass in my eager hands. I sucked hard on her vulva to milk it of it’s nectar, then moved up and battered her clit with the tip of my tongue. Oh how I loved this. I was in a world of soft skin, wonderful aromas, and passion beyond belief.

“My legs are getting tired,” she said after several minutes. I released her pussy and pulled my head out as she lifted one leg. She leaned over and fell on the bed. I immediately claimed one of those beautiful breasts which I had been fondling.

It was obvious that Heather enjoyed this new diversion as much as I did. Her eyes were closed and there was a huge smile on her face. I could feel her pressing her pussy against my stomach, rubbing herself closer to an orgasm. I didn’t want her to cum this way, I wanted to lick her again. With a quick suck on her right breast, I moved down her body to her wet mound again. She threw her legs wide and I pushed my face between them. The first touch of my lips made us both moan in pleasure.

She began humping her pussy against my face. I held the cheeks of her ass in a firm grip and flailed her clit with my tongue. In knew it wouldn’t be long. She was crying embarrassingly loud, but I no longer cared. I only wanted to please her. At the moment I loved her so much I just wanted to crawl up inside her.

“Oh, stop,” she shouted suddenly. I looked up in surprise and disappointment. How could she stop me at a time like this?

“I’ve got to taste you again, I just have too,” she moaned.

“What? How?” I asked, disappointed at the interruption.

“Sixty-nine,” she said, pushing me around until I had to straddle her head. In an instant I knew what she wanted, and I didn’t mind a bit. I still had her pussy beneath me, but now I had her hot, busy mouth sucking on my pussy. I dove into her pussy and sucked fiercely. I pulled her clit between my teeth for a moment, then sucked it into my mouth. I nursed on it while strumming it with my tongue.

Heather cried out into my pussy. Her actions were as urgent and savage as my own. She was as obsessed with my pussy, as I was with her’s. I could tell by her urgent thrusts that she was close. Surprisingly, I was again close myself. Probably because this was the second real orgasm of my life. She came first and I followed her bucking pussy as she mashed it violently against my face. I sucked and licked until she was too sensitive to take any more. I relaxed with my face on her abdomen while she licked me diligently to my second orgasm.

I rolled off Heather and lay with my face pressed against her hip. She did the same to me, occasionally sticking a finger between my legs and slurping it.

“That’s quite a welcome,” I laughed, holding her close

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