Majoring in Muff

Author: Lynn Lake

A couple of weeks ago, I hooked up with my friend Josee at the college she was attending. After she gave me a tour of the sprawling campus, we headed back to her dorm room to get ready for dinner – my treat. I hadn’t seen Josee since high school graduation, as I had elected to attend an out-of-state college, but she hadn’t changed any; she was still the same sleek, dark beauty she had always been. Her breasts were high and firm – not too big, not too small – and her skin was smooth and pale, her delicate face framed by shoulder-length coal-black hair. She was shy and a little awkward, but she had a warm smile and look that said ‘still waters run deep’.

“So, what do you think, Marie? You going to transfer?” she asked, unlocking the door to her dorm room and letting me inside.

“Well, I don’t know,” I said, playing it coy. “What’s the after-class atmosphere like around here? You know, the party scene?”

She blushed, put her keys down on a small wooden desk, and then perched on the edge of one of the two beds in the tiny room. “I thought you said you were finally going to get serious about your studies?”

I sat on the other bed, facing her. I studied her dark eyes, her full, red lips. She had a pair of faded blue jeans on and a white t-shirt, and I could smell the sweet body spray that she was wearing. “Oh, I intend to get serious,” I told her.

There followed a long and awkward silence during which I stared openly at her, at her face and body, the burning lust in my eyes sending out flaming tendrils that desperately sought to spark her own desire. I’d known Josee since junior high, but only recently had I realized that my feelings for her had become more than just friendly. An easy-going, big-breasted blonde like myself had no trouble attracting the guys, but it was girl-love I was after, now – with my best girl.

I shifted positions, sat down next to her, and placed my left hand on her leg, up around her thigh. Upon contact with her hot, hard body, my nipples instantly grew erect under my thin halter top, and my pussy was consumed with so much heat and moisture that I thought I’d soak my cut-off jeans. “You must get lonely without me around?” I whispered, my voice breaking. I blatantly squeezed her leg, then let my hand drift higher, up around her hip.
She turned beet-red. She glanced at my hand, swallowed hard, and croaked, “It’s, uh, not so bad. I … have a roommate. She’s supposed to be-“

I halted her foolish prattle by moving my bold hand over top of her crotch. I began rubbing her there, softly yet urgently rubbing her. I’d waited so long, masturbated so many times to the mental image of her and I ravaging each other with the pent-up fury of secret lovers, and I was determined to make up for lost time.

I said, “Your roommate doesn’t do this, I bet,” breathing into her innocent face, reaching out with my right hand and touching her neck with my fingers. I caressed the delicate, ivory skin on the side of her throat, then my fingers wandered across her shoulder, down her back, and up and under her t-shirt. I kept rubbing her pussy through the thin fabric of her jeans, as I pulled her shirt out of her pants and slid my hand underneath and began stroking her bare skin.

“Marie, I’m … not sure …”

Her words caught in her throat when I popped open her bra and bent closer to kiss her on the cheek. I pressed home my advantage by pushing her down onto the bed, until she was flat on her back and I was on top of her. “I’ve wanted this for so long,” I murmured, grasping her shoulders and kissing her gently on her soft, soft lips.

“Oh,” she exclaimed, startled by my overpowering craving for her.

I peeled off my top, exposing my large, heavy breasts to her wonder-struck eyes. My nipples were thick and long – chocolate-brown compared to the rest of my sun-burnished upper body. I kissed her again, but this time I lingered. I pressed my lips hard against hers, covered her mouth with mine, began to consume her. My tongue darted out and painted her pouty lips with hot saliva.

She mumbled something about slowing down, but I swallowed her protests. I attacked her mouth, plowing my tongue up against her teeth, forcing my way inside. I hungrily explored the soft, moist interior of her mouth, swirling my tongue around, trying to engage her own tongue, my damp hands gripping the sides of her head, my fingers buried in the shimmering black curtain of her hair. I devoured her sweet goodness, kissing hard and long and openly, waiting impatiently, desperately for her to respond, until, finally, I felt her hands cover my bare breasts! She gently caressed and squeezed my big tits. My body flooded with pure, blinding joy and my head spun.

I gazed into her half-frightened, half-lusty eyes. “I’m going to make love to you, Josee,” I said.
“Please,” she murmured.

I kissed her, and this time my yearning tongue was met by her tongue. We slapped our tongues against one another, and I moaned into her open mouth when she pulled on my rock-hard nipples. My body tingled with the sensual sensation of her eager, shaking hands. Her tongue snaked out and I caught it between my teeth. I sucked on her tongue, sucked up and down its slippery length like it was a hardened cock. Then I kissed her neck, licked her neck, bit her neck, kissed and licked behind her delicate ears.

Her super-heated body fired my raging desire into an inferno. “Take off your clothes,” I moaned into her ear, then swirled my thick tongue around inside of it.

“Yes,” she anxiously agreed. “Yes.”

I released my sexual convert, and she scrambled up off the bed and tore off her t-shirt and pulled down her jeans. She fumbled her shoes away and stepped out of her jeans and stood in front of me, naked except for her girlish, white, cotton panties. Her over-wrought body trembled as my eyes drank in her sculptured, porcelain beauty. Her breasts were beautifully-shaped, milky globes peaked by inch-long, impossibly-pink nipples. Her stomach was flat and hard, her waist narrow, her hips round and firm.

She smiled nervously and reached for her panties, but my hands shot out and stopped her. “Let me,” I said, licking my swollen lips. I stood and slowly stripped off my shoes and shorts and panties. Her eyes flashed fire as she beheld my nude, over-ripe body. I cupped my huge, bronze breasts and spread my legs, and she stared in awe at my shaved, glistening pussy. My pink folds were wet and raw with wanting.

“Fuck me, Marie!” she hissed, unable to control herself any longer.

I knelt down in front of her, as Roman she-warriors once knelt down before the goddess Venus, and I groped the full roundness of her firm buttocks. I squeezed her taut ass cheeks, fondling their splendid shape with my worshipping hands. Then I grasped the sides of her panties and tugged them down, left them puddled at her feet. She lifted her long, slender legs and stepped out of the discarded undergarment, and I gazed hungrily at her slickened slit. She, too, was shaved for maximum pleasure, except for a small tuft of soft, black fur that crowned her juicy pussy.

I lashed out my tongue and slashed at her cunny. She shuddered with the impact. I teased her pussy with my tongue, then lifted her right leg off the floor and placed her foot on the bed. Now I had unrestricted access to her gaping, glistening cunt. I lapped at her moistened folds ferociously, forced my pointed tongue into and through her plump, pink pussy lips. I spread her wider with my fingers and buried my tongue inside her twat, joyously tasting her hot lovejuices for the very first time. I slammed my tongue in and out of her, fucking her with my slimy pleasure tool like it was a swollen cock.

“Yes!” she cried, frantically squeezing and kneading her pert tits, viciously pulling and rolling her engorged nipples, her tawny body quivering with the sexual shockwaves that my talented tongue was generating within her molten pussy.

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