Honey I’m Home

Author: Steph

I work the late shift. I hate it for the most part. But there are a few perks like less traffic on the way home and I get to walk into my bedroom and watch my sexy woman sleep. Sounds weird I know, but there’s nothing quite like waking her up to have sex.

I tossed my coat over the back of the couch and made my way into the bedroom. There she was, laying there, the sheets barely covering her naked body. The sight of her sleeping always gets me hot. I don’t know if it’s because she’s helpless lying there or if its cause I can look long and hard at her without her wondering what the hell I was thinking. Her curves showed right through the sheets. She’d left the lamp on and the light danced across her, she obviously fell asleep reading again. She always tried to stay awake until I got home.

I watched her as I undressed making sure not to make a sound. I let my pants and shirt fall to the floor. The cool air made my nipples harden as I freed my breasts from my bra. I slipped into the bathroom to take a quick shower. As the water flowed over my body, the vision of her lying in bed stayed in my mind. I was wet and it wasn’t from the shower. I toweled off my body and made for the bed. As I stood at the foot of the bed I slowly pulled the sheets down, revealing her nakedness completely. I felt my body tingle as I looked down at her.

I eased myself onto the bed to lie next to her, lightly pressing my damp body against her soft skin. As I pressed my breasts against her back she began to stir. I held totally still. I didn’t want her to wake up yet. I slid my hand over her hip and to her hairless mound. Carefully I pressed my fingers against her lips, penetrating ever so slowly until I found her clit. She moaned lightly but wasn’t awake. I slid my other arm underneath her and began to fondle her breasts, rolling her nipples in between my fingers making them stand erect.

As I started to nibble at her neck, she began to stir. My lips lightly bit at her skin and traveled up the side of her neck to her earlobe. As I reached her ear I whispered lightly, “Honey, I’m home.” She rolled over slowly and a smile danced across her lips. I quickly kissed her deeply, letting my tongue explore her mouth. “I missed you baby.” She said between kisses.

She let her hands roam my body, gently kneading my flesh. She slipped one of her hands down to my trimmed mound. Her warm fingers penetrated my lips and found my clit. I did the same to her, her moist lips surrounding my fingers. We both let our fingers stroke and rub against our clits and before I knew it we were both grinding our hips against our hands. She whispered seductively “Baby, I wanna feel your tongue on my clit.” As I made my way down her sensual body, she squirmed underneath me in anticipation.

I reached her shaven mound and placed butterfly light kisses around it and upon her lips, teasing her. Her scent filled my nose and I felt myself grow damp again. Her whimpers told me I was driving her crazy. I continued to tease her, letting my tongue pass just beyond her wet lips and lightly skim along her clit. Once I thought I had tantalized her enough I flattened my tongue and pressed it firmly against her throbbing clit. Her moans filled the room.

I pressed my face deeper into her sweet pussy as I spread her lips apart with my fingers. Her clit was hard and prominent as I sucked it into my hot mouth. I raised my hands up her body, lightly tracing circles along her soft skin causing goose bumps to cover her. She moaned and squirmed against the bed as my tongue rolled over her clit and pulled it into my mouth again. Her wetness completely covered my face now and I relentlessly sucked at her clit.

I slowly inserted my middle finger into her tight hole and without delay she squeezed tightly around it. Her wet warm walls surrounded my finger and held it firmly in place as my mouth continued to suck, nibble and lick her clit. By now her hips rocked against my face and forced my tongue to stroke the full length of her clit. I began to pump my finger in and out of her pussy like a little cock, letting it wriggle while deep inside her, teasing her g-spot.

Her quiet moans were replaced with loud groans from deep within her as she began to cum. I felt her juices release and cover my mouth and finger as she writhed underneath me. I kept up my pace, not wanting her to come down too soon. My tongue rolled over her clit again and again until her entire body shuddered. “Oh God Baby!!” She pressed against the back of my head and forced me harder on her clit, then released me as her orgasm began to subside, her hips lay still and her gaspy breathing replaced her moans.

With a final kiss on her sweetness I began to make my way back up her body, placing delicate kisses along her skin causing her to giggle. I licked her lips as I began to kiss her, the scent of her juices thick on my tongue. She immediately kissed me deeply, wanting to taste her self. She moaned into the kiss and our bodies pressed together once more. We lay there for a few moments and she was off to sleep again. I just chuckled and cuddled against her waiting for sleep to find me. There was always tomorrow night.

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