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Gale made me stand up as she drew velvet curtains along runners and threw a velvet cover over the bed. Other preparations had been made as well, buddha sticks waiting in a bowl to be lit and a small CD player already powered up. Gale lit the sticks, switched on the player. The music was Indian, from some kind of stringed instrument, exotic and oddly erotic. Then my prospective employer sat down on the bed and patted the area next to her.

“”This is totally sexy material. Sit down and try it.”

She was right, the velvet was smooth and clingy against my bottom and the backs of my thighs. But not as smooth and clingy as Gale was herself. One of her arms snaked around my neck so that her left hand could take hold of one of my boobs, her mouth nuzzled up against mine and her right hand began exciting me all over again. And having succeeded so well the first time, Gale surely knew how to do it again — and quickly. As soon as I started getting wet again, she started laughing.

“I think you’re in love with me, Slave,” she teased me.

I gulped. “No”. It was a stupid denial.

“Slaves don’t get to say no,” Gale snapped, her mood suddenly changing. “Looks like you need another lesson all over again.” Her powerful fingers clamped around my right nipple, and then tugged at it as if she was trying to tear the tab off a drink can.

There was no choice except to beg for mercy. “No, please, Mistress, I’m sorry!”

“Then show it by putting your tongue out.”

It was useless trying to stop Gale from getting what she wanted, I knew that now. Even when I wasn’t sure what she wanted something for. This time she wanted my tongue out of my mouth so she could lick it with her own. And with the tight restraining grip on the nipple and the fingers plucking at my clit like a virtuoso guitarist, I found myself returning tongue for tongue. Frankly, if she had had a cock, I think I might have gone for Gale right then in a big way.

There was no denying though, the way she made love was far and away more exciting than anything any man had ever shown me. A kind of a steel fist in a silk glove approach which had me collapsing into her arms every step of the way. So I was surprised again when she spoke next.

“Come on, Slave, get your own back.” She let go of me and stretched out on top of the bed. “Come on, I want my tits tweaked up now, and don’t be shy about making me feel you doing it.”

Well, a slave has to do what a slave has to do. So I got down on top of her and gave her nips some of the treatment she’d been giving mine. And Gale loved it! Especially when I started giving those hard little points a lick and a promise.

“Slave, you’re starting to learn what’s expected of you,” she admitted. “Now get down between my legs and show what you can really do.”

The problem was that I didn’t know myself what I would do. Or could do for another woman. But Gale had gained such dominance over me that I didn’t seem to want to argue about anything. So I began licking the inside of her legs. What took me completely by surprise was her reaction: she bleated out like a calf being dragged away from its mother, but she was doing it because of pure pleasure. Pleasure from what I was doing to her. It seemed that this dominance thing was a two way street.

Almost without realizing that it was happening, I reached up and began squeezing Gale’s jugs, just to see what would happen. What did happen was that I got a lot of verbal encouragement.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

She wriggled around, pushing her snatch towards my face. “Come on, Slave,” she called out. “If you want to be down with me you’ve got to go down.”

It was a simple message as far as the job was concerned. Before I could get it I had to tickle Gale’s pussy with my tongue. If it had been a guy blackmailing me, the answer would have been simple. I’d have gotten down and sucked on his cock until his brains were boiling. But to do it to a woman? Well, OK, maybe I could take it step by step and see what happened.

What I did next was to run the tip of my tongue around the edges of Gale’s bush. It surprised me how easy I found it to do. Yesterday I would never have dreamed of doing that for a girl, today it didn’t seem like any big deal. Not for me, anyway, but it sure sounded as if it was one for Gale. She was quivering like a hunting dog desperate to be released from its leash.

“Lick that cunt, Slave, lick it or I’ll give you the worst case of pain you’ve ever had in your life!”

I believed she was capable of doing exactly that. Gale was strong and strong minded: what’s more, she’d already frightened and hurt me, even in her horseplay. So I took her threat very seriously. Seriously enough to do what she wanted.

One thing I found out straight away was that Gale seemed to appreciate my efforts much more than any man I’d ever given head to. All you ever get from them is a few groans and a hand on the back of your head to keep you hard at work satisfying their dreams of owning a woman.

Well, OK, Gale was a dominating type as well but at least she showed how much she was enjoying things. If she’d sounded like a lonely calf before, now she sounded like the cow that had lost the calf: great long drawn out mooing cries. Pretty soon I’d put everything else out of my mind by seeing what I could do to make her sound off the loudest.

“Come on, Slave, come on!”

I felt like a race horse galloping towards the finishing post with my jockey urging me on to go faster and faster. Only it was Gale who having the rough ride, by the way she was bouncing around. I was sure she was going to come for me, and she did.

“God, Yes! Yes! Yes! Aaah!”

You would have thought it was a power cable plugged into her instead of only my tongue: Yes, I’d surely hit Gale’s sweet spot and it hadn’t been so difficult at all. If this was all the Boss needed to keep her happy then there was no problem. She sat up, resting her weight on her elbows and grinning at me.

“Well done, Philly, that was magic. Your turn now.”

“My turn?”

“Your turn to be the Mistress. My turn to be the Slave. What do I have to do?”

I wasn’t sure what to say.

“Turn about is fair play,” Gale coaxed me, still grinning.

Well, if that was what she wanted. I pushed her shoulders back down onto the bed and wondered what to do next. Gale grinned at me and he licked her lips as though she was hungry.

I decided to give her a taste of her own rough treatment. I stood at the end of the bed with my legs wide apart, bent down, reached between my thighs and grabbed her hair with both hands. Then I pulled on it and made her slide along the bed until her face was buried in my crotch. And there I held it as I lowered myself onto her mouth. Gale made a muffled sound which I couldn’t understand. Not that I needed too when she used her fingers to open me wide for her tongue.

Now it was my turn to enjoy being the top woman, and I did. “Come on you lazy slut,” I ordered Gale. “Get that fucking big mouth of yours working.” And she did exactly what I had told her to.

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