Passing Time

Author: Cecilia

I was at the museum the other day, checking out the Egyptian exhibit, when I bumped into this Latina girl. She was absolutely gorgeous. Dressed in a tight green lycra dress, and wearing shiny leather boots that went up just above her knees. She looked up at me, and shyly excused herself.

She seemed really out of place in the museum, so I struck up some casual conversation with her about the artifacts in the room with us. She told me that she was there just to pass time. She had just come in from out of town, and was hanging out in the city waiting for her friend to get off work.

We walked around the museum together, checking out the different rooms, talking as we went. Soon, unable to help myself, I begin flirting with this little Spanish beauty. I told her how much I liked her boots, and that they shaped her legs very well. I stole glances every chance I got at her legs encased in these seductive boots. Many images were passing through my mind, how IТd like to see her in nothing but her boots. The way they caressed her calves when she walked was mesmerizing. I could see her muscles flexing as she took each step. I couldnТt help but notice her tits under her tight dress, and every time she walked in front of me, her ass worked itТs magic on me. She caught me several times scoping her out, and smiled.

Suddenly, as we were going from one room to the next in the museum, she grabbed my hand and pulled me through the door, into the stairwell. Just as I opened my mouth to ask her what was going on, she threw her arms around my neck, and planted a deep, sexy kiss on me. I wrapped my arms around her waist, and pulled her fine body up against mine, and returned her kiss.

I let my hands drop down from her waist and cup her buttocks. Her ass was as tight as it looked. She pulled back and looked at me with those big dark eyes. Her long black hair was pulled back in some fashion or another, and she reached back and released it from its bounds. Her hair floated around her shoulders, giving her a bedroom look I hadnТt noticed until just then.

I lowered my head and kissed her neck, and with my hands on her ass, hiked her skirt up to allow myself to touch her satiny skin. Instantly I realized she had no panties on under her skirt, and I leaned into her and reached further down her ass until I felt her hot wetness on my fingers. I teased her slit a little with my fingertips, and listened to her breathing become more rapid. I pulled back and kissed her painted mouth again, while she reached down and fumbled with my zipper, and reached into my pants, through the hole in the front of my underwear, and grasped the shaft of my engorged cock. She pulled it out through my zipper opening, and stepped back to take a look at it.

Pleased, she looked back up at me and smiled, and then reached down and hiked her skirt up to her waist. Her crotch was shaved, with the exception of a little black patch right in front. She reached down between her legs and spread her pussy lips apart for me to see, and slipped a finger in between them. Seeing her standing there, with her skirt up above her hips, wearing nothing but her high heeled leather boots from the waist down, I nearly exploded right then and there. She looked better than I had imagined. I knew I had to have her.

I grabbed her and spun her around so that her back was against the wall of the stairwell. I reached down and grabbed one of her leather encased legs, and lifted it up to rest on my hip. I could feel the soft leather in my hands as I did this, and how tight it was stretched across her calf and knee. I took my cock, and rubbed the tip of it and down across her clit, making her moan softly. Then I swiftly shoved my cock into her tight wet slit. She wrapped her arms around me and then lifted her other booted leg and wrapped it around my waist.

I reached around and grabbed her ass, and supported her while I pressed my body deeper into hers, and then began thrusting my hips, slamming into her with every thrust, crushing her up against the wall. I could hear the creaking and squeaking of her boots as her legs flexed and relaxed, maintaining their hold on my waist. I fucked her like this for a couple of minutes, then pulled back, letting her legs slide down mine until she was standing in front of me again. I spun her around, and pressed the front of her body up against the wall.

I took a step back to look at her. I started at her feet. Her legs were spread, and her boots where in stark contrast with the white wall. The heels made her knees bow when she stood against the wall like that, inviting me to enter her again. Her boots reached up just above her knees, where her soft, smooth skin emerged. Her thighs were perfect, and her ass even more so. It stuck out like it was just ready to be used. Her green dress was bunched up around her waist, and her back was arched from the way she was leaning against the wall.

I stepped up behind her, and used my feet to spread her legs even wider. I pulled her back from the wall, and then pushed down on her back, motioning for her to bend over. She complied, and bent over and placed her palms against the wall. I reached down and ran my hand up her boots, up her naked thighs, and slipped them in between her legs. Her pussy was so hot, my cock swelled and got even harder than I thought was possible.

Taking my dick in my hand, I pointed it at her slit, and stepped up. I pressed the tip onto her opening, and slowly slid my cock into her. Grabbing her hips, I slowly pushed myself in as far as I could get into her tight little pussy. Then I began moving my hips back and forth, pulling my cock out of her pussy, shoving it back in. Picking up pace, I knew I wasnТt going to last much longer this way, but that was okay. We needed to get out of this stairwell before somebody caught us. Grabbing her hips tightly, I started fucking her good, our skin slapping together so hard it was making loud echoes throughout the stairwell.

Suddenly my cock exploded in a brilliant flash of ecstasy, and I could feel my hot cum pumping out of me deep into her cavern. I threw my head back and moaned loudly, driving my cock one last time as deep into her as I could get.

Once she had milked the last drop from me, I pulled out and stuffed my softening dick back into my pants. She turned around, and pulled her skirt down, but not before I caught a glimpse of my cum running out of her pussy, down her thigh, and into one of her boots. She reached down and tugged her boots up a bit further over her knees, and then looked up at me and smiled.

I asked her for her phone number, and then she reminded me she was just in town visiting. She thanked me for helping her to pass her time, and turned around and left me there, staring at her slack-jawed.

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