Red Passion

Author: Cecilia

Renee put down the TV remote, and looked at her college roommate, Leah. Leah, a tall, black-haired lady with a lean, nicely toned body, shook her head and shrugged.

“Well, not a lot on, at all.” she said softly. Renee nodded as well, and leaned back. The two of them started sorting through some of the boxes that they had brought in only moments before. It had been a long and strenuous day, but they had managed to get everything into the dorm, and were now in the process of making sense of it all. As they sat together, resting just a bit, Renee and Leah chatted about school, friends, and family. This welcome break lasted about ten minutes, before things went quiet.

Renee leaned back against a box again, and then brightened a bit, as she suddenly realized which one it was. They had just moved into their dorm, friends all through high school. Renee opened the large cardboard box, and fiddled around in it for a bit, capturing Leah’s interest as she shuffled about. Finally, Renee popped her head back out of the box, and hid something behind her back. The blonde girl blushed a bit, and grinned at her roommate, laughing softly, before producing, from behind her back, a pair of red vinyl boots. They were a very interesting pair though. She handed them to Leah, who blushed a bit as well. She motioned, asking if it was okay to try them on. Renee nodded, and Leah, wearing a black miniskirt, put them on.

The red, shiny boots were thigh high on Leah, and she carefully laced them up, finding that they fit perfectly. They were a little small on Renee, so she was quite pleased with this fit. As roommates, she could borrow them if she needed to. Leah leaned back a bit, looking at the boots carefully. They were gorgeous on her, and made her feel extremely sexy. She made a kiss face at her friend, who leaned in, and caught her by surprise, actually kissing her. Arms entwined, Leah found herself holding Renee, who put one arm around her, and one arm on her now booted thigh. There was only about seven or eight inches of her leg not covered in that glossy vinyl. Firm, supple lips embracing as tightly as their arms did, the two fell to the bed, and Renee finally lifted her head, licking the lip-balm away, and smiling playfully, telling Leah how beautiful the boots were on her.

Leah panted softly, a little exasperated from the kiss. It was not the first time by any means. The two girls had experimented with their sexuality all through high school, and their comfort of it was one of the reasons they chose to be roommates. Leah gasped softly, as she felt the firm and loving hand of her friend press under her rather thin skirt. She spread her legs, as if by pure instinct, and pressed herself up against that warm, tender touch, gritting her teeth, and then biting her bottom lip with pleasure, as her booted legs quivered a bit with need. Renee took a moment to inspect the boots her roommate was now borrowing from her. They fit like a second skin, as if Leah was practically poured into them. The heels were about three inches long, with wide bases, which made it easier to walk in them, since when wearing boots like these one would want to walk with a bit of a swagger, and a swagger with sharp heels often meant broken ankles.

Leah’s chest rose and fell rather rapidly, her breaths short, but deep, as she felt herself heat up from the affection they were both sharing. Renee moved slowly down her body, releasing her from that warm, tight embrace. She slowly slid down, until her head was between the knees of her best friend. Leah gasped a shallow and excited cry, as fingers slipped past the leg of her panties, and pressed into her. Renee pressed her cheek to the slick, cool vinyl, enjoying the texture, and how wonderfully it fit to the form of her lover’s leg. She began to stroke two fingers in and out of Leah, making the girl arch her back and cry out excitedly, her heart pounding faster in her chest. Renee held Leah’s legs, her hands tight around that tough yet pliable material around her muscular and lovely legs. She put them over her shoulders, and then pumped her eager hand a little faster, looking into Leah’s eyes with determination and hunger.

Leah moved her hands down to the bed, and clutched the sheets tightly in her hands. Her mouth hung open, gaped in pleasure and heavy breathing, her lips drying despite her lip balm. She cried out for her friend not to stop. The wet, lewd sounds of sex quickly filled the room. Slowly, Leah’s legs wrapped around the back of Renee’s head, drawing her closer. Renee pulled Leah’s skirt up and pressed her hot mouth to her mound, spreading her sweet honey pot with her strong, hot tongue. Suddenly, Leah buckled, and cried out, as those long, dexterous fingers pumped hard and fast. The boot creaked and squenched together against one another, as they rubbed tightly against each other.

Cry after deep, resounding cry echoed into the room, as Renee held Leah down, and the girl in red boots thrashed and writhed in her deepest possible pleasure, placed there lovingly by her friend. Their breathing slowed for both of them, and Renee slid up Leah’s body, a hand staying on one of those tight, form fitting thigh high boots. The heels were still slightly tangled in a sweater that was on the floor, knocked off the bed by their eager frolicking. Renee looked up at Leah, and grinned, before telling her that she really liked the boots. Renee giggled and noted that her roommate was welcome to borrow them any time she liked. Any time at all.

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