Author: Cecilia

“Really? Are you sure?”

“Yes.” came my best friends voice on the other side of the phone.

Ugh!! I couldn’t believe it! She had bought a pair of thigh high boots the other day and for some reason they hurt her feet, so: she was giving them to me.

“Oh I know exactly what to wear with them and when! I’ll see you tomorrow night hon.” With that we hung up the phone and I set out to pick out the perfect outfit for a night on the town. She had gotten us dates and while I was more than a little skeptical about the whole thing, she usually did have good taste in men. I stopped and thought about those boots. They were patent leather, shiny as hell and laced all the way up the sides with black leather strings, then there were the heels, which were about five inches. I had a pretty good clue about what I wanted to wear with my newly acquired boots. Definitely a perk of having a best friend that wore the same size clothes and shoes!

I went to my closet and rifled through my clothes, looking for the outfit I had envisioned matching those boots. Finally, towards the back of the rack I found it and pulled it out. It was still in the dry cleaning bag that had been put there some ohhh six months ago when I worn it last. I removed the cover and tossed it on the bed. I turned to look in my full-length mirror, held the outfit up to my body, and modeled it. Yep, it still had that look of : sexy power.

The shirt was sleeveless and high cut to show off my belly button and firm tummy. It had a thick strap that ran up my chest and connected with a single snap at the back of my neck. There was no back to the shirt to speak of really, a side from a four-inch piece that ran the bottom of my back, also fastening with a single snap. Black leather and skin fucking tight. I didn’t need a bra when I wore this, the strength of the leather and the tightness of the fit held everything in place. The skirt was made of the same material, smooth black leather and just as tight as its pairing shirt. The length : well there wasn’t much to it. The bottom hem stopped just a little lower than the crease where my thighs and ass meet.

Yep this would do SO nicely with those hot boots.

The next night finally came and I was on pins and needles to get the boots on. Marissa finally got to my place with them. She was a bit upset when I answered the door. I wasn’t wearing my outfit and she wanted to see it. I told her she had seen it before without the boots, so she had to wait to see the completed look. She just laughed and plopped onto the couch to wait.

I hurried to my bedroom and threw on my clothes. It was some work getting those boots on, but it felt so good. I stuck my toes in and felt the cool leather wrap around them, holding them in place. Then the smoothness as the rest of my leg was surrounded in the unforgiving material. I could feel myself get wet just from putting on the boots. It took me by surprise and I dismissed it as anxiousness to go out and find someone to fuck. In a few hours I could be writhing in ecstasy! I took one last look at myself in the mirror, was pleased and headed out to show Marissa.

She looked as though she were drooling at me as I entered the room. She looked me up and down with every step I took. Made me a bit nervous actually. She made an off hand comment about staying in and not going clubbing, then laughed it off a little too quickly. What was she thinking?

The feel of the boots : ohhh man. Every step I took, the thick leather would hold tight to my calves and creak.

We headed to the first club and made our rounds. I could feel eyes on me, but every time I looked, they would avert their gaze. It was getting frustrating. I wanted some action and I wanted it fast.

Marissa leaned over the table, nearly knocking over her white russian.

“Hey, you wanna skip this joint?”

I nodded my head. It was dead there and we certainly weren’t going to find any fun here. We hopped into her car and headed to the next club, or so I thought. I was so caught up in our chitchat that I didn’t notice where we were heading until we stopped. It was Marissa’s place.

“What are we doing here?” I asked

“Oh: ummm: I have to get something : Come on in, we’ll be heading out in a bit.”

I couldn’t imagine what the hell was so important that she forgot the first time she left her place. I shrugged it off and followed her into her apartment.

What happened next really blew my mind. In the time it took for me to get into her place she’d already removed her clothes. Not that really was a feat, since she had barely anything on, just a simple thin summer dress.

She told me she couldn’t resist me anymore. She bought the boots for me, not for her. She’d been dying to see me in them and now that she had, she had to have me. My head reeled for a few moments, not knowing really what to say, until I took a step towards her and the boots grabbed at my legs again, giving me goose bumps and my wetness returned.

Who knew that a pair of boots would lead me into my best friend’s bed for a night of lust I’ll never forget?

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