Welcome Home Spanking

Author: Dan

Lady Lana walked around her new slave kitten, Britney, admiring her pert breasts, slender waist and giving a few gentle tweaks to her oh so spankable ass. Totally untrained, but eager to submit, Lana was instantly attracted to Britney at the slaves auction and was un-relentless in her bids until she had out bid all the other Dominants and brought her new pet home to begin her long, but wonderful journey. Lady Lana, of course, looked forward to doling out the plentiful spankings that go along with training such a spirited new slave and how she loved to spank, but gave her new girl a few days to grow comfortable with her surroundings and to form a trusting bond, before any training would begin.

Dressed in red leather, sexy stilettos and tapping her riding crop against her slender calf, Lana continued to circle her girl, inhaling her perfume, admiring the tasselled collar that lay soft against her creamy white breasts. “Mmmmmmmmm, you are a lovely one my Britney. What a pretty kitten you are”, Lana spoke into her ear, giving a quick tap of her crop to Britney’s round ass, watching for her reaction, sensing for disapproval. Britney stayed totally still, accepting the small taps and gentle tweaks of her nipples and found herself getting rather aroused, but as Lana gave a slight tap to her shaven mound, Britney lowered her hand there, sheltering it in embarrassment.

Lana pulled the girls hand down to her side again and taking her crop, pressed it under her chin, speaking sternly into her ear, “You move when I say you can move missy. Keep your hands at your sides unless I command otherwise. Understand?” Britney swallowed softly, “Yes, I understand” Lana gave a sharp hand slap to Britney’s ass cheek, “Yes what missy?” Britney swallowed a bit harder, “Yes Mistress, I understand” Giving a kiss to Britney’s lower lip, Lana smiled, “That’s my good kitten. I think it’s time that we initiate your training and I welcome you as my pet properly”

Britney watched as Lady Lana pulled a straight back chair into the center of the room and sat down. Tapping her right knee, she beckoned her pet to her side, “C’mere kitten” Britney smiled shyly, running her fingers across the bare skin of her hips, wiggling her bare toes against the hardwood floor. Lana gave a snide sniffle, tipped her lips to the side and snapped her fingers, pointing to her leg again, “Britney… Here… Now!” Britney wasted no time scurrying to stand beside Lana, twirling her fingers nervously. “Have you ever been spanked?” Lana questioned, laying her hand on the small of Britney’s back. Britney swallowed hard and shook her head slowly. Pinching Britney’s ass cheek hard, she gave her first rule, “I ask a question, and one time only missy and I expect it to be answered. If you do not answer, you will be punished. Understand?” Britney nodded and cleared her throat, “Yes Mistress. I understand. And, no Mistress, I have never been spanked” “Well my missy kitten, we are going to have to do something about that, aren’t we?”, Lana replied with a devious grin and pulled Britney across her lap.

Britney’s stomach churned nervously and her heart raced as Lady Lana ran her hand smoothly over her soft firm ass cheeks. “Mmmmmmm, just perfect for a spanking”, Lana teased, giving feather light pats to Britney’s soft rump. “A nice hard hand spanking sounds like a wonderful welcome home present, don’t you think, my pet?” Lana teased again, causing Britney to lower her hands to cover her ass. “Ahem missy! Remove your hands now or we will have to do it the hard way” Britney, not wanting to upset Lana more, moved her hands in front of her and apologized, “I’m sorry Mistress. I’m new to this and a bit nervous Mistress” Lana rubbed Britney’s soft bottom, “Don’t be nervous kitten, it won’t hurt… much”, and putting on a pouty lip, whined, “Awwwwwww… my poor kitten’s bottom is going to be so sore”

Lana raked her nails across the inside of Britney’s thigh, letting her fingertips gently brush against her shaven pussy. Britney’s squirms were met with two hard swats to her ass, and she gasped. Again, Lana’s nails ran silkily up the inside of Britney’s slender, firm thighs, letting her fingertips brush against her shaved sex. *Spank! Spank! *, Lana swatted at her pet’s bottom, then leaned down to kiss the pink spots, “I am going to find much pleasure in spanking you my kitten”. Britney staying still, tried not to squirm as Lana delivered ten more spanks, one harder than the next as her other hand tickled and teased her soft pussy lips.

*Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! *, Lana punished Britney’s ass until she let out a squeal, “Owwwwwwwwwwwwww!” and brought her feet up off of the floor. “Feet on the floor and spread those legs missy!” Lana commanded, tapping the insides of Britney’s thighs as a sign to spread them wide. Although her ass was starting to burn, Britney obeyed and lowered her feet to the floor, spreading her legs wide and very aware of the fact that the pussy fingering was really turning her on, hoping that Lana didn’t notice how wet her pussy was becoming.

Lana brought her hand between Britney’s legs, letting her fingers separate her pussy lips and run up and down her moist slit. “Hmmmmmm, my pet’s pussy is a bit wet. She must be enjoying her first spanking”, she purred sexily and pushed her fingers in a bit deeper. Britney squirmed as her pussy was receiving so much attention and this, of course, was reciprocated with more very hard ass stinging spanks, *Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! *, until Britney cried out loud and wriggled around on Lana’s lap.

Britney’s ass was so sore as Lana delivered one spank after another, her fingers playing around her kitten’s soaking wet clit. The more she spanked her the louder she cried and the wetter her pussy became. Grabbing Britney by her ponytail, Lana plunged her fingers deep into her pet’s wanting cunt and pumped them in and out slowly, enjoying her girls slick pussy and the sounds of her whimpers as they mingled with purrs of pleasure. She finger fucked her faster and faster, and letting go of her hair, began to deliver more stinging spanks to Britney’s already very red burning ass. Britney cried harder and harder, but her pussy burned hotter as Lana fucked her cunt as deeply as her fingers would allow.

Each stinging blow of her Mistress’ hand sent a surge of pleasure straight to Britney’s clit and Lana enjoyed watching as her girl wriggled lustfully across her lap. Lana pulled her fingers from Britney’s dripping wet pussy and started to deliver medium hard slaps across her hot gash and clit. Britney, in a fit of loud sobs, tensed and began to shudder. Lana quickened her slaps to Britney’s drenched cunt and commanded, “cum for me kitten! Cum for me now! Cum kitten! Cum!!”

Britney threw her head back and raised her feet off of the floor in a screaming, sobbing orgasm, “Oh! Oh Mistress!!!!! Oh I’m going to… Oh Mistress… I’m cummingggggggggggg!!!!!” Lana continued to slap her pet’s cunt over and over again, pushing her orgasm to its limits and held onto her as she jerked and writhed in a frenzy upon her lap. As Britney’s feet fell back to the floor and she panted in ecstasy, Lana kissed her very red bottom, enjoying the sensation of hot skin against her lips.

Helping Britney up, she sat her down fully on her lap and held her safely, a bond of trust begun and with a kiss, she whispered into her ear, “Welcome home Britney, my kitten. Indeed, I am going to find much pleasure in spanking you”

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