House Work

Author: bdsm

Lisa was adjusting to her new role as Joe’s sub rather well. She had not done anything to upset him for a few days. In fact Joe was the perfect gentleman, but there was a current of control running under it. She knew that he was in charge and that whatever he said was the law. She no longer wore panties. This was one of the things that Joe had ordered. She also started wearing only shelf bras. This left the major portion of her tits from the nipple up exposed. This allowed Joe to tweak them and play with them at his convenience.

She was falling into her new role and loving it! She had quit her job and stayed home and took care of the housework and such. She never went out unless she had Joe’s permission and that was only given to go and get groceries and things like that. There was no free time for Lisa. Her schedule was tightly controlled by Joe. He would leave a list of things that he expected her to do. There was no question about her doing it. If it didn’t get done she was punished, and she knew it. There were times that she was just finishing up the last of the task as Joe pulled into the Garage.

She began to fall into a routine of having dinner almost ready for Joe when he got home. Of course Joe usually wanted to fuck her mouth or pussy or ass before setting down to eat, she Lisa had to make sure that whatever it was wouldn’t burn while she was in satisfying her Master. To allow it to burn would only induce punishment from him. Occasionally Joe would order her to do some cleaning while he was there, but not very often.

The one that stands out in her mind the most was when she was ordered to clean the bathroom tub, so she went in and kneeled and started to scrub on the tub. Still dressed as she had been instructed. Joe walked in and got behind her and told her that she was to finish the tub before he came or that she would be punished! With that Joe lubed up his now hard cock and slid it into her Ass. She almost fell over at the assault. She had been expecting him to fuck her pussy, but not her ass. She knew that it was tight and that Joe never had a problem shooting his hot cum inside her when he fucked her ass. In fact it almost seemed like he couldn’t control it.

This lent a new urgency to her task. She tried to concentrate on the task at hand and not pay attention to the cock that was plowing into her ass. She loved the feeling, but she did her best to ignore it so she could get the task at hand done before she was punished. She concentrated and got the job done just in time to feel Joe reach around and grab hold of her nipples and twist them as he was pumping her ass. He grunted and slammed his hard cock deep into her ass and twisted savagely on her nipples and he shot his load deep into her asshole.

He then looked up over her shoulder and said. “It would appear that you have done your task correctly slut. Now clean yourself up and return to your usual position.” This meant that Lisa was to shower then return to sit at his feet on the floor.

Joe usually did paperwork while he was at home and this night was no different. He was hard at work and the tension was finally getting to him so he said to Lisa without even looking at her. “suck me off slut!” Lisa immediately crawled in front of him and took his cock out of his pants and started to suck and lick him til he was hard again. At this point she knew that he wouldn’t settle for just a blowjob so she formed a circle with her mouth and started to fuck his cock with her mouth.

Moving faster and faster til Joe grabbed the back of her head and started to force himself deeper and deeper into her mouth without any concern for her comfort at all. As he was about to cum he pulled her off and shot a massive load all over her face until it was dripping off of her face and down onto her chest and tits.
After finishing Joe turned back to his paperwork.

Lisa was expected to return to her place and not do anything until instructed. So there she kneeled with cum dripping from her face and on her tits as well. To do anything would induce Joe’s wrath, and this was not something that Lisa was ready for yet. Give her time and she would actually look forward to his punishment, but for now it was not pleasurable yet.

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