Online Romance (Part 1)

Author: Cecilia

They met online, a simple mIRC affair. After several months of typing, exchanging pictures, cybersex and phonesex they decided to meet face to face. They agreed on a public place at first, until they felt comfortable enough to move to private quarters. She got to the little outside cafй first, dressed in her favorite short skirt and skintight button up the back shirt. As she waited for him to arrive, she fiddled a bit with her clothes and sipped at her coffee. Then out of the corner of her eye, she saw him. “Oh my god, he’s much better looking in person. I could ravage his body for hours.” She stood up and waved, getting his attention. His smile was bright as he walked over to the table.

He sat down and ordered a coffee. They both sat there, completely quiet, staring into each other’s eyes, neither of them believing this was real. He slid his chair over a bit, sitting beside her, instead of across and slipped his hand onto her thigh. His touch made her entire body leap without moving, and goose bumps began to cover her leg.

Her skin was soft and smooth to his hand as he slowly started to rub lightly, moving a little further up each time. His fingers reached the bottom of her short little skirt and slipped them underneath. Her eyes grew wide as she realized what he was about to do. She looked around at the other tables to make sure no one had discovered his wandering hand and relaxed a bit as she noticed on one seemed to be interested. His hand continued to creep up her skirt and thigh until it met the bend at the top of her thigh and her hip. He promptly changed course and slipped his hand toward the inside of her thigh, causing her to spread her legs a bit. He grazed the damp cotton material of her panties as the waiter brought his coffee.

She squeezed her legs shut tightly, pinning his fingers against her panties. Her face was bright red. However, the waiter hadn’t even noticed and continued on, adding creamer and sugar to his customer’s liking. As she watched the waiter, in horror that he wasn’t leaving, she felt his fingers begin to wiggle, pressing firm against her hairy pussy. Her body quivered and ached for him. She relaxed her thighs, releasing his hand and giving him more room to play with. He smiled into her eyes and grinned mischievously as he edged his middle finger past the elastic band of her panties and into her damp black pubic hair.

She let out a gasp as she brought her coffee cup up to her lips, hoping to hide her facial expressions from the others seated at the cafй. He pressed his fingers between her wet lips and grazed against her already swollen clit, her hairs tickling his fingers. He grins at her again, and nods suggestively to leave. She feels her heart jump and skip a beat as she stands, and straightens her skirt. He grabbed his wallet and tossed the money on the table, took her little hand in his and led her off to his hotel room, just up the street.         

The hotel room was pretty much as all hotel rooms are, it had a small round table, two chairs, a small bathroom and a king size bed covered in an 80’s reject bed spread. As soon as they entered the room, he tossed the keys onto the table and turned his attention to her. She was nervous again, fidgeting with her clothes, just like she did at the little cafй. He had watched her as she sat waiting for him from his hotel window. He had seen her every move. He chuckled as he played back the view in his mind. He walked over to her, wrapped his strong arms around her slender waist and tilted his face toward hers. As their lips met for the first time, her heart raced, but her nervousness subsided. This just felt so right.

She pressed her lips against his firmly and slipped her tongue from her mouth to his, seeking his tongue. His arms began to slide up and down her back and sides, the wrapped his fingers underneath the bottom of her shirt and began to pull upwards, slowly revealing her flat tummy, then the roundness of her breasts resting in their white lacey bra. He broke the kiss and pulled her shirt up and over her head then tossed it aside, landing on the back of one of the chairs. He slid his hands across her exposed midriff and he felt goose bumps rise behind his trail of touches. Her hands began to untuck his shirt, tugging lightly she pulled it over his chest, he raised his arms and let her pull the shirt over his head.

She let the shirt drop and returned her hands to his chest, lightly dragging her long nails across teasing his nipples, then directed her attention to the button on his pants. His hands had slid up her inner thigh by this time, his thumb playing with her thick pubic hair through her panties, still damp from his earlier attention. She bit her lower lip as she felt his thumb almost touch her clit, she hastily undid his pants and gave them a good yank, taking his boxes with them. She watched as they slid down his legs, stopping at his ankles and to her surprise, his cock was rock hard and quite large. She felt herself grow even wetter, seeing her lover so aroused.

He worked the zipper on the back of her skirt as he gazed into her eyes, slowly he drew the zipper down and pulled the sides apart, separating them enough to loosen the skirt from her hips and let it drop to the floor. Then he slipped his thumbs into the waist band of her simply cotton panties, traced the inner band around her tummy and hips and began to pull them down, past her hips then to her thighs. He paused slightly and pressed his nose against her wet hairy, pussy taking in her scent, then raised again to kiss her, letting her damp panties fall to the floor. As she stepped out of her skirt and panties, she kicked off her little sandals and he followed her lead, taking his shoes off and kicking them to the side as he worked his boxers and jeans past his ankles and kicked them under the table. He turned to her again, pressed his naked body against her and slid his hands up her thighs, to her hips, up her sides, then around to her back to the clasp of her bra.

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