My First Transgression

Author: NookieNotes

You are sitting on the couch surfing the web on your laptop. I am kneeling across the room, tormented, in only a pair of white cotton panties waiting for that moment of time when I know I am ready to submit myself utterly to you for atonement.

I have been a bad girl and disappointed you today. Just thinking it, I feel the tears well up, and I blink to keep them in, fighting my humiliation. I knew I was being willful, and I still did it. A minor transgression in the scheme of things, but oh so large because I knew just what I was doing.

I still do. I watch you doing what you need to do as I wait until my feelings of rebellion drain from me completely. I struggle with myself to just let it go, let it flow from me and become a vessel for what you choose to pour into me this evening.

In all our time together, I have been so good. You have commented on how proud I make you, so strong, so smart, and so good. You laugh that none of my friends would ever guess that I was your willing cock whore at home, and you kiss me with passion.

Damn it, those tears again. Blinking them back, I try to lose myself into the peace of submission, and I feel myself sliding, yet I stop just before I reach that place. “Why now?” I wonder.

I know why, but I push it away. I used to think submitting was the scariest thing I would ever do, I know better now. There are much, much scarier things.

I shake my head slightly, trying to bring myself back to the task at hand. I need to empty myself of pride. Only you and your needs matter in this moment. Why do I struggle so?

Sitting back on my heels, hands on my thighs, I think over the time we’ve spent. How you’ve told me I’ve captivated you with my sublime willingness to please. What a gift I give you every time I kneel at your feet and kiss your knees as we surf the Internet on separate laptops in the evenings. Together, so close, yet apart and independent. You even laugh at what you call the gift of my conversation, that I have so many sides of me to offer and that I offer them all to you.

Drowning myself in thoughts of you, I feel the click. I am ready. Thoughts of my own ego and pride drain away, and I know what needs to be done.

Picking up the paddle next to me, I put it into my teeth and slide down on all fours to bring it to you, moving across the room in sublime contentment, knowing that you will make things right.

Reaching your feet, I sit back on my heels and wait, head bowed. It seems cooler here, where you are. My bare skin shrinks around me in the chill, and I shiver slightly. Pushing the distraction away, I wait.

You finish what you are doing, and you calmly fold your computer and set it aside. I love that you don’t try to prolong things out of spite, that you are always fair and ready to forgive. I love what I know is coming.

I feel you looking at me, and my cheeks redden again with humiliation at the hurt I caused. I wait.

You stand and slowly undress, setting your clothing carefully aside as you always do, until you stand utterly naked and powerful before me. Reaching down, you lift my chin with your hand, until I look you in the eyes. I lower my lashes, but you give my head that soft shake that you give, and I gaze at you again. You search my face for something, and in a moment you find it. You nod softly to yourself, and you reach to take the paddle from my mouth.

Looking over the leather tool, idly fingering the word “slut” cut into the leather, you look thoughtful.

“Good choice.” Your praise makes me flush in pleasure.

You set it aside on the couch, and look at me again. I have not yet earned my atonement. I know what I need to do. Sitting forward, I nuzzle my face into your crotch, breathing the scent of you in. Taking your hard cock into my hands, I kiss it lightly.

I love your cock. So smooth, so warm in my hands. Kissing it again, I gently touch it all over, as it thickens further in my grasp.

“Mmmm. I am going to kiss you all over,” I say to your cock. I know I am not to speak to you, but we have long since established that cock worship is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

“I love how strong you are, how you feel in my hands, between my lips. I want to feel you inside me. I want to give you pleasure. I crave the taste of you.” I say these words between kisses up and down your length.

Pausing in my compliments for a moment to pull your head into my mouth, I let out a small groan.

I always love pleasuring your cock, there is just something about feeling my need for you match yours for me in that instant that your smooth head slides between my lips and finds its way to my tongue. Humming for just a moment as I feel you filling me, I begin to slide up and down your shaft with my lips.

Slowly and sensually, I take my time. I know you love it raw and hard, and I will get to that. I also now that you love the build, and I am her to give that to you, to give you what you want from me.

Sliding up and down your shaft, I let my tongue play over your strength while my lips caress you, leaving trails of saliva behind, slicking you up, moistening your cock as I suck.

You shift slightly, and lift one leg to place it on the edge of the couch. Taking my cue, I slide up and off of you, bringing up a hand to hold you, stroke you as I move down towards your balls, licking and sucking.

I feel you place a hand on mine, guiding me, squeezing my fingers into you.

I take one of your balls into my mouth, sucking it, licking it, swirling it around as I taste you. As I do, you end your silence, and begin speaking to me in a low voice, guiding me with your words, telling me what you love, as I tend to your needs with my mouth.

Coating your sack with my saliva, I lick carefully, not missing a single spot, until a hand on my head give me direction with a light pressure. Readjusting myself on the floor, I venture further back, licking your taint, nibbling it lightly as I feel you shiver. Sliding back further, my tongue reaches your salty pucker, and I feel you tense and relax as I glide across you.

Your hand on mine shifts, and I feel you pulling my fingers away. I place my hand back on my knee, as you continue to stroke yourself while I worship you with my mouth.

lick my ass, baby.” You say. “Lick it good, and I just may cum for you. You would like that, I know you would.”

Moaning in agreement, I lap at your asshole with the flat of my tongue, pushing my way into the crack, my nose nuzzling your taint. Letting my tongue press more firmly into you, I feel you push back ever so slightly as you moan.

Tightening and pointing my tongue, I press it into you, feeling your tightness give way to me, as I take your salty musk. Pressing, then pulling back, pressing forward again, I slip my wet tongue inside you, pushing as deeply as I can, feeling you surround me. Your moans rolls through your body, and you clench down on me before relaxing again.

I slowly slide my tongue in and out of you, my saliva lubricating and softening your ring, my softness just hard enough to penetrate and pleasure your sensitive hole.

A hand in my hair pulls back and away from your ass, you roughly press me back to your cock, forcing yourself deep into my mouth. I smile a bit. I know what comes next.

Placing my hands again on my knees, I close my eyes and relax as you plow into my mouth, sliding further in, until your head is slamming forcefully into the back of my throat with each thrust.

My gag reflex begins to wake up, despite my swallowing. You love it when I gag on your cock, and despite the discomfort, I have learned to enjoy it on the rare occasions you require it of me.

As you push into my mouth hard, fucking my face, I have no control over my body. Drool slides from my lips onto your shaft, dripping down onto my chest, stringing to your cock as you pull away. I find the rhythm, still gagging as you push in and out, holding yourself outside my mouth for a brief moment to let me recover before ramming into me again.

I feel your cock jerk and grow suddenly thicker as you pull out of me, aiming, as your creamy load comes rushing out of your cock. The first spurt lands in my open mouth, then you shift slightly to paint my cheeks and lips.

You pull away, your semi-hard cock still in your hand, then you step forward again and lightly slap my face with it.

One cheek, then the other, slapping your cock into your cooling cum on my cheeks. Using your cock as a makeshift spatula, you use it to smear each drop of cum towards my mouth, where my tongue can reach it to clean myself up.

Setting your foot back down on the floor, you reach down to my shoulders and encourage me to stand.

I gaze at you calmly, knowing the night is not yet over.

You reach out to tweak a nipple, and I gasp in pleasure. Suddenly, you grasp me tightly, pulling me off balance and onto your knees as you sit back on the couch. Laid across your thighs like an errant child, I know that I am about to be released from my suffering, and I smile in joy.

Placing one arm across my lower back, your other hand rubs and fondles my ass cheeks through my white panties. Palms smooth against the thin material as you massage and play for your own pleasure. A soft pinch here and there has me twitching in surprise as I patiently wait for what I know is coming.

A blow lands and I yelp, more from the shock of the first blow than from pain. You are gentle with me, warming me up, so you can truly release me from my mental bonds. Feather-soft stinging slaps cover every inch of my globes as I feel my tender skin begin to flush and heat, even under the soft cotton.

I can’t help but wiggle as you spank me, needing, craving this contact from you, to force the greater pain of disappointing you from my thoughts.

As always, you seem to know when the time is right, and I feel you put more strength into your efforts, raining assault down on my ass and thighs, making me cry out in pleasure and pain and release.

As tears fall from my eyes, I sob, trying to catch my breath which is coming in ragged gasps.

Abruptly, you stop, and begin speaking in a soothing tone, telling me what a good girl I am, how you forgive me everything, that I don’t need to say it. You lean over, and kiss my reddened bottom through the soft knit as I cling to your leg, nuzzling as I try to come back to you.

Kissing and breathing hot air out onto my cheeks, you continue to speak affectionately and endearingly, bringing me back to myself, back to you.

Getting my breath back under control as you caress me, I jerk in response as you bite me lightly on the crease where my thigh meets my ass cheek.

You sit back up, your hand never ceasing it’s stroking play, sliding across my round ass. Slowly, your hand slides between my thighs, tickling along panty line, teasing me as I whimper my need for you.

Sliding back and forth, tantalizing me as you rub closer and closer, but not quite fulfilling the promise of your touch.

I find that my legs have spread on their own, my body responding to you against without conscious thought. I lay across you, still spent in the languor of aftershock as you amuse yourself with my body.

Slowly, you drag a finger tip from my tail bone down through the crack of my ass, pressing my panties into the cleft, pausing for a moment to tickle my brown bud as I squirm and moan for you, then you continue on. Sliding down into my wetness, your finger just barely parts my lips, dipping the white cotton into my juices, and finally brushing ever-so-gently against my clit.

You pause there for a moment, keeping your pressure very light, rubbing small circles as you feel my hips jerk involuntarily against you.

Chuckling softly, you say in a low voice, “I know you like this baby. You are such a good girl for me. Tell me what you want.”

“I want you,” I reply.

A sharp slap across my ass as I cry out and tears form again.

“You know better than that,” you chide. “Tell me what you want.”

“I want you inside me. I want you filling me, claiming me, making me yours,” I gasp out.

“You are mine,” you say firmly. “That nonsense today notwithstanding. You are mine to your core, whether you know it or not. Never mind that. You have been a good girl, and I forgive you.”

As your last words trail off, you slide a finger under the elastic leg of my panties, pushing it to the side and slipping inside of me as you press your thumb against my clit. Holding yourself still inside me, you can feel my muscles clenching you, grasping at you, trying to pull you deeper. Slowly working your thumb against me as you curl and uncurl your finger inside has me writhing on your lap in no time.

I can feel your erection straining against me in new growth, and I know that you are as excited by the play as I am.

“Now, baby, you have been a good girl, and I forgive you, but you are not allowed to cum until I tell you, no matter how badly you want to,” you say. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, I do.”


Partially pulling out and slipping a second finger inside me, you press against me almost roughly, your thumb making my hips churn, your fingers pulling the juices from deep inside, and your knuckles pressing into the sensitive spots just between my pussy and ass as the fabric brushes against me, adding different sensations to each move you make.

As I wiggle and sigh, you pull your fingers out and lift me to straddle your lap. Reaching down with one hand, you grab your cock and brush my pantie to the side to slide yourself in. Pulling down onto you completely, you hold me there, taking my face in your hand and kissing me passionately.

Letting your hand drop from my face to my hips, you begin to work yourself in and out of me, lifting me up and down on your cock, rotating my hips in circles on you as you look into my eyes.

Slow and sensual, you fuck me. Pulling me close to you, you hold me tight and whisper sweet nothings in my ear. I sigh happily into your neck, nuzzling and nibbling as we rock together.

Minutes go by, and the tempo increases, my pelvis slamming down on you, our bodies torn apart by our movements, and I feel the pressure building inside my core. Your mouth is ravaging my neck, my chest, finding your way to my breast and suckling greedily at me, licking and biting as your push yourself up into me over and over.

As you piston harder and harder into me, I begin to clench down on you, and your eyes fly open.

Removing your lips from me you pull back and your gaze pierces me to my core. Hunger is churning inside you, as you lift up, pulling me off of you and setting me on my feet before you.

“Remove your panties and hand them to me,” you say in a soft yet firm voice.

All the power and raw need behind the deceptive calm of your exterior makes me shiver as I lean down to comply, stepping out of my sodden white panties and lifting them to your waiting hands.

You take the panties and hold them as you turn me around, pressing your cock to my ass cheeks and grinding into me. One hand on my hip, pulling me close to you, the other holding panties against my chest as you breathe out into my ear.

Biting at my earlobe, you drive yourself forward, pressing roughly against me, rubbing your need into my cheeks. Your arm at my chest grasps me around the panties, then lifts away, coming up to my face, pressing my panties against my mouth and nose. I can smell my tang mixed with your musk on the soft knit.

“Open your mouth.” A command.

I do, and you press my panties in, dampness against my tongue, stuffing my cheeks, leaving some white fabric hanging out, dribbling down my chin.

Your hand returns to my breast, to play with a nipple, pinching it and squeezing it as you moan into my ear.

Your hand on my hip shifts and I feel your pelvis pulling back. Grasping your cock, you guide it between my thighs and into me, pressing forward in one sharp motion, sinking yourself in.

I feel your fingers winding into my hair, as you pull me down, sinking both of us to our knees. Pressing me forward, you slam into me from behind, pressing your full length into my deepest recesses over and over, claiming me with your body, taking my need for you and turning it inside out and upside down.

Your hand in my hair pulls back as you fuck me, lifting my head high as I scream out in raw pleasure, the panties falling from my mouth. My throat is hoarse from your thorough face fucking, and I sound like an animal.

I am an animal, I realize. Your animal. Your bitch. Your bitch in heat.

For you. YOURS.

Your relentless fucking, your hand pulling my hair painfully, your hand on my breast… it’s so hard to hold back, to await your command. You are talking to me, telling me how you love to fuck my cunt, how I please you, how you want me to beg you to allow me to cum for you.

“Please, please let me cum for you,” I beg.

Your only response is “More.”

“Please let me cum for you, cum on you. I want to cum all over your hard cock, I want to coat you with my juices. I want to show you how you have claimed me, how I am yours, how I cum for you and only you.” The words are tumbling out of my lips now, barely making sense and I plead with you to let me cum.

Talking to me again, as I entreat you, as I pray to you that you take this from me, the gift of my orgasm, you tell me how you’ll let me cum soon, just a little longer, let’s cum together, I’m a good girl, you adore me, and you want me to cum just not yet…

Finally, “Cum for me baby,” You force out through your own groans as you fill me with your own hot seed. Our juices mingling inside as you jerk over and over into me. My cunt spasms on you, gripping you, draining you dry. The rush of feelings rushing through me satisfy the craving I’ve felt, filling the deep hole of shame created by your disappointment.

Slipping out of me, you pull me back up to my knees, then up onto the couch to hold me your arms. Holding me tenderly, you kiss me, softly, deeply, lovingly.

Pulling back for a moment, I look into your eyes and whisper, “I love you.”

Joy lights up your face, and you reply, “I know. I knew today when I commanded you to tell me. I knew when you refused.”

I smile.

“I would not have punished you, you know,” you say. “I want you to know that was your choice.”

“I know. I needed it,” I reply. “Thank you. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

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