Lianas blind date

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title “Lianas blind date”

My girlfriend Liana, was pretty hot during last weekends adventure. Her latest escapade was to meet a guy from an online BBW site she subscribes to. They both got hot for each other from a couple weeks of emails and chats, so she to meet him on a blind date. They had exchanged pictures in emails a few times before they met. He has a nice cock from the pictures she showed me. Well let me describe who ill be writing about before the story gets rolling.

My name is Randy, im 36, 5’10, 180LB, white, fit, muscular build, attractive they say. I’M a passionate, lively person, not known as your average guy. My past lovers would describe me as a wild lover with a kinky side. I adore big curvy voluptuous girls; they are far sexier in so many ways than a skinny superficial puppet. I live in an apartment with a roommate in a large town.

My girlfriend Liana is a cute white BBW, curvy in all the best ways and quite a busty chick, standing 5’11, age 30. She is an intense, passionate erotic woman, with a naughty side to her. She has her own home in a small southern town.

Liana and I have been together for almost a year now. We have an on and off open relationship for many reasons. We are similar people, both being naughty, intense, caring for one another’s interests and we are great sexually in so many ways. Were both seeking to expand our sexual lives with each other, independently and beyond. I have a voyeuristic passion for her naughtiness and this story describes one of her latest date.

Liana’s date Bill stands 5’8, he weighs about 200 LB, average looking middle aged guy. I saw some of their chat logs and pictures, hmmm, he sounds like he could be able to teach Liana something from his experiences.

Liana invited Bill to meet her at her home, he drove over an hour to get there. I wonder what he was thinking during his drive. She let me know she had a date, that’s common for our relationship, were both open to dating others from time to time. The sad thing is, she gets more dates than me. She later said their meeting went well, good for them I wish I was there to join in. Well, actually I was. I read in an email of hers that they were going to go out for a bite to eat and maybe have a drink or more. I know how she gets with a few drinks. So there are only a handful of places nearby her home they could go to, so I called a friend, Sam and we went on a venture to find them. We scoped out her car and decided to have a drink ourselves. We entered and were hiding in another part of the bar watching them. Sam is an old roommate of mine and we still hang out, and party from time to time. As we were busy ourselves getting drunk watching Liana and her date, we were also checking out the southern ladies, how sexy their curvaceous bodies are.

Sam kept buying us beers and also walking by them to get a look. He has not met Liana but has sure heard a few stories about her from me. Liana does not know Sam either, that made this even more interesting. He said her date was an average looking guy, ~5’8, 200 pounds, and Liana is a big beautiful woman and let me tell you, she knows it! So, Sam came back with our third round of drinks and said they were getting hot over there, he was kissing her neck. Remember, she knew I may be around, but did not see me, that is until I went to the bathroom and wanted her to check me out. She was making out with the unknown man who did not see me as I walked by, their dark booth. She saw me and winked, I acted like I did not know them, I did not want to change the scene for her. I was very aroused at the sight of her getting it on with another guy in a public place. I wonder if she saw the rise in my pants as I went by. She is a bit naughty and so am I, but this was her night. We have had some fun through the days, we both like to be noticed by people and enjoy getting smiles and winks from time to time.

So, Liana and Bill left after they had a couple drinks, leaving Sam and I to keep drinking and checking out the other drunken patrons in the smoky bar. As they left I saw him pinch her ass, she jumped at it and then looked embarrassed as she looked over her shoulder to see if anyone noticed. I was kind of jealous yet also quite turned on by her newly found friend. I’m sure she knew it, since we openly discuss our cumings and goings shall I say. It’s was about 10:30, we have been at the bar for 3 hours and Liana left over an hour ago, I wonder what she is doing or if they are even together still.

So Sam and I leave the pub, empty handed again, damn it! He takes me back to my apartment and comes up for another beer. We hang out and watch some TV. We both have an attraction for Anna Nicole as he made mention to her poster on my wall and then he sees the picture of Queen Latifah in my room. I told him she is a friend of Lianas and mine when were fucking wildly in my room. He cracks up, not knowing I have always liked big black chicks, which is another story….. Sam leaves around midnight.

Later in the night, or I guess morning it was about 1AM, I was on my computer reading erotic stories as I often do and Liana sent me an IM. That was enough to give me a bigger boner wondering what she is or was up to. I was wondering why she IM me, was he there did he leave, what did they do after the kissing in the bar? She later said he was a nice guy but did not want to go into anything. I think this was to be nice and polite to me. She did mentioned seeing me at the bar, and I said how much I liked to see her with Bill. Then she thought it was OK to give me some of the evening’s details. Here is our chat

LIANA: hi…
RANDY: hello hun, how did your date go?
LIANA: it was good…we had a nice time
RANDY: I saw that at the bar, you 2 looked like you were getting hot for each other.
LIANA well he got here and he asked me was i ok with him and i said yes ….and we hugged and it was nice…and we came inside my housee and talked a few minutes …then we went to pick something up to eat and go to blockbuster to get a movie.
RANDY: he asked upon entry to your house in case you were afraid of him or he was ugly?
LIANA: i dont know why i just think because i had said some things about it that i was paranoid that i was too big for him, but believe me , he liked me
RANDY: he likes you… you were kissing in the bar, so yes id say he liked you, and hun, so did I, believe me.
LIANA: so we sat on the couch and he made this comment ….i have waited almost 4 hours to kiss you and i cant hardly do it …your lips are soo kissable…so then we started kissing and we kissed a lot, he was….is a good kisser….and he has the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen
RANDY: so you were kissing soon after he came back to your place, even before the movie? I know you’re a good kisser, I taught you some tricks through our days.
LIANA: thanks i would like to think so and yes we were kissing at my place before we watched the movie.
RANDY: im jealous hun, I know you’re hot but that’s our open relationship and im turned on and jealous at the same time.
LIANA: you came over just before we left the bar and I winked at you. I think you liked seeing me with Bill….. then we went to get a movie to watch on the way to my place..
RANDY: so did you watch a movie or make out all night after you left the bar
LIANA: so then we got home and he kissed me for awhile and it was funny…he was soo sweet…cause he would get soo close to my breasts and then put his hands somewhere else….finally at one point i grabbed his hand and put it on my breast and said …its ok
we watched the movie some…enough to know what was going on was called hot fuzz
RANDY: you are very erotic to me hun, I have a boner now wondering what happened after you left the pub, and im hearing all about it.
LIANA: thanks
RANDY: I do not know that movie
RANDY: hun, there is something about you that is very HOT, I have been wondering what you did with him, your kissing was kind of hot in the bar..
RANDY: when you were not online earlier tonight, I was secretly hoping you were having fun and wondering if I you were thinking of me
LIANA: well i had said that i was only going to let him go from my breasts up…but i had a skirt on and he started fingering my pussy over my panties … i took my panties off
RANDY: your naughty, damn your HOT!
LIANA: and he got me off on the couch ….it was very nice….he made the comment that he had never seen a woman cumm that much in his life …just on the internet and that is not real life
RANDY: I wish I was there watching you 2
LIANA: yeah it would have been nice….i had a nice time….he wanted to go all the way
RANDY: So hun, did he lick your clit
LIANA: and he even took his dick out of his pants but i did not do anything with it … i told him that i was not having sex with him the first date
RANDY: Did you stroke it
LIANA: his dick looked very nice all hard and everything but i said no
RANDY: Hun, I like this a lot
LIANA: i am just telling you what happened
LIANA: thats what really happened baby i do not have time to do this with you right now sweet
LIANA: i have to go in a minute
RANDY: no way, your such a tease
RANDY: i want u
RANDY: so hun, did u think of me when you were with Bill
LIANA: but anyway….at one point he told me to suck his nipples and so i did and his dick got hard as a rock…that was fun
RANDY: your hot Liana
LIANA: ok ….so anyway i have got to get ready for bed
LIANA: but thanks for thinking of me anyway
RANDY: hun, you’re a tease
LIANA: ok talk to you later….bye hun
LIANA: dont be sad ….it will be ok

I cannot believe how much I got turned on by her, I was thinking she may have fun and am glad she did. I have to wonder what their next date will be like.


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