Handcuffed To The Bed

Author: Wave

My boyfriend and I have told each other about our fantasies. One of his is to be tied up and totally taken advantage of. I decided to surprise him with his fantasy one night, and it was something I enjoyed just as much as he did.

While he was downstairs using the computer, I went upstairs and got the bedroom ready. I lit some candles, got naked, and got the four pairs of handcuffs I had purchased out and ready to be used. We have a four post bed, which was just perfect for what I had in mind.

I came downstairs naked and he immediately said “let me turn the computer off.” He was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts and while he was waiting for his computer to shut down, I could see his cock starting to grow. I sat on his lap and gave him some nice, long kisses. He began groping my tits and sucking them. His hard cock was poking me in the ass by now, so I decided it was time to go upstairs.

I told him to lay down in the middle of the bed. I pulled out the first pair of handcuffs and attached them to his wrist, and then to the bed. I did this with the other three pair, until he was spread out like a big X. He was saying “oh yeah baby, oh yeah, I’ve been hoping for something like this.” It made me so horny knowing that I was totally in control, I could do anything I wanted to him, and he had to lay there and let me.

First, I decided that he should suck my nipples, so I straddled his body and shoved my tits right into his face. He hungrily licked and sucked each nipple, while my wet pussy rubbed against his stomach. I would purposely let my pussy graze the tip of his cock once in a while, both because it felt good to me and I knew it drove him wild.

I moved down toward his cock and just very lightly ran my tongue over the whole length of it. It was as hard as it could possibly be, making me want to ride it, but I had a lot of other things to do first. First and foremost, I wanted to suck his delicious cock and lick up his cum. The plan was to then get him hard again and fuck him like crazy.

So, I started sucking his cock and stroking it with my hand at the same time, mouth-hand, mouth-hand. He was shifting around while I did this, but he couldn’t move far in those handcuffs. I started really sucking on his cock hard and soon cum was dripping out of my mouth and more still shooting out of his cock all over his stomach.

I stradled him and rubbed my juicy pussy around in his cum on his stomach, while I kissed him and told him that I wanted him to lick my juicy pussy. He said “bring it up here!” I turned around and stradled his face, and he went to town eating my pussy. I was rocking back and forth on his face, making sure he could get to my pussy and my clit. His nose and face were soaking wet with my juice and I continued letting him eat me while I squeezed my nipples. His cock was starting to get hard again and he said “take these cuffs off so I can fuck you good.” Oh no, I said, I’m going to fuck YOU good, you just lay there.

I decided to surprise him by playing with his asshole a little bit. This is something he really digs, and I figured he would really like it with me being in charge and him being tied up. I squirted a little lube onto my finger and started massaging his asshole. This really perked his cock up and it was as rigid as it could be. I massaged for awhile, and then started sticking my finger just slightly in and then bringing it back out. He was squirming around like crazy and his cock was just bulging. I had bought a butt plug while I was out getting the handcuffs and I had it hidden under the bed. I bent over the bed and got it, squirted a bunch of lube on it, and slid it right in. “Oh fuck, oh God, that feels so good” he said. It was just a small buttplug, but it was evident that it had been a good purchase. I slowly turned the plug and moved it in and out, bringing on lots of moans from him.

I then stood up on the end of the bed, where he could get a good look at me. I started rubbing my clit, and pulling my wet finger out to lick it. He was saying “please ride my cock now,” so I teased him by saying “do you think I should ride your cock now?” He was pleading with me, and I could see his cock bobbing up and down as if he were flexing it. I stood there for a minute more, dipping a finger into my pussy and licking it off, and squeezing my nipples. Soon, I just couldn’t stand it, I had to have the bulging cock inside me. I made sure the buttplug was still properly in place and gave it another twist. Then I climbed onto that big fat cock and started riding it with fury.

While I rode his cock I would occasionally reach back and play with the buttplug, which brought loud moans from him. I was so ready to cum by now that I just couldn’t hold it anymore. I violently came on his cock and felt like I was squeezing his cock with every ounce of energy I had. I quickly got off his cock because I knew he was going to cum and I wanted to watch it. I turned on the vibrator that was attached to the butt plug, which was enough to make him blow. He screamed and shot a couple of long streams of white creamy cum all over himself, it was quite a site.

I made him lay there for awhile, drenched in cum. He didn’t seem to mind at all, he appeared to be blown away. Then, I remembered the buttplug and thought I would pull it out for him. I reached down and decided to give it a few turns before I pulled it out.

“Now, what about YOUR fantasy?” he said.

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