My First Hot Summer

Author: Jonnybibi

It was a warm summer’s day and I wandered into the men’s toilet in a secluded part of the park to have a pee. I was wearing a light T-shirt and loose baggy shorts with no underpants.
I was just about 18 at the time.
Imagine my surprise to find about 6 men of various ages standing at the urinal, with each one holding or stroking the cock of the guy next to them. There were cocks of all lengths and thicknesses. Some were really hard and erect, and others were still somewhat limp.
I was shocked, but couldn’t help sneaking a look at them all. I tried to act as if nothing unusual was happening and went to the right hand end of the urinal next to a guy who looked about 30. He was having his cock stroked slowly by the guy next to him. It was very hard looking, but only about 6 inches and not very thick.
I unzipped my shorts and pulled out my cock. I was surprised to find that it was already semi-hard. I had to admit that what was happening around me was a bit of a turn on. I started to pee when I felt a hand slowly slide up the inside back of my left leg. It was electric! The sensation was like nothing I had felt before. Immediately my cock seemed to respond and grow harder, and without realizing it, I spread my legs a bit further apart.
Down the far end I heard some moans and glanced along the line. One of the guys was arching back, grunting and groaning, and the older man next to him was pumping out the last spurts of his hot creamy cum which shot right up the urinal wall.
The hand on my leg slid further up and his finger tips lightly grazed my balls. I gasped and my cock jerked even harder. “Like it?” he whispered. “I..I..I don’t know what to say…I’ve never done anything like this before.” I said.
Just then, there were more groans from down the line and I could see a young guy bending over the huge purple cock of the older man next to him. The cum shot into his mouth and the next spurt went all over his lips and cheeks. The guy on the other side leaned over and took the next spurt in his mouth and swallowed it down. He then kept sucking and slurping and swallowing till the older man pulled his cock limp from his mouth. He didn’t zip it away in his trousers, but left it dangling and dripping some last drops of cum, while he just kept on stroking the prick of the guy who had sucked him off.
Meanwhile the guy next to me had crouched down a bit and his hand was right up the front of my shorts cupping my balls and reaching for my now rock-hard cock. I spread my legs a bit more. It was so good…I felt guilty but couldn’t believe how great it made me feel.
He whispered “Do you want to come with me to get it finished off?” I could scarcely believe my ears when I said in a croaky voice “Yes, oh yes please!”
I stuffed my throbbing prick back into my shorts – even sliding the zipper up made me tingle – and followed him out of the toilet, with the sounds of someone else coming now fading in the distance.
I got into his car and we set off for his hotel room.
As we drove along, his hand reached over and stroked the bulge in my shorts. I could see he still had a hard-on, but I was scared to reach out and touch him, though I really wanted to.
He saw me looking and said “I want you to touch me and stroke me. Go on… you know you want to feel me, don’t you?”
I reached out and put my hand lightly over the bulge in his pants. He moaned slightly and rubbed himself forward against my hand. I gripped more firmly and could feel the hard shape of his erect cock. For the first time in my life I explored the outline of another man’s cock and balls, while he continued to reach up the leg of my shorts and play with me. It was the most sensuous experience I’d ever had.
We reached the hotel and by now I couldn’t wait to get into his room and have my aching cock and balls released.
I stood awkwardly in the middle of the floor while he got towels and a bottle of something from the bathroom and put them on the bed.
He came towards me, looked me in the eyes and slowly dropped to his knees in front of me.
“I’m Randy”, he said, “by name and nature.” He slowly slid my shorts down. The head of my cock was now above the top of the shorts and without hesitation he bent forward and licked my engorged head. It was incredibly good. Soon my shorts were on the floor and he was licking and stroking the length of my rod while he cupped my balls in his other hand. Before I realised it, he had opened his lips and engulfed the swollen head of my cock in his hot wet mouth. I thought I was going to cum right then, but he backed away for a moment while he took off his clothes and my T-shirt. We were both totally naked. Then I noticed that he was totally shaved. His smooth cock and balls looked so inviting. He came towards me and pulled me to him. It was like electricity going through me when our bodies touched, especially when the hardness of our cocks pressed against each other. He smiled at me and said “I want to try and deep-throat you.” I didn’t know what he meant, but I said “Yeah, anything”.
He lay on the bed with his head hanging over the foot. He said “I want you to slowly slide your cock into my mouth and down my throat.”
He bent his head right back, opened his moist lips and I moved towards him. He took my cock in his hand and slowly guided it into his wet and waiting mouth. His lips closed round my shaft, and I could feel his tongue swirling around the head and shaft, finding the most wonderfully sensitive spots. His hands gripped my bum cheeks and kept pulling me in. I could feel the head of my cock hit the back of his throat. He gagged just a little, then got control, and pulled me in further till the whole hard and erect 8 inches of my cock was embedded down his throat. It was an amazing feeling to have his nose nuzzling my balls, and his chin hard up against my pubic hair. After a minute he pushed me away and my cock, glistening with his saliva, slid slowly from his mouth. He said, “We’ll do it again, and this time, when you’re right in, I want you to slowly fuck my mouth till you come. I want to take it all down my throat, every drop. I love the taste of a hot young guy.”
So again he pulled me towards his mouth, and again I experienced the most wonderful sensation as my waiting cock was slowly but surely engulfed in his mouth and throat.
When I was in up to the hilt he gripped my buttocks and started to make fucking motions. Soon I was wild with the urge to fuck him harder and harder but I tried not to do that. I let him control my movements, but soon he was pulling me harder and harder anyway. Soon I couldn’t hold back any longer, and I could feel the spunk starting to rise from within me until with a wild groan of ecstasy, I felt the first spurt of my hot white cum erupting from my spasming cock. Time after time I could feel the jism rising and shooting out. I lost count of the number of times. Randy kept swallowing but some cum squirted out around my cock and ran down his face.
I pulled out and lay down on the bed beside him, spent, but hopefully not for long.
Randy said, “That was sooo good. I just loved the feel of your beautiful cock in my mouth and throat, and I must have swallowed gallons of your delicious cum.”
I said “I’ve never come as hard or as much as that before – it was incredible.”
We were lying side by side on the bed now, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off his shaved cock and balls. I wondered if I could pluck up enough courage to try sucking him.
Just then his cell phone rang. I couldn’t hear properly, but it sounded like a woman.
When he had finished he said, “I’ll have to go now, but I’ll give you my number. Phone me back in a couple of hours. There’s just so much more we can enjoy together.”
So while I got dressed he wrote his number on a piece of paper and gave it to me.
I left the hotel in a daze – I was definitely going to have to meet him again….

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