The Boyfriend Substitute

Author: SusanStrict

She dangled the short pieces of cord in front of his face.
“Gonna let me tie you up then?” she asked, jokingly, but with a wicked grin.
“You’ll crease my shirt,” he replied, although he was excited by the idea.
“Take it off.” She almost ordered him, excited herself at the thought of it.


He had found her attractive from the first moment they had met. She had rebuffed his advances, telling him she liked him as a friend. She teased continuously, always standing so close to him he could smell her perfume and her natural scent, but still pushing him away if he tried to touch her.

She had immediately recognised how attracted to her he was, and took advantage of this. She encouraged him, and discouraged him at the same time. She asked him to drive her home after work, invited him in for coffee, but always invented some reason she needed him to leave as soon as he started to look too comfortable. Today was no different to start with. He drove her home, came in for coffee, listened while she told him about her former boyfriends. He tried to give sensible, unbiased answers when she asked him for advice about love and sex, trying to be the friend she had always told him he was and not the lover he wanted to be.

“I’ve always wanted,” she told him, “To tie up my boyfriend. But I’m scared I’ll scare him off.”

He struggled to answer this one.

“Look,” she said, “I’ll show you.” Jumping up, she headed to the door.

“Come on,” she said impatiently, “You want to see this, don’t you?”

Startled, he let her lead him upstairs to her bedroom where he stood awkwardly as she rummaged in a drawer and produced some short pieces of cord.

“These would do,” she said brightly, indicating the large brass-framed bed.

“I suppose they would.” He hardly knew what to say.

She dangled the short pieces of cord in front of his face. “Gonna let me tie you up then?” she asked, jokingly, but with a wicked grin.

“You’ll crease my shirt,” he replied, although he was excited by the idea.

“Take it off.” She almost ordered him, excited herself at the thought of it.

In a daze he removed his shirt. He let her push him onto the bed and loop the cord around one of his wrists. She tightened it, and threaded the other end round the bedframe, tying that too in a quick knot. She repeated the procedure with his other wrist, leaving him lying there, arms outstretched.

She stood up and looked at him. “Uncomfortable?” she asked.

“No, not really,” he tried to keep his voice as normal as if they were still drinking coffee downstairs.

“So,” she went on, playing the same game, “If I did it to my boyfriend then you think he’d enjoy it?”

He nodded, not trusting himself to speak.

“So,” she persisted, “You’re enjoying it?”

She sat on the edge of the bed, her eyes now fixed on the growing bulge in his trousers. He nodded again.

“And once I’ve got him like this,” she rested one hand on his stomach and slid it down to his belt buckle, “I could take off the rest of his clothes and have him completely naked?”

“Yes,” he croaked, having great difficulty in getting out even one word. Her hands were busy with the buckle and the zip on his trousers.

“Hey…..,” he started to complain as he felt both his trousers and pants being pulled downwards.

She stopped.



In one swift pull she had wrenched the remaining clothing downwards, over his ankles and feet, and off onto the floor. He was left completely naked and feeling rather exposed. He was uncomfortably aware of his erection now standing stiff and upright with nothing to cover it.

As though talking to herself, she continued, “And once he’s naked, I could tie his ankles as well.”

She picked up the other lengths of cord she had dropped on the floor and attached his ankles securely to the bottom of the bed frame, his legs spread wide apart.

“You see,” she said, climbing onto the bed and kneeling astride him, “I really love my boyfriend and I’d never do anything he wouldn’t like.”

She leaned forward and brought her lips firmly against his. Her lips parted, and her tongue wriggled its way into his mouth, not that he was resisting her. He felt the coarse material of her denim skirt rub against his erect cock as her body pushed against him, her large breasts under her sweatshirt pressing down onto his chest.
It was a kiss like none other he had ever experienced. She seemed to put her whole life into, her whole sensuality into that one point of contact between them.

When she finally broke contact, she sat up with her eyes closed. He felt the whole weight of her, as the rough skirt material covering her large, firm ass pressed his cock downwards. She must have been able to feel his stiffness pressing into her. She shuddered slightly and, her eyes still closed, she brought her hands to her breasts, cupping them, gently squeezing and massaging in a circular motion. She let out a deep sigh.

She opened her eyes and looked down at him.

“Right,” she said decisively, “I must get changed.” She climbed off him and headed for the door.

“Hey. What about me?”

She paused at the door and looked back at him. “What about you?”

“Untie me.”

“Oh.” She looked as though she had not considered untying him. “I thought you said it wasn’t uncomfortable?”

“Yes. But you can’t leave me here…..”

“Who said anything about leaving you? I’ll be back. I just have to get changed.”

She left the room as he strained against the cords that were proving to be much stronger than they looked. There was no way he would be able to break them, and although he wriggled and pulled, there was no way he could twist his fingers round to untie the knots or reach any of them with his mouth. After several minutes of trying, his wrists and ankles were sore, and he gave up and lay still.

He could hear her in the bathroom, showering and singing quietly to herself. He heard the toilet flush, and then the sound of the shower again. Then he heard her footsteps approaching the door of the bedroom.

She paused at the door, then entered. She wore a long nightdress of a thin, shiny, black material. It was almost, but not quite, transparent. He could clearly see the outline of her body through it.

“Do you think my boyfriend would find this sexy?” she asked, twirling it around her and running her hands all over it. “I just love the feel of this sort of material, don’t you?”

“Look, “ he said crossly, “I’m not too interested in what your boyfriend finds sexy. Just let me go now. I’ve had enough.”

She seemed surprised. “Have you? Really?” She stared at him, her eyes focussing on his hard cock.

“I suppose you must be getting a little frustrated,” she said thoughtfully, and sat down on the bed reaching to take his cock in her hand. She encircled it with her fingers and squeezed gently, sending a tremor of pleasure through his body.

She looked at the expression on his face. “You’re such a nice person,” she went on, “And I suppose you do have quite a nice body. But really, I couldn’t have you as my boyfriend, now could I?”

As she spoke she squeezed his cock and started to pump him up and down gently. “Do you think, “ she continued, “My boyfriend would like this?”

The pumping action became faster and harder, and she was clearly putting all her strength into producing maximum speed and grip.

“Aghhhh.” Whether it was a groan of pleasure or pain, he wasn’t sure. He didn’t mean to make the sound, and within another second he would have had one of the most intense orgasms he had ever experienced.

She stopped. She let go of him right at that second of maximum pleasure, apparently with no idea of what she had done.

“You know,” she said, “I think that’s just what he would enjoy.”

“Please,” he gasped, “Please don’t stop.”

“What? Why?”

“Because…..I…I was enjoying that.”

“Oh.” The thought apparently confused her. “But we’re seeing what my boyfriend would enjoy, aren’t we? And what I would enjoy doing to him. And we’ve done that one.”

“Now,” she was determined to move on, “Do you think he’ll find the feel of my nightdress exciting?”

She slid one leg over him and then knelt upright, pulling the nightdress up and letting it fall around him. She sat back onto his stomach and slid downwards. He felt the soft yet firm flesh of her ass seeming to grab at his hard cock, then push it uncomfortably down level with his stretched legs. He groaned.

“Look,” she said, apparently oblivious to the throbbing, twitching cock pressing on her ass. “Look how wonderful this material feels.”

She pulled the loose fabric forward and spread it on his chest. She ran the palms of her hands over it, pressing it onto him and gently kneading it against his skin. With one finger of each hand she rubbed the silky material against his nipples, making little circles with her fingers faster and faster, watching closely as he reacted and his nipples stood up making little bumps in the material.

Then she moved her hands to her own nipples, looking down at herself and pulling the material tight to see the protruding bumps created by the attention of her own fingers.

“I think,” she said, “My boyfriend would like to be covered in material like this, and to feel my body underneath it.”

She slid herself upwards onto his chest, and raised the nightdress. She threw it over his head, exposing her naked body to him underneath. She was no skinny, trim, catwalk model. Although not fat she was large, with wide hips, a well-padded ass, full and pendulous breasts nearly the size of his head.

His eyes were drawn to those breasts first, then down her body to the hairy mound that pressed onto his chest.

“He loves to lick me, my boyfriend does.” She raised herself from his chest and presented herself to his mouth. Cautiously, he pushed his tongue into her, hearing her gasp as he touched her. For several minutes she let him lick her, rocking gently with small moans of pleasure. Then she moved, adjusting her position to get his attentions to exactly the place she wanted. She pressed down onto him.

suck,” she whispered.

He found the spot, and sucked at her as her small moans became louder and longer until she exploded into a screaming, shuddering climax. Her juices flooded into his mouth and over his face. Her muscles tensed and contracted, her thighs gripping his head and his mouth and nose disappearing into her flesh as she seemed to suck him into her and cover him with her convulsing body. For several seconds he strained desperately at the cords holding him to tightly to the bed, frantic for release to be able to breathe and escape from the wet, clinging flesh that enveloped him.

She relaxed and lifted herself. For a split second he felt a pang of regret as she moved from him; an urge to have her on him for longer; an intense desire for her body to once again smother and suffocate him. He breathed deeply at the cool, clean air.

She recovered quickly and gazed at him. “very good,” she said, “Very good indeed.”

“Oh, better than your boyfriend then,” he tried to sound sarcastic.

She was thoughtful, and didn’t speak for several minutes. When she did, it was in a small, quiet voice.

“Yes,” she murmured, “Better. Much, much better.”

Then she recovered herself and in a much louder voice, “But I haven’t tied him to the bed yet, have I?

“And next,” she went on as though nothing particular had happened, “I take him to his climax.”

She hoisted up her nightdress once more and quite roughly plunged herself onto his cock. He felt her wet, warm flesh engulf his stiff cock, and for all her size there was a tightness inside her that instantly gripped and pulled at him. She started a slow up and down movement, but after all the other sensations he had experienced in the last half hour, this was too much for him. Instantly he erupted, with an intensity and speed that both surprised him and sent him into squirming, straining, groaning ecstasy.

She sat still on him, squeezing as he squirmed. Slowly and deliberately she brought both hands down to him, gripping and squeezing him with her strong fingers as she lifted herself from him, as if to drain every last drop from him and into her.

She knelt on the bed next to him. To his surprise, she slapped him hard round the face.

“What was that for?” he asked, startled and pained.

“For doing it so quickly. That was bad.”

“Anyway,” she went on, untying the cords and releasing him, “Thank you for your help. That’ll be useful for when my boyfriend arrives next week.”

He really didn’t know what to say. He was just reaching for his clothes when she turned round and unexpectedly gripped his now-flaccid cock in one hand.

“Just one more thing,” she said.


“I have……” she said, speaking slowly and seeming to choose her words carefully, “Another boyfriend.”

He felt her fingernails on him now. Three fingers and her thumb encircled his cock and the nails of each dug into him.

“My other boyfriend…..” she went on, and her fourth finger was playing over the very end of his cock, “Keeps telling me…….”

He felt the nail of the fourth finger tickling, scratching, beginning to hurt him.

“…..about the close link between pain and pleasure. He tells me how much sex can be enhanced and orgasms can be so much more intense if combined with pain.”

All her fingers were scratching and squeezing now, the discomfort was almost unbearable yet he felt himself start to stiffen again.

“So,” she continued, now pumping his cock up and down with just her fingernails, not touching him with the fleshy parts of her finger or hand, and running a fingernail painfully over the end for a second or two every few strokes. “So I thought perhaps you could help me with that. You know – just to see what sort of pain worked the best, and to test out some proper smothering and suffocation. All that sort of thing.”

He hardly knew what he was saying as she continued to play with his cock so painfully yet so sensually. He was nearing another orgasm.

“Yes,” was all he could manage to say.

“Good,” she gave him a final dig of the fingernails then closed her hand round his cock again and started to pump it with all the strength and speed she could manage.



At that second he might possibly have agreed to anything. A deep orgasm took hold of him and his knees buckled.

She let go, and stood back.

“Oh look,” she said. “All over my nice nightdress. That’s so naughty of you.”

She looked at him for a moment, trembling on his knees with scarcely the strength to find his clothes and put them on.

“I think,” she said decisively, “I’ll start tomorrow night with a punishment for you. That should be a good experiment, and you obviously deserve it.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow. You can drive me home from work again.”

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