Chrissy like hot sex

Chrissy watched them playing for a while. They were all rough and tumble sort of guys. They glanced her way and checked her out more than once; she made sure each time to show a little leg and cleavage. As the taller one sunk the last ball, they put down their sticks. That was what she was waiting for.

She walked up slowly, making sure they had time to see her coming. She liked the way they leered at her openly, doing nothing to disguise their want. They looked her up and down, blatantly staring at her big tits and creamy thighs. She smiled and placed her cue stick case on the table.

“Wanna play with me?” She asked innocently, letting them take the full double meaning into their thoughts. They both smiled.

“But we don’t play for fun . . . what are you willing to bet?” The taller one asked.


“What would you want me to bet?” Chrissy asked him, flashing a smile and leaning forward. “And what would you be willing to bet in return?” She licked her lips seductively.

The shorter man held out his hand. “I’m Doug, this is Tom.”

Chrissy took his hand and shook it. “I’m Chrissy, nice to meet you Doug.” Turning to the other, “Tom.”

“Nice to meet you Chrissy.” Doug said and grinned at her, holding her hand for a second longer before releasing it. “You like pool, huh?”

“I dunno. . .I never played.” She giggled. ” I bought the stick because it looked nice.”

The two guys looked at each other and grinned.

“So. . .what are we betting?” She asked.

“Clothing. Every game you lose, you got to strip down one piece of clothing.” Tom said.

“I dunno about that. . .won’t we get in trouble?” She looked around. True, the place was empty; she had planned it to be.

“Naw. . .my cousin owns the joint. We’ll be fine.” Tom assured her.

“Hmmm…well. . .ok.” She smiled and looked innocent. “I’ll trust you guys.”

Tom racked the balls and they allowed her to break. She didn’t get a single ball in the holes, but she did manage to give them a good ass shot as she bent over and then accidentally let one tit show as she stood back up. She watched with satisfaction as both of them squirmed a little in their tight jeans as their cocks got hard.

Tom went first and cleaned the table without missing a shot. Chrissy pouted and stomped her foot a little before grinning. “Time to pay up.” Tom said and grinned.


Chrissy pouted again and then asked, “This skirt is really tight and hard to get on, can I just pull it up?”

They looked at each other and shrugged. “Sure.”

She smiled and pulled up the skirt, revealing the yellow silk and lace panties she was wearing, knowing they could see the darkened area over her pussy that was nice and wet. “Another game?” She asked.

Tom racked the balls and again they allowed her to break. Once again she didn’t sink a single ball. She could feel them staring at her panty covered ass as she shot. She spread her legs and gave them a good view of her wetness as well. Standing up, she played with her stick and shrugged.

“Ooops.” She smiled.

Doug went next and he cleared the table without missing a shot. They both turned and looked at her expectantly. Chrissy gave a pouty look and pulled her top down, letting her big tits spill out. “That OK?” She asked. They both nodded and stared at her tits, smiling and licking their lips.

“It’s weird that I can’t get a ball in. . .I’m usually very good with poles and balls.” She said and grinned. She racked the balls herself this time, making sure they have a great view of her hanging tits. “Ready for more?” She asked.

Tom nodded and walked up to the table to shoot. Chrissy smiled playfully and sat on the edge in his way. “I dunno. . .seems like I am losing everything here.” She said and twittled her stiff nipple between her fingers. “Maybe we should switch the game.”

Tom raised an eyebrow in question. “What do you have in mind?” He asked. Chrissy didn’t answer, she raised up a leg so her heel was on the table and she was spread wide. She smiled at him and took his pool cue and dropped it aside.

“I dunno. . .got any ideas?” She smiled.

They sure did. The two of them moved up on either side of her and their hands were all over her immediately, grabbing and playing with her big tits. She leaned back and let them run their hungry hands all over her body. As Doug began to suck on her nipples, Tom moved down between her legs and grabbed her silk panties and pulled.



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