Desert Stop

Author: talon

The driving holiday around the Southwest had been a welcome break from the break-neck pace of the city and as dusk approached, we pulled into the small gas station/diner. I felt more relaxed than I had in a long time and would be sorry to return to the pace of the big city.

‘Fill ‘er up’ I said to the young black attendant in the scruffy, stained overalls. ‘Fancy a bite to eat?’

My wife, Jean, nodded and I asked the attendant if he would pull the car into a parking space.

‘Be glad to, Sir’ he replied.

We walked across the dusty lot and I noticed the attendant’s eyes follow Jean. I must admit she looked good for a woman of 58. She only wore a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and her curves were highly visible. I thought to myself he would probably like to fuck this lovely, mature white woman and I fantasized briefly about Jean sucking and fucking his black dick.

The diner wasn’t much, what one would expect in this out-of-the-way place and we slid into a booth. A plump black woman with huge breasts took our order and disappeared behind the counter. I glanced around the room and noticed that all of the other customers scattered about the tables were black men of varying ages and body shapes.

A guy in a dirty white apron appeared from behind the counter, I took him to be the cook. He walked purposefully towards the door and locked it. A large, tall man then stood in front of it. As the cook strode towards our table I thought, ‘What the hell is going on?’

I found out soon enough as the cook pulled a gun from beneath his apron and put it to my head. Jean screamed and the cook snapped, ‘Be quiet lady and nobody will get hurt.’

The other customers were on their feet and looking on with interest and the waitress and attendant were in the audience also. The cook motioned me from my seat and I was ordered to sit on a chair in the middle of the room where my hands and feet were tied. One of the men brought Jean over to stand beside me and the cook says, ‘Now this place is way off the beaten track and there aint nobody comes this way after dark so there aint no use putting up a fuss. What’s gonna happen is gonna happen!’

The cook turns to Jean and says, ‘Now missy, before we get to the main event you’re gonna put on a little show for us.’

The waitress comes forward from the crowd, pulls my shorts and underwear down and begins to masturbate me. ‘Not bad for a white guy’ she says with a laugh as my cock begins to respond just a little to her hand, ‘But your wife here will need to make it harder.’

With that Jean is pushed onto her knees in front of me and the cook tells her that my life depends on her sucking me to ejaculation.

I feel the lips that have caressed my cock so many times again and I close my eyes and try to concentrate on anything but the situation we are in. I focus on the first time we swung with another couple who have become firm friends and remember how Jean was surprised by Don’s huge endowment and how she loved to wank him to full erection before cramming his dick into her mouth. That first time Jean was lying on the kitchen table, Don was rubbing his cock over her pussy. I wanted to see that big cock enter my wife for the first time so I leaned over and opened her pussy lips while Don continued to rub his dick from her ass the her clit. Jean’s pussy was wetter than I had ever seen it and I told Don to give it to her. He guided his erection between my wife’s parted pussy lips and sank it to his balls. As he fucked Jean I fondled her tits and clit and Don’s wife, Carol, sucked on my cock. When he splashed his load over Jean’s belly Carol got on the table and I fucked her while Jean continued to fondle and suck on Don.

Jean was sucking me if our lives depended on it…..because it did! My cock was hard and I opened my eyes to look at Jean and saw quite a sight behind her. The other patrons were removing their clothes, several men were jerking their hard cocks and the waitress was wanking two others as they fondled her gigantic tits. The cook was just to my right and I could see him stroking a very long, thick cock as his eyes were fixed on Jean. I closed my eyes and thought of Jean, Don and Carol again and soon felt that tingle at the base of my cock. Jean knew and took my cock from her mouth and jerked me until my cum spurted into the air. The crowd let out sounds of satisfaction and as I opened my eyes I saw that they were all naked and looking intently at my wife.

A small round table was cleared and someone grabbed Jean and pulled her to her feet. Several black hands were now mauling her ass and tits, her hands were forced to masturbate cocks. The naked waitress came over and ripped Jean’s t-shirt off exposing her tanned breasts, immediately they were fondled and the nipples squeezed. The waitress then removed my wife’s shorts and ripped off her panties….Jean was now naked. She was put onto her back on the table and the waitress began eating my wife’s pussy as one of the men fucked the waitress from behind. Three men were sticking their cocks into Jean’s face and mouth while she jerked two others. The man tired of fucking the waitress and moved her out of the way saying, ‘Let me get some of this white pussy’ and plunged his prick into Jean. He came quickly and as soon as he pulled out a large fat man positioned himself between Jean’s legs and began fucking her with deep, forceful strokes. His massive belly hung over his dick but he sure could fuck and I knew Jean’s slit was receiving a real workout. Cocks were still in her mouth and hands and a large stream of sperm shot over her tits as she masturbated one guy to completion, he then jockeyed for position at Jean’s mouth. The fat man came inside my wife and another shot cum on her neck and chin.

As another man slid his dick into Jean my view was suddenly blocked, the waitress straddled my lap, her enormous tits were pushed into my face and I was told by the cook to suck on her large brown nipples while she rubbed her wet pussy over my limp cock. It had been an unfulfilled desire of mine to fuck a black woman and the feeling of that black cunt on my dick was beginning to have an effect. As my cock began to harden the waitress wasted no time slipping it in. She began to bounce up and down and soon my cock was rock hard. I came surprisingly quickly and felt my sperm run from her pussy onto my cock and balls.

As the waitress moved off my lap I saw that Jean was now face down across the table and the gas attendant was smacking her ass, his erection twitching as he did so. He turned to look at me and said, ‘Fill ‘er up sir?, fill ‘er up sir?, I’ll fuckin’ fill ‘er up’ and he steered his dick into Jean from behind. As he screwed my wife he continued to spank her behind and mumble, ‘Fill ‘er up?’ over and over. He came violently, spilling cum on Jean’s ass and back.

As far as I could tell my wife had fucked or masturbated all the men in the diner with the exception of the cook who had continued to slowly stroke his massive shaft the entire time. He was obviously the leader of this group and all eyes were now focused on him and the place was suddenly quiet.

Jean lay sprawled across the table, I could see sweat and sperm on her body and her pussy was wet and gaping from the pounding she had taken. The cook walked over to Jean and motioned to the waitress to come to him. He looked down at his dick and she knew what to do.

The cook’s dick seemed to grow even longer and thicker with the attention of the waitress and I wondered if Jean would be able to accommodate it for I knew she would be feeling it very shortly. He moved away from the waitress to my wife’s head and forced himself into her mouth while the black woman fingered Jean’s cunt.

I thought I must be mistaken but Jean seemed to be sucking and licking this giant black cock with growing enthusiasm and then she moved a hand to his balls and began to caress them.

‘That’s it, work that big black dick you slut, you like all these black dicks don’t you?’ said the cook.

The waitress was finger fucking her vigorously and inserted a digit into her ass; Jean was letting out little squeals of what I could only take to be sexual enjoyment.

‘What a woman’ I thought, is she actually enjoying this?’

‘This bitch is cumming and cumming, she’s ready for you’ commented the waitress excitedly.

The cook moved between Jean’s legs and the waitress grabbed his shaft and began teasing my wife’s pussy.

‘Bring him over, let him get a good, up close look at his whore getting fucked by prime, grade A, black meat.’

Two men picked up the chair and positioned me under the table about a foot from Jean’s pussy. I could see how wet she was as the waitress kept rubbing the cook’s hard-on over her pussy lips and clit.

‘Oh, fuck me, please fuck me’ Jean whimpered.

The cook now took hold of his cock and put three inches into Jean, he withdrew slowly and repeated this several times increasing the depth a little each time. Jean would catch her breath in anticipation of the next thrust until she had taken at least ten inches of the cook’s dick and there was still about four inches to go. I watched as his shaft glistened with Jean’s wetness and saw her pussy stretch to accommodate him. He withdrew and then plunged into her right up to his heavy balls, Jean screamed in delight and the cook fucked her rapidly, only pulling out a couple of inches leaving Jean stuffed with cock. My ringside seat allowed me a detailed view of the action, pussy juice dripped onto my face as my lady panted ‘Yes, yes, oooh yes.’

The crowd encouraged the cook and he fucked my wife faster and faster until he deposited a huge load in her pussy. He moved aside and the waitress began to lick him clean as I was lifted so my face was on Jean’s pussy. I could taste pussy juices and sperm as she gyrated over my face, obviously wanting more cock.

Suddenly the chair was upright and the cook was moving towards me with gun in hand. He put it to my left temple and click…….country music?….Garth Brooks?….Garth Brooks? The guy on the radio said it was 7:15a.m.

I blinked as my heart returned to something near normal and looked around the motel room. My cock was super hard and as I rolled over it slid between Jean’s ass cheeks, her pussy was hot and very wet. ‘Morning Mr. Horny’ she whispered.

‘Well that makes you Mrs. Horny’ I replied as my cock rubbed against her lips.

‘I woke up like that,’ she said ‘I had a very horny dream about that diner we ate in a couple of days ago and all those black men, I’ll tell you all about it after you fuck me.

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