Talking With My Mouth Full

Author: Anne Tyson

You’re watching a program on public TV,

And you’re as intrigued as a fellow can be!

They’re featuring keyboards of various types,

Especially organs that utilize pipes.

They’re showing an ancient Victorian model

That’s powered with air as you’re pumping the throttle.

Since you love a keyboard, can I get away with

A comment that you need an organ to play with?!

They way that I’m feeling, I’m willing to mention

Some organs I know of that need some attention!

One organ they show is 300 years old,

And I make a remark that’s surprisingly bold.

My comment, in fact, is decidedly dirty

“The age of the best ones is closer to 30!”

‘Cause I’ve had some organs the past 30 years…

The kind that we women bind up in brassieres!

I’ve guarded this pair since the time I was twelve.

This evening, My Dear, is a time you should delve…

good fortune comes to the man who observes

Every well-guarded inch of these beckoning curves.

I like what you say as I’m striking my pose…

“Now Baby, I need a few minutes with those!”

“Come pump on this organ”, I bravely suggest,

And I pucker my lips while I’m cupping a breast.

I’ll exploit your interest in keyboards and such

‘Cause I need to be screwed so incredibly much!

I hear in your voice that you’re planning to lay me…

You’re hinting at ways that you’re going to “play me”!

“This evening’s recital”, you’re coyly declaring,

“Begins with removing the clothes that you’re wearing.

You’re gonna be screwed, Dear, like never before”,

You say as my clothing is dropped to the floor.

History has shown that you’re one of those fellows

Who knows how to pump on my squeezable bellows.

And then, as you’re tweaking the tips with a thumb,

You witness how rigid both pebbles become.

I’m moving your hand that’s massaging a tit

To a point further down where it reaches my clit.

This will be one of our best sessions ever…

I’ll melt in your hands when you’re working that lever.

I love what you’re doing, I’m sure you can tell,

But you have an organ to pump on, as well…

I step up the game an additional notch

As I work the keyboard that springs from your crotch.

I get the response that I’m wanting to see,

And I’m hoping, My Dear, that you’ll use it on me!

You know that I’m quite the articulate type,

So I have to admit I’m impressed with your pipe.

I pause a few minutes to move my head south

As I swallow your pipe deeply into my mouth.

You wish I’d persist, but I solemnly pledge

I’ll be pulling away when you’re reaching the edge.

“Mmm” is the word as I clamp down and pull,

Though it’s boorish to talk when my mouth is so full!

I get a sensation of what’s gonna follow,

And I’m not the kind who’s intending to “swallow”.

We’re forging ahead in the same general manner

As 19 signs off with the Star Spangled Banner.

Because of the gift that you’re dying to share,

You’re right on the brink of bombs bursting in air.

Just as you’re left with no choice but to fire,

I fill my canal with your hardened desire.

I feel your release as I sink into place,

And the look of pure joy is all over your face!

Anne Tyson is the webmistress for, which showcases her various flavors of erotic poetry. Anne’s poetry is designed for a woman to read aloud during foreplay. She shares a rich cornucopia of erotic daydreams, often taking love games out of the bedroom to more adventurous backdrops. Anne’s work strives for naughty innuendo and a sensitivity toward character development with a twist of humor. She offers personalized books of poetry which one can use to spice up their love life.

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