Online Romance (Part 2)

Author: Cecilia

With a quick flick of his wrist her bra was undone, she felt the release and her breasts relaxed against her body. He slid the thin straps across her shoulders, down her arms and let the bra fall to the floor. He brought his hands to her hips again and pulled her close. She gasped lightly as she felt his throbbing cock push against her tummy. She wrapped her arms around him as he leaned down to kiss her again.

Their lips met again, and they let their tongues dance slowly, lightly sucking and nibbling on each other’s lips. Their hands wandered each other’s bodies, making sure to cover every inch, he brought his hands to her perky breasts and rolled her erect nipples between his big hands. She began to moan softly. The pleasure from his fingers was causing her to squirm. She broke off the kiss and smiled as she looked into his ice blue eyes. He could tell she was up to something, her deep green eyes filled with mischief. She began to kiss his cheek, slowly moving to his jaw line and around his neck. Her lips touching ever so softly, tickling the little hairs covering his skin, she continued down his neck and to his chest.

As she reached his chest, she let her tongue leave her little mouth and began to flick it against his skin like a serpent. She reached his left nipple and began to lightly bite, suck and flick her tongue, alternating until she felt the nipple hard and erect. Once she felt that his left nipple had received enough she slowly worked her way across his hairy chest, nibbling and licking her way to his right nipple, which was pierced. She wrapped her lips around the hoop and lightly brought her teeth down on the nipple, behind the hoop, pinning his nipple in her mouth she began to flick her tongue. The moan that came from his mouth was completely unexpected and sent shivers down her spine forcing her to quicken her tongue flicks and alternate between flicking, sucking and blowing lightly.

She slid her little hands up his outer thighs and to his hips as she began to lower herself, kissing, licking down his flat tummy until she felt the head of his cock touch the bottom on her chin. She looked up at him as she stood on her knees, her faces less than an inch from his throbbing cock, her hands still on his hips and her breasts pressed against his legs. She smiled sensuously as she slid her tongue out of her mouth again, resting it flat against the top of the swollen head. She could taste his pre-cum on her tongue and she began to rub her body against his legs, her nipples pressing hard against his skin. She rolled her tongue around his hard cock as he slipped his hands to the back of her head, his fingers threading through her thick black hair. She wrapped her full lips around his swollen cock head, his eyes rolled back into his head feeling the warmth and wetness from her mouth begin to surround him.

She continued to push her head forward, letting his cock fill her hot mouth, and felt the head touch the back of her throat causing her to jerk slightly. She was moaning lightly as she began to bob her head very slowly, squeezing her lips around the shaft as it passed in and out of her wanton mouth. Her hands left his hips, letting one wrap around the base of his cock, lightly stroking with her head bobs, and her other hand took his balls gently, massaging them. Her strokes became faster as she felt his cock swell in her mouth, her lips squeezing tightly around the shaft, his hands pressing against the back of her head as he began to rock his hips back and forth, fucking her hot mouth.         

Her sucking sounds filled the room as she quickened her pace again, ramming the head of his cock against the back of her throat, she could taste his ooze, covering her tongue. She rolled her tongue, caressing the shaft as it past through her mouth, her lips squeezing tightly and her hands gently working the base of his cock and his balls. She felt his body begin to shudder and his balls tighten, she squeezed the base of his cock and pulled her mouth off. She then stood up and he was completely in shock as she pulled him on top of her. She wrapped her long legs around his waist and pulled him closer to her. His cock slid easily into her warm wet hairy pussy.

He had been so close to cumming he was scared he’d cum too soon, so his strokes were slow and long. She moaned as his cock filled her tight pussy, squeezed her muscles tightly around his thick shaft, her nails tracing circles around his back. Their strokes began to quicken, she started to grind her hips against his, feeling their hair mesh together, he leaned forward and began to kiss her deeply, his tongue entangled with hers and he tasted himself on her tongue. He felt his climax begin to build again and began to thrust harder into her soaked pussy.

She felt her orgasm begin to build deep within her, her hips grinding and rocking between his and the bed, each of his thrusts making her bounce on the bed until he rammed her with the next thrust. Her clit was so swollen, loving the stimulation of his hard thrusts; she knew it wouldn’t be long until she came. Her moans became louder and longer, he fed off of them, forcing his cock deeper into her with each moan, he felt the familiar warmth travel up his shaft as he came. His cock exploded into her tight pussy, coating her inner walls with his thick cum. She felt his cock spasm inside her hairy pussy, her body tensed and she arched her back as her climax peeked.

She shuddered underneath him as she moaned his name loud enough people in the next room surely heard. Their thrusts began to slow, he rolled over to her side, both their chests were heaving, and they were gasping for breath. He smiled into her eyes as he kissed her again, his fingers stroking her hair softly. They lay there on the bed, holding each other tightly and after a few minutes, drifted off to sleep.

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