Would You

Author: David Williams

“Shhhhhhhh,” His breath tickling her ear. “Shhhh, now. Stay still.”

She was still. His body seemed to almost mold to hers, his naked form, hard cock, muscles, arms, legs, so close they seemed to be part of her as he stood behind her, his arms around her, one hand resting just inches above her shaved pussy, the other hand resting on her neck.

“Shhhhh, now. . .” She felt his lips kissing her neck and shivered. “Shhhh, it’s almost time.” His voice had a calming effect on her. It could slide into her soul and she would become so at ease, so relaxed.

“I have a question for you.” He kissed her neck again and nibbled her. She grinned as another shiver tickled up her spine. “Ready?”

She nodded.

“I know you are mine. I know you would do almost anything for me, wouldn’t you?”

She nodded again.

“Mmmm, such a good girl.” He kissed her shoulder. “But I wonder. . . ” His voice trailed off, and she sought him out in the silence. Her eyes were firmly covered, but she looked for him with her hearing and soul.

“I wonder.” He was teasing her, making her wait. . .squirm for it.

“I wonder just how far would you go for me?” She opened her mouth to reply, but his fingers upon her lips quieted her response.

“I mean. . .really. . . I know you’d do a lot . . . but . . . like. . .would you cry for me?”

She nodded.

“Would you suffer for me?”

She nodded.

“Would you die for me?”

She stopped. She hadn’t expected that. She stood silent, not knowing what to say. He waited, she waited. She heard his breathing. Then she heard him chuckle.

“Hmmmm, that one stumped you, huh?”

She nodded again.

“Hmmm, then let’s just see if you would.” His hand closed around her throat; she felt a rush of fear, panic, but she didn’t fight back. She tried to let go of the natural impulses to struggle for life, and let herself trust him. As his hand began to slowly tighten, his other hand began to work its way slowly down until the fingers were sliding across her wet pussy lips.

Her body tensed in fear, but also in arousal. As the hand around her throat began to slide up, the fingers on her lips parted her and began to play in her wet pussy. They slid around and tickled all over, exploring her, teasing her.

“Baby. . .I want to know. . .” His hand slid over her chin, the fingers on her lips. “I need to know. . .” His fingers found her clit and began to rub it gently. “I need to know, baby. . . ” Two fingers slid into her pussy and the palm rubbed across her clit. The palm of his other hand brushed her lips. “Would you die for my sins?”

His hand clamped over her mouth and nose. In an instant she could not breathe, she fought and squirmed, but she was held fast. His fingers began to play with her mercilessly; she wanted to scream but couldn’t – she had no breath to scream with.

He released her mouth just as she began to feel dizzy, allowing her to gulp in air and begin to whimper. Just as she took a deep long breath to say something, his hand was back, and she was mute again. His fingers fucked her fast and furiously. . .the palm slapping against her aching clit. Each thrust made her body jerk and spasm now, but he held her still, holding her tight against his nude form. His hard cock pressing against her ass cheeks, throbbing in excitement.

“Will you?” He asked as his teeth bit her shoulder. She tried to cry out but couldn’t, the effort only made him laugh. “Will you?” He bit her again, and the hand fucking her slapped her pussy hard.

She was spinning, growing dizzy, losing focus. Then his hand released and she gulped air again, but before she got a full lung of air, his hand was back, muffling her cries of protest.

“Will you?”

Her pussy was burning, about to explode. His fingers threw her way past “overstimulated.” She couldn’t think. He controlled her body in every way, even how she breathed. She wanted to cry, but couldn’t remember how. It was all so intense, so overwhelming. Another gulp of ice cold air. . .it stung her lungs. . .it seemed too cold to breath now.

“Will. . .”

His fingers played with her to the point that she felt she had to pee everywhere. She was sure she was going to lose control any second now.

“You. . .”

He wouldn’t let up. . .wouldn’t even slow down. His fingers deep in her, hand slapping her sore clit, her own juices dripping down her legs, the sounds. . .so wet. . .so very wet.

“Die. . .”

His teeth into her flesh. She screamed out and used the last of her air, but this time, the hand did not give her more. It did not allow her the precious gulp of air she needed.

“For me?”

She exploded. Her pussy was burning up as her body caught fire too. Her whole body seemed to be flowing out of her onto the floor. She cried out and gulped air, and found his hand was loose enough to allow her a small breath and scream.

She was cumming and couldn’t stop. She just kept jerking against his hold, her body acting without her thought. It pulled and twisted as his fingers kept playing with her way past the point of cumming. He kept fucking her and making it more and more intense. He wasn’t letting her go, he wasn’t letting her drop.

“Will you?”

She was screaming and gasping and trying to curl into a ball, but he held her up. She was shaking like a leaf, her body was like fire, any touch sent spasms through her like lightning.

“Will you?” He shouted. The words penetrated her brain and she finally understood. She knew what he wanted.

“Yes!” She screamed. She would. She would die for him. “Yes, Sir!” Tears streaming down her face. “Yes!!!!!!” She collapsed into his arms and was lowered to the ground, finally able to curl into his lap and lay still, her body still quivering.

“Yes, Sir.” She whispered.

Yes. She would.

She curled into his lap and was silent. There were no limits any more. There were no boundaries. Yes, she would..

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