I helped my brother get laid

Author: eileen_green2001

I could hear him moan as my tongue slowly circled his balls. I felt him quiver as my lips sucked each ball into my mouth. I could see the thin sheen of saliva as I pulled back, his had lightly pressing my face back. Then as I slid my tongue up the under side of his cock I heard a quiet gasp, this time it seemed to come from behind me. Of course he never heard that, his panting was loud enough to cover any noises he wasn’t making. I pressed his cock head to my lips, kissed it and slowly pushed down until I had my nose buried in his wiry hair. As I worked his cock in and out of my mouth, slowly speeding up I could feel his whole body tense up, and another gasp. I worked his cock hard knowing it wouldn’t take too long. I had been teasing him all night at the bar, he was close to cumming from the time we met. I pulled back and rubbed his throbbing cock head against my lips in firm circles. His hands tightened on my head and I knew his time to cum had some. With a firm push I had his cock deep in my throat as I felt his fist spasms. He came hard, harder then I expected. He filled my mouth with his sweet, salty, cum. His whole body tight and shaking. He moaned loudly squirting load after load of cum in my mouth, enough to make me drool some. I tried to swallow it all, but he has too much. As he quit quivering I pulled back and started to lick off the drops that had run down his smooth shaft. I licked his cock and balls clean, every drop but the few that ran down my chin were gone. Now that he was spent, he remembered that he had to be somewhere and quickly zipped so he could leave. I didn’t mind since all I wanted was to blow him and send him on his way, hell, he didn’t even remember my name at first. I stayed naked as I walked him to the door and gave him a quick kiss good bye.
Now to find out what the other noises were. I though we were going to be alone tonight. Parents were out of town again, and my brother Ken was supposed to be on a hot date. I walked back to his room. When I walked in I he tried unsuccessfully to hide the boner making the tent under his sheets. I sat on the edge of his bed and confronted him, told him I knew he was peeping on me and what’s-his-name. Again he couldn’t hide the blush. After questioning him for a few minutes I suddenly realized that Kenny, who claimed to be a big stud, was still the town virgin. He started to ask questions about the blow job, obviously he had never gotten past second base. I told him it was difficult to explain and pulled back the covers revealing his cock still swollen and ready to burst. Feebly he tried to grab me as I bent down to lick his cock. I guided his groping hands to my tits and quickly engulfed his cock in my mouth. He whispered no, but his hips started to thrust up to meet my eager lips. He was even quicker than my earlier friend. As he started to cum I pulled back and made him cum on my face. He came almost as much as my date and when I sat up his cum slowly ran down my chin and started to drip on my tits. Using his fingers I helped him smear the cum over my tits, with special care to cover my rock hard nipples. When his breathing slowed down and he was able to talk again I promised him I would help get him laid. I told him that I had several friends who liked him and asked if he wanted me to set him up with any of them. Fortunately he told me he had watched my friend Jenny running around our backyard topless many times, and jacked off to her from my room. Jenny was one of the ones who liked him and had confided that Ken was one of the guys on her list to fuck. Still dripping cum I left him to his fantasies and went to my room to take care of my own needs.
I set them up for the next night since pour parents weren’t due home until Monday. Jenny showed up in her tightest shorts, and I had a pitcher of Margaritas, extra strong, ready to go. After a couple drinks I suggested we kick back in the hot tub for a while. Stripping down to nothing I headed out and hit the bubbles. Jenny was right behind me with Ken not far behind. She hopped in opposite me. Ken seemed nervous and tried to get in on my side. With a not so subtle nudge I had him hip to hip with Jenny. Jenny is a lot bigger then me, up top. her D sized boobs were right at the water line, nipples floating with the bubbling water. The water was nice and hot and her nipples were still rock hard from anticipation. I could tell that Ken was going to need a bit of assistance so I reached over and put his arm around her shoulders, giving his hand a light push to her waiting boobs, She snuggled in tight to him as he started to get the idea. His fingers were slowly squeezing her boobs and starting to play with her nipples, giving them a little pinch now and then. With each pinch Jenny gave a little squeal of delight. I could tell that she was anxious to get to it, her arm was slowly moving as she was stroking his cock under the water. When everything started to look good I excused myself to get another round of drinks.
Just as the blender finished she came back in, clothes in hand. She had a disappointed look on her face and said it just wasn’t working, she wasn’t ready. Before I could say anything she was out the door and got dressed in her car. I went out and he was sitting in the tub, disappointed too. I poured us a couple more and asked what happened. He said he wasn’t sure. Just as he started to kiss he, she had to go. I sat by him and put my arm around him to comfort him. A minute later I noticed his hand on my thigh, slowly sliding up. I climbed up from the tub and took a seat on the edge by him. I let his hands slide up my thighs again, spreading them slightly so he could touch his first pussy. His touch was so gentle and hesitant that it sent shivers down my spine like I had never felt before. I shifted again so my legs were to either side of him and guided him around so he could see what he was doing. With my hands on his head I guided his face in to my shaved pussy. Even though he had never gone down on a girl he managed to put his lips in the right place and with slight coaching his tongue was licking all the right spots. he spread my pussy lips with his fingers and took my clit between his lips, flicking it with his tongue. He managed to bring me to the edge of cumming many times, then moved to try something else. I had to push his mouth back to my clit several times, in the end I had to tell him not to move and keep licking – Hard! It was my turn for an incredible orgasm. I held his head on my clit until he made me cum three times, each harder than the last. Finally I had to pull him away so I could get my breath.
I took him by the hand and led him to the towels we had thrown on the yard. I spread a couple towels out and made him lay down. Sitting on his belly I guided his hands to my tits. He remembered to pinch the nipples and my shivers returned. Slowly sliding down I lifted my hips up until his cock was brushing against my wet pussy. Looking into his anxious eyes I slowly lowered myself down until he was buried deep in my pussy. I rocked back and forth on his balls. Slowly I pulled up until his cock was just about to slip away, then slowly lowered myself down again. I worked him in and out of my pussy several times, enjoying every inch of his forbidden cock. Slowly I picked up speed, as his hips started to thrust up in time with me. We gradually picked up speed, both moaning with the intensity. Suddenly he grabbed me and wrapped his arms around me. He rolled us over so he was on top. His thrusting was fast and hard, driving into me as deep as he could with every thrust. I pulled my knees up and held them with my hands so he could drive me even deeper. I couldn’t believe it as he pushed me closer to another orgasm. As it hit me I locked my ankles behind his back, pulling him in deep as I came again. As my orgasm subsided I let him go and he pounded me harder than ever, his back arching and letting out a loud moan as he filled my pussy with his hot cum. After a few more jerky thrusts he stopped and fell on top of me, our arms wrapped tightly around each other. All he could mutter was “god, that was good.”
Just then Jenny, who had changed her mind said, “I guess he isn’t a virgin any more.” Naked she walked over and sat beside us, telling us she had never seen suck intensity in a porno. Too hyped up from such an intense fuck, neither of us had anything to say. We uncoupled and sat there as Jenny sat down in front of us. She reached out and started to play with Ken’s soft cock, our mixed cum squeezing between our fingers. Never taking her eyes off Ken hardening cock she said, “Eileen, think you could get us some more Margaritas?”

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