Long Distance Phone Fuck

Author: Wave

I’m a salesman who travels alot and my wife is always afraid I’m going to have an affair. She loves to have phone sex with me, as her way of keeping me from looking somewhere else for sex. Our latest phone sex was extra good and this is how it went:

I called her at about 10:00 pm after flying to a new city and getting checked into my hotel. I called her at home and she said “I thought you’d never call, I’ve been masturbating for 45 minutes.” I say “You have? Tell me about it.” She says that she was thinking about how nicely I had given her my big, fat cock the night before, and it got her all wet and horny. She said she especially liked the way that I pulled out and came all over her clit and then put my cock back in and made her cum.

She proceeded to tell me that she had her vibrator out and was using it to tickle her clit and fuck her pussy with. She said she was waiting for me to call so that I could help her finish it off. I certainly had no problem with that. Plus, now I too was thinking about how fantastic our sex was the night before. and how much I had enjoyed pulling my cock out at the last minute and bathing her clit with my hot cum. I could see in the full length mirror that was by the nightstand that my cock was bulging and aching to be brought out.

She said “take your pants off and get your cock out.” I said “I’m doing just that.” I pulled my pants down and stepped out of them. I then grabbed my cock, which was nice and hard as I began to stroke it. She said “is it hard?” I told her that it was very hard and she said “Mmmmm, I’d suck it so nice if you were here.” I knew she was right because she loves oral sex and will honestly suck my cock several times a day if I ask her to. She knows just how to work me into a frenzy, and then literally suck the cum right out of me and slurp it down. Of course, after blowing me, she is always horny and then I have to reciprocate, which I have no problem with. She has the sweetest tasting pussy and I could eat it for hours. She gets so into it when I lick her pussy that she moves her body all around and grinds her pussy right into my face. Usually, this gets me hard all over again and then I have to fuck her.

She said “listen” and moved the phone down near her pussy. I could hear the humming of the vibrator, which was obviously being slid in and out of her. I could hear her moaning as she fucked herself, and this made me stroke my cock fast and hard. Then she said “theres something in your coat pocket, get it.” I stuck my hand in there and found two things, a little sample pack of lube and an envelope. I opened the envelope and found pictures of the two of us that we had taken a few weeks ago with our camera. We had put the camera on our dresser, turned the timer on, and returned to fucking to get some good shots. This was the first I had seen the photos, because she had sent them somewhere special for processing.

In one picture, I could not believe how big my cock looked as I was getting ready to slide it into her. As I looked at each picture, she was talking to me, describing each picture, and reminding me of how much she enjoyed each thrust I had given her that night. She said “can you see the picture where you have pulled your cock almost out of me?” I said I could and she said “can you see that your cock is shiny with my pussy juice?” I said that I definitely could.

“Take that lube and drizzle it over your cock and balls” she said. I held the phone in the crook of my neck as I opened the lube and did just as she said. “Now grab your cock and stroke it hard” she said. “Oh, my God that feels so good,” I told her. She then said to hold the phone near my cock so she could hear me stroke myself with all that lube. I did so and was sure to give several strokes off the head of my cock, which made a noise that cannot mistaken for anything but jerking off. I enjoyed watching myself in the mirror, my cock was so hard, and masturbating with the lube made my hand slide so effortlessly over it.

She told me that she was laying in our bed with the phone laid up on the pillow so that she could hear me, and that she was fucking herself with the vibrator with one hand, while using the other hand to rub her clit. It was a nice picture to have in my head while I continued stroking my hard cock. For awhile, we did not say a word, but I could hear her moaning and louder and louder and I could tell she was about to cum. She finally did cum, letting out a growl and then a whimper. She finally said “I was pretending it was you fucking me, honey.” I had been pretending the same thing as I was stroking my cock and listening to her moan.

Then she told me to put the phone down on the nightstand and grab my cock firmly with one hand, and then stroke it with the other hand. She said that she knew this would make me cum and she was ready to listen. I did as she said and I stood right in front of the mirror as I grabbed my cock and then began stroking it. I made sure to moan so loudly so she could hear how much I was enjoying myself. It didn’t take many strokes and I was ready to cum. I continued to hold the base of my cock firmly and gave the head of my cock some short, firm strokes. I began to shoot a long, thick, creamy stream of cum all over the mirror. I stood there for a moment admiring my work, and then I remembered that she was on the phone, so I plopped down onto the bed and picked up the phone.

“That was nice honey, did it feel good?” I assured her that it did and she said “I’m glad. I’m going to go to sleep now.” “OK” I said “I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” “Yes, you will” she said.

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