Morning Wood

Author: Cecilia

Sara and her boyfriend had just woken up; his cock was still hard from the morning wood. She rolled over on top of him, pressed her lips against his, her tongue dancing slowly in his mouth.

Sara began to tug at his shorts, her nipples already hard, as she kissed her way down his body. His cock hard and yearning for her touch, sprang from his pants, as she pulled them past his thighs then she tossed his shorts to the side. She licked her pouty lips and she leaned forward, pressed her tongue flat against the head of his cock. She tasted the precum as her tongue slid across his slit and smacked her lips.

She felt herself grow wet as she wrapped her lips around the swollen head and pushed her head forward. She brought one of her hands to his balls and began to lightly massage them as her other hand gently grasped the base of his swollen cock. Her tongue slid back and forth in her little mouth, gliding along the hard shaft as it entered her mouth. She felt her nose press into his trimmed pubic hair and the head of his long cock touched the back of her throat. She pressed her nose deeper into his curly hair and began to turn her head. His cock rubbed against the sides of her tight throat as she turned her head from side to side, her tongue still caressing the shaft of his cock.

Squeezing her lips tightly, she began to pull her head back slowly, making sure every inch of his throbbing cock was touched by her tongue as it slid from her hot mouth. She pulled her head all the way back, until just the tip of his cock was in her mouth, and squeezed tightly, pulsating around the swollen head. As she began to slide his cock back into her throat, he stated to moan lightly, his cock throbbing against her tightened lips. The suction from her mouth was so intense and her tongue danced around his shaft. He reached up, grabbed a hand full of her hair, and began to guide her, making her fuck his cock with her mouth and throat. He made her bob her head around his cock, forcing her to take all eight inches into her throat. She moaned as he quickened the pace, her breasts bouncing against his inner thighs. Each time she was forced down his cock, her nose was buried into his thick hair and he pulled her head from side to side, loving the feeling of the side of her throat rubbing his cock.

He loosened his grip in her hair as she came up, and told her to lick his balls. His cock was quivering for release in her hand. She stroked his cock lightly as she kissed her way down the shaft, letting her tongue guide her to his full balls. She stuck her tongue out as far as it would go, and pulled upwards gently on his cock. His balls rolled gently under the pressure of her tongue, her nose pressed against the large nerve in the shaft of his cock. She began to nod her head slowly, pressing and releasing against the shaft of his cock and his balls. Sara’s moans filled the room as she sucked and licks his balls, pulling one then both into her hot mouth, letting her tongue roll gently over them.

She let them pop out of her wet mouth and began to kiss her way back up the shaft, dragging her tongue against the skin as she did. He pulled her up by the hair as her hand still worked his cock. He rolled her off of him, wanting to change positions. He stood up on his knees and pulled him between them. He leaned forward a bit, his hands resting against the headboard for leverage and she wrapped her lips around his still wet cock. Her hand gripped the base of his cock tightly and stroked against her mouth. He gripped the back of her head, helping her suck his cock. He began to pull her head back and forth, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. He could feel his climax begin to build but he didn’t want to cum so soon. He fought the feeling back as he held her head firmly in his hands.

She squeezed her lips tightly around his full cock, wanting to taste him so badly, and pushed forward on top his cock, forcing it deep within her throat again. His moans were loud as she surprised him with her forcefulness, his heart raced and his balls ached for release. He pulled her mouth off of his cock and looked down at her as he grabbed his own cock. He began a slow and steady stroke as he watched her squirm underneath him, her prefect breasts wiggling with her movements. Sara licked her lips as she watched his hand stroke the shaft of his cock and reached up, stretching her hands up to his tummy, lightly running her fingernails across his skin. She slowly sat up and brought her hand to his swollen balls. She bit her lower lip as she began to massage his balls while he continued to beat off on top of her.

She watched how his hand gripped his cock and how fluent his movement was, and moaned aloud as she thought how badly she wanted to taste his thick cum. She laid back down, her hands still massaging his balls and her mouth watering at the thought of him cumming on her. His strokes became faster and shorter the longer he worked his cock. Sara thought for sure he was going to explode soon, and then began to press against his hips with her hands, forcing him to lay back. She crawled up between his legs, his hand still pumping around his large cock. She leaned forward, letting her breasts rest against his thighs and began to suck his balls while he masturbated for her.

His moans became louder and more often. His breathing came in gasps. She felt the familiar tightness of his balls, then the jerky of his cock against her face as she rolled his sack in her mouth. As his climax began to subside and his cock calmed its jerking, she pushed up his body, her breasts rubbing against his thighs. She licked her lips; finally she was going to get to taste his creamy cum. She flicked her tongue from her mouth and gathered all his cum into her wanton little mouth, making sure to swallow and savor every last drop.

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