Mutual masturbation

Author: Scottydelight

Her name is Alyssa. She was skinny with a fair complextion. She had a small set of ass and tits maybe an a cup. We were in a hotel room with her mom at the time. She had to go and would be gone most of the night, leaving us alone. We flipped channels coming across the porn channel. We exchanged looks and began to talk. She casually put her feet against my crotch. She pressed and felt me with her feet. I asked if she felt my hardness and she nodded. I put my hand on her thigh rubbing it. I eventually grabbed her ass feeling up on it and squeezing. Everytime I did she thrusted her hips forward. I reached around to her pussy and she quickly pulled off her bottoms.
She laid facing away from Ime and one knee pulled up. I felt her mound and played with her slit. I parted them not touching what lay underneath. I teased her lips by neglecting the obvious. I felt each time she became slick and wet rubbing it everywhere. I began to circle her hole after avoiding it for at least an hour. I circled tighter and tighter around her hole. I pressed enough to just push her hole without sliding past into her pussy. I lightly fingered her pussy entrance making her real wet. I teased her hole awhile before sinking my finger in pressing the length in firmly. I kept shortening the time I spent between playing and entering her. A few hours of this had her soaking wet. The privacy allowed us to freely play. We dint have to worry about clothes, getting caught, smells, or sounds. I could her every move I made playing with her pussy. The squishing of me banging her was loud. It got louder the faster and wetter she got. She sat up and laid me back.
She pulled off my pants to find me fully erect dripping precum. I twitched with every touch, squirming with excitement. She said it was so hard the veins stood out more the she had ever seen. I put my arm around her and on her bare ass. I fondled her butt as she stroked my penis. I concentrated on relaxing and enjoying it. I was horny and gasped from the touch of her hands. She kept stroking and asked how close to cumming I was, repeatedly. I asked why and she said I kept dripping a clear fluid. I said it was precum and came from being very very horny. She said I must be horny cause it was a lot. It was the first time a partner mentioned it. I lasted hours before ejaculating. I began to breath faster and tense in anticipation of orgasm. She picked up on it and worked toward it. I began to gasp as my leg began to shiver. I started to buck my hips launching a shot of impressive heighth. After hours she said there we go as I started ejaculating. As if she finally got what she was after.
We laid naked with each other for a couple hours before redressing. It was a rare chance to go at it uninhibited. It was a great session.

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