My mom’s best friend

Author: Marcos

Hi, my name is Ana -Spanish- and I’m 20 now. I never imagined I’d have such liberal, generous behavior without prejudices; not narrow-mindedness, I had no fear or doubt, and began to behave like a real slut hungry for sex.

I’m still was astonished myself, stunned by my decission at conquering a man’s love in the future, yet uncertain about this unusual new relationship with mis mom’s boy friend. Definitely this relationship with my nephew had been unavoidable after I was so much necesitated of a man’s love.

That’s why I had gotten out of control so easily, at seeing his hard on in that morning. It didn’t matter if he was my mom’s boy friend, or if he was 24 years old elder, oh, how I wished to tell him my shaved pussy had been dripping liquid since that day, and I still kept it that it freshly shaved for him, just in case. If only I had the chance to flick my pussy for him!! I thought.

It all began as Raoul, 48 yo. had come to my house for vacationing, and would be our guest here. On one occasion, he had already settled up here at my home, I came out of the bathroom totally naked -accustomed to be alone at home I had forgotten about our new visit. Half way to the bathroom I suddenly run across my nephew who was on his way to the bath room to have a shower. I was completely naked, fallowing my mom’s fashion: walking nude all around the house.

We both stood here paralyzed, not knowing what to do. It only lasted an instant yet it seemed to me like hours, staring at each other’s bald pussy and shaved cock, then rushed to my bedroom wishing to be rammed hard by that cock.

We were now at the living room drinking coffee, and my nephew began to express regret. Apologizing, he said this had been an embarrassing mishap, according to him, especially if he had taken no notice of me in the house by myself, while ignoring I was a hot woman with the most beautiful shaved cooters you’ll ever seen. I have a smooth snatch, and I am a hot slut with a clean shaved smooth pussy who loves to play with big dildos. My shaved pussy was now a beautiful bald beaver in brilliant close-up as I looked at myself today in the mirror.

While chatting, he again apologized, and appeared to reffer to a particular point we had missed: he said he was sorry for his big hard on that day, but had not been able to control himself when seeing such a beautiful woman, well built body. This guy was complimenting me, he resumed:

“Don’t worry, I understand I can’t lay the blame on you. I didn’t behave myself.”

I began to imagine with my legs spread wide showing my shaved pink pussy fucked over the sink. As I decided to bring up this subject to a girlfriend I had met on the chat on the internet, her comment turned out be be too useful. I told her this had been a happy rendezvous of a bald pussy and shaved dick saluting the pussy on their way to the bath room. It was awesome how I looked like a hot coed shaving my cunt again in the bathtub to have it fresh as I always did on that day, I told my girl friend on the phone.

She inquired about my feelings, if it had turned me on indeed when seeing this gorgeous hard on. I said I was confused but still wishing to show my little hairless twat to compensate his full erection.


I continued to feed her with details and I confessed I couldn’t get to sleep thinking on my mom’s boyfriend, turned on by these fantasies I enjoyed so much. Besides, his enormous dick piercing through my eager cunt had turned me so much that I confessed I had no other choice than having to turn to masturbation using sticking a dildo deep inside my hairless hole.

My girlfriend suggested I should incite and provoke this guy, just to check how much he wanted to fuck indeed. I always wear a mini skirt and tight pants so I’d take advantage of this by showing off my well built body to him. We were having dinner one Friday evening and my nephew asked me this question:

“Ana, what did you feel the day you saw me naked?”

It immediately came to my mind that recommendations and guidance from my girl friend so I replied:

“You are wonderfully endowed, very much, to the utmost, specially having such big hard on that day. I must confess I’m proud to raise cocks these days, attracted by a mature man like you. On the other hand, your Smith looked so gratifying and rewarding.”

Well, this man began to really flatter me, saying never imagined I was so attractive, such beautiful body.

“You’ve turned me on too much, and I’ve made love to other girls having images of you; even masturbated.”

I said: “That’s ok but needless to say, this is bad, too complicated as long as you are my mom’s fiance.

Then I added: “We can’t try anything here.”

He said: “Yes, we can, unless you refused to. You know, I saw you bending down this morning, as you appeared to be looking for some stuff in the lower drawer, so I stood there staring at your behind, wondered by the sight of those beautiful legs, your ass and mouth. You’re driving me mad indeed.”

He said: “Oh, you’re a brunette babe Aunt Ana; I’ve had images of you spreading legs to reveal your cute hairless pink pussy.”

I asked: “How do you know I have my pink pussy clean?”

He replied: “Well I lovely busty too, babe, dressed in that nice sexy corset the other morning.”

I asked: “Would you dare to lick my twat only?”

He said: “Oh, Ana, alike your mother, you’re such a busty house wife, in that violet corset you’re wearing now! Just zip down to reveal your shaved snatch more and I’ll get to it right away!!”

I figured out he had seen me revealing my camel toe shaved twat, looking gorgeous in my pink bikini and string that day by the swimming pool.

By this time I was too turned on and, already seeing such a protuberance swelling and growing within his pants, my vagina had began getting wet; I said: “Better beat it.”

I turned around looking for the exit to leave the room but felt somebody had caught from behind, then hugging me in a fraternal way, an amorous hug. This move made me to think he was just trying to apologize and show regret, but I was damn wrong!! He had hugged me with strength to turn me around and making me face him.

Perplexed and confounded by the kiss, I didn’t know what to do. He grabbed my face with both hands and continued tongue kissing me. He kissed fiercely in my neck, touching my breasts. I was standing there like frozen, petrified. He had realized I was wearing a mini skirt, so took advantage of this, and touched my legs.

I must confess my legs can’t be touched or I’d go mad, wild, by such stroking on my thighs. This is my Achilles’ heel before I’d give up pussy. I felt my ass squeezed by his strong hands. I can’t tell the exact instant as I was pushed against a wall and my skirt lifted.

The old man had leaned his manhood against the vagina brushing it hard above the panty. I can’t recall how or when my hand was driven to his penis, already out of his fly, forcing my hand to grab the rod. I lacked self control to resist, so didn’t stop him. There was no way back and decided to return love, and I’d pay in excess: I opened my mouth to surrender while looking for balance by having a good grip on his hard pole about to explode.

He sat me on a table after lifting me by the waist and hauled me on this counter, raised my skirt, kissing my already hard tits out of the blouse. I felt his hand touching my wet snatch, the panty was slid down and… oh, God!!

He was liking my cunt on the table, oh, yessss, how wonderfully a cunt eaten by this man. He was so excellent at this!!

I leaned back and began to enjoy, taking off my blouse, panties. We were now both naked. After a while my cunt had become a feast fit for a King with my legs spread wide and he began to penetrate slowly. I asked him to fuck me wildly:

“Oh, yes, like that, like that, fuck me, please!!”

Suddenly I felt his manhood as one single stroke reached deep inside my vagina which had already adapted easily around the rod. It had found it way through my entrails. I let out a scream feeling a mix of pain and pleasure at the same time he charged again. Then I felt long strokes inside me; felt good!!

I felt it looser after several strokes, though I admit he must have felt it tight the first few strokes and it gradually had gotten looser.
I let out another scream feeling a mix of pain and pleasure at the same time the moment he charged again piercing painfully through the tight walls. I sighed a brief pause followed by his strange utterance:

“Oh, come on, are you enjoying this, uh, Ana?”

My speech came out faltering: “Ye, Ye, yess. Oh, fuck me with that twisted rod!!”

I was breathless and choking: “Yes, damn, I am!!”

He started to go in and out to my deepest end moving his pelvis in circles to grind my vagina muscle. Oh, how such a twisted penis would work out inside my vagina? I wondered. He sucked my hard nipples while I held his asscheeks to keep nailing myself deeper inside me. He lifted my legs with his arms and picked up the pace. Suddenly, my pelvis began to convulse, sinking my nails into his back.

First, I experienced a sensation of “suspension,” lasting on an instant, followed by a feeling of intense sensual awareness, oriented by my clitoris and radiating upward in my pelvis. In the second stage, I felt a sensation of warmth, beginning in my pelvis and spreading to my other parts of my body. Finally, there was this pelvis throbbing. I felt a mild twitching of my extremities, body rigidity; I laughed then began to cry. I felt as if losing consciousness.

My mom’s boy friend could notice my orgasm was nearing through my facial grimacing and uttering of groans and screams, so he accelerated and we cummed together. In the middle or this stir I moaned:

“Oh, I’m… I’m cumming, oh my god!!”

We embraced together and kissed lovely. I’d no longer need sticking a dildo deep inside my hairless hole. If you wish to see me, turne to Marcos’s pics at Forum “pics.”

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