The Basement Room

Author: Mr. J

Teri woke up in the morning naked and sweating, the heat already oppressive. Her husband had already left for work, and she got up and showered. Except for the sleeping, Teri liked the hot weather, because it allowed her to go around the house naked, and she liked being naked.

She was a natural born exhibitionist, and she fancied herself a slut. Before she got drunk and told her husband, Mac, she’d marry him two years ago, she had taken scores of men. Most people would have called her promiscuous, but she just called it having a good time. And she missed it. Teri loved sex, and she loved the feeling of a man’s hardness forcing it’s way into her, and she thought about it a lot. She had thought about cheating on Mac dozens of times, but she always chickened out. Men couldn’t keep their mouths shut, and she didn’t want to jeopardize her marriage just for a quick fuck. She knew, though, that if she could do it and know, positively, that she wouldn’t get caught, she’d probably do it.

She toweled off and immediately felt the heat again. All the windows in the apartment were open, but there wasn’t a breeze stirring. Turning on the air conditioning in the ancient building didn’t do much more than double the electric bill. She pranced into the kitchen naked for a cup of coffee and a piece of toast, and took them to the dining room table. The coffee was hot and she burnt her tongue and spilled a few drops on her bare breasts.

“Shit,” she yelled. She looked down at her breasts but no damage had been done. She hefted them in her hands and felt her nipples stiffen.

“Damn,” she thought, ” another dull day in horneyville.” Teri was 25, and a good looking woman. She stood 5’4″ and weighed 95 pounds soaking wet. Her breasts were a 36C and perky. Her hair was brown and cropped short- her ‘blowjob cut’ her husband called it- because he liked to see her face when she was giving him head. Her body was lithe and fit, and she was just one of those women that could live on cream puffs and not gain an ounce. She had dark, flashing, intelligent eyes that could look right through you.

She spread her thighs under the table and traced a finger up her shaved slit, still moist from the shower.

“I’d better stop now or I’ll be on the bed all morning with my dildo,” she thought-something she did quite frequently. She and Tom had a good sex life, and they screwed like rabbits three or four times a week, but Teri always longed for the excitement of a new cock penetrating her. She sighed, and took her coffee over to the window, looking out on the grounds of the apartment complex.

The place was an old L-shaped brownstone, built in the early 1900’s. It had eight floors, and the apartments were spacious. The place had been renovated many times, and during the last go-round, small decks with sliding glass doors were added to each apartment, giving the occupants a place to put a small barbecue and some plants, or whatever. Teri frequently sunbathed on her little deck, wearing just a wisp of a bikini.

In the crux of the ‘L’ was a fenced area with a swimming pool, and a grassy area with a swing set where kids could play. There was a cement stairway on the far building that descended down to a basement, and Teri went down there once. The stairs descended down to a long, dank corridor, lit only by an occasional bare bulb hanging from the ceiling.

Pipes ran down the length of the corridor and Teri had expected a rat to jump out at any minute. The corridor terminated in a big room, the boiler room, and the huge furnace supplied heat to all the apartments. There were old boxes and crates stacked around, and cobwebs hung from the corners. There was a rumor that a girl had been murdered down there years ago, and all the kids in the complex were forbidden to go down there, but Teri had seen teenaged couples go down there many times.

Behind the boiler was a door that opened into another room, and Teri had opened it out of curiosity. The room was dimly lit and smelled of mold and rot; the smell permeating her nostrils. The room was dominated by a brick chimney that rose along one wall, and there was an unkept bed in one corner. In the shadows she could see a dresser and some clothes hanging from a rope stretched across the room. Then it dawned on her- this was the living quarters of the maintenance man, Larry.

Larry was a big, hulking man of about thirty, with blonde hair and a baby face. He was a mute, and Teri also suspected that he was a little mentally challenged. Everybody loved him though, and he would do anything you asked him to do; and in a building as old as this one, there was always something that needed fixing.

Teri could see the black square of the opening to the stairwell as she stood naked in her window, drinking her morning coffee. She didn’t know if anybody could see her or not, and she really didn’t give a shit. She liked people seeing her body and she flaunted it every chance she got. Her poor husband had been close to fist-fights many times, because she’d flaunt her body and some guy would try to move in on her.

As she looked out the window, Larry came into view, a pair of grass clippers in his hand. He went to work on the edges of the grass along the pool. He took his shirt off as he worked in the oppressive heat.

“Wow,” Teri thought, “he’s really built.” And Larry was built-a muscular body kept fit by physical labor. Teri wondered why she had never noticed it before. She decided to have some fun. She put on a pair of cut-offs that were nothing more than pockets and a waist band. She wore no panties. She put on a blouse that she tied under her bra-less breasts, and she headed down to the pool. She walked right up to him, her crotch just inches from his face.

“Hi, Larry, sure is hot, huh?” she asked. He looked up at her and smiled, nodding his head in agreement. She fooled with the tie that held her blouse together.

“I know,” she said,” I get so hot I can’t stand it.” She lifted the blouse away from her body. holding it out in front of her, and she knew he could see her exposed breasts from his kneeling position. She turned and stuck her ass almost in his face, looking at the pool. Her buttocks were exposed, and just a thin layer of denim covered her crotch.

“I’d get in the pool, but I know a zillion kids will be down here any minute,” she said. She turned to look at him, and his eyes were riveted on her crotch. It was just inches from his face again.

“Do you smell that, Larry?” she whispered. “Smell that pussy? Smells good, huh? Bet you’d like having some of that, Larry,” she said, and she backed up a few feet. She pulled the crotch of her shorts aside and gave Larry a shot of her hairless slit, then let go. She laughed and ran back to her apartment. She stripped her clothes off in her apartment, and she was surprised at what a thrill exposing herself to the mute giant had given her. She was wet.

All the rest of that day she couldn’t get the picture out of her mind; showing the big, muscular man her cunt, while he silently stared at it. Later that same day she got a pair of water pump pliers out of the tool box in the closet, and loosened up the nut on the drain under the sink. She ran the water to make sure it leaked, and she called the office to ask that Larry come over and fix the leak. She cackled with delight and ran to her bedroom and put on a short bathrobe that tied around the middle. She might as well have been naked for all the coverage it afforded.

When he arrived, toolbox in hand, she stood next to him while he looked under the sink. He spotted the problem and reached around to get a wrench out of his toolbox. She straddled the toolbox, and he looked up to see her naked thighs and slit, totally on display. He grabbed his wrench and went back under the sink, but Teri could see that his cock was hard in his pants. She loved giving a man an erection, and now she straddled his back, her cunt touching his back as she looked under the sink.

“Oh, yeah, I see the leak now,” she said. She squatted next to him and bent over, the robe falling away and exposing her tits. Larry’s hands were shaking now as he re-tightened the nut on the drain, and she continued her blatant display. When he backed out from under the sink, she was surprised at the size of the bulge in his pants. He silently picked up his tools and left.
The next morning, she was again naked inside her apartment. When she saw Larry working by the pool again, she leaned out the window, her naked breasts exposed.

“Hi Larry,” she yelled. “Just wanted to tell you that the sink is working fine!” He stared at her and grinned, and she let him have a real good look before she pulled herself back in. Over the next few days she flaunted herself at him in every imaginable way. It bothered her that he never made a play for her, or even tried to touch her. She watched one afternoon as he made his way down the stairs to his basement room, shirt in hand. She looked at the clock-she had two hours before her husband came home. She slipped on a simple summer dress, and left the apartment.

She loved being naked under a flimsy dress-just the thought of a man being able to lift it up and find her naked and available turned her on.

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