Runaway. Now!

Author: Michael Shuler

I dropped two slices of bread into the toaster and pushed it down. Wiping my hand on my pants, I turned the bacon at the stove, then made a picture of Tang. I set it in the refrigerator and happened to look out the kitchen window. I saw a beautiful young woman walking up the sidewalk, staring at the Hampton house across the street. I stared for a moment, both because she was one hot babe, and because the Hamptons were away on vacation. The toast popped up and scared me half to death. I looked back out while I was buttering the toast. She was walking back down the sidewalk. Even as I watched she turned and neared the front of the Hampton house again. I gave the bacon a quick stir and headed for my front door. It was my unofficial job to watch their house while they were gone. They did the same for me. We were at the end of the street, and were the houses voted most likely to be robbed by the housing association. This girl was suspicious… and damned good looking. But thieves came in all shapes and sexes.

“Excuse me, can I help you?” I called from several yards away. She spun and looked at me with a guilty expression. She chewed on a finger as I drew closer. She looked like a deer about to run.

“I… I wanted to talk to them,” she pointed at the Hampton house and spit out the tip of her nail. I couldn’t help but notice that her hands were dirty. In fact the entire girl was dirty.

“Do you know George and Martha?” I asked, while giving her the once over. She was wearing a thin, low-cut, stretchy shirt with tiny straps. She was braless, so her phenomenal breasts showed through. My dick was getting hard. But the smell of cooking bacon reminded me that I had to get back inside.

“Y… Yes,” she said nervously.

“Well the people who live there are Hank and Pam. You’ve gotten the wrong house. You’d better move along, sweetheart, we have a neighborhood watch here.”

“Oh,” she looked disappointed.

“What do you really want?” I asked in a kinder voice.

“I’m really hungry,” she said solemnly.

“Come on over, I’m… burning breakfast right now,” I said, sprinting for the door. I didn’t bother to see if she was following. As it turned out, she was. And the bacon was cooked. We ate. Later she bathed and changed into some clothes that somebody had left behind, an old flame. I worked at Boeing and a lot of women had come home with me over the years. I didn’t know half of them.

Her name was Tammy Jean, or TJ for short. I told her I was Perry. We shook and sat looking at each other on the couch. She said it felt good to be clean and stuffed. I nodded. She suddenly moved closer and kissed me.

She broke the kiss and sat back, looking at me. I pulled her close and kissed her again. This time it lasted for about ten minutes. Eventually, I laid a hand on her knee to see how she would react. She didn’t, so I slid it up beneath her plaid skirt. She simply pulled me closer and kissed me harder. I had her sweater open in no time. I had to break the kiss and look at those perfect breasts.
I looked at her hesitantly, before I placed a hand on her hard little breast. It was perfectly shaped, very hard, and hot to the touch. I leaned close and rubbed my face against the soft skin. She had a little girl smell and a moist softness between her tits. She must have found a powder somewhere, possibly one of mine. She moaned and ran her fingers through my hair as I inhaled the scent of her skin. I fondled her left breast as I sat back and just took in their beauty.

My God, she was a hot little thing. And the hottest thing of all were those fucking tits. She had the biggest, sweetest, puffy nipples I have ever seen. She assured me she was over 18, but those tits certainly looked younger. Wow. Needless to say, I filled my mouth with one sweet little breast and sucked the hell out of it. She was squirming and withering all over the place. I liked a girl that moved. It made it easier to see if I was doing it right. She was certainly no cold fish. She was panting and pulling my mouth against her breast. I couldn’t seem to pull myself away. I switched from one breast to the other, then went back again. GOD SHE WAS SWEET. She also had a little girl smell about her that drove me frigging crazy. I had to have her.

“Let’s make love,” I whispered. She stood without a word and began stripping, slowly and provocatively. I ripped off my clothing as I watched, never taking my eyes off her sweet slender body. Absolutely perfect. How did I get so damned lucky?

After making a show of stripping for me, my cock was so hard I could have chiseled cement with it. She noticed how big and rigid it was. She sank before me and handled it a little bit. I was shaking with anticipation. She noticed and looked up with a heart-melting smile. It was hard to look completely innocent while handling a huge cock, but she managed it. I suddenly decided to fill my mouth with her innocent pussy. Too late. Her mouth went around my cock and I felt it sliding into the sweetest mouth I have ever seen.

Oh, that felt good. You can’t imagine how good it felt. My knees were shaking so bad, I had to sit down. I nearly fell on the bed behind me. She never took her mouth off my cock. It was sliding in and out. Her lips were red hot on my penis. I was about to blow my wad, and it had only been three or four minutes.

“You have to stop, I’m about to cum,” I warned her.

“Go ahead, I’ll get you hard again. It will be more fun that way.”

I closed my eyes and concentrated on enjoying the best blowjob of my life. I felt the fire building long before my cock exploded. I should have warned her that I was coming, but I wanted her to swallow it. Somehow that would make the whole thing absolutely perfect. I moaned a couple of times, stiffened, and shot my load in her sweet mouth. My God, she loved it. She sucked sporadically, half choked a couple of times, then sucked smoothly and drank my offering right down. I shivered and groaned until my cock stopped spurting cum, then I was about to push her away. But the little bitch knew what she was doing. She held her mouth still and waited. I felt a constant, steady pressure on my cock as she sucked without movement. She sure as hell knew what she was doing. In three minutes I was hard as a rock again and I wanted to taste her honey sweet little ass. I stood, grabbed her by the shoulders, and turned her to sit on the bed beside me.

With her legs wide open and hanging off the edge of the bed, I leaned down to my left and pressed my tongue into her open pussy. It was just as good as it looked. She was clean and tasty. I would never forget the first taste of that girl. Of course she had just stepped out of the shower, but it was more than that. I had eaten many women who had just stepped out of the shower. None were as delicious as this little thing.

I had her squirming all over the bed. She milked my cock with her hand, as I lashed the hell out of her clit. For a moment I was afraid she’d pull my pecker off, but she went back to milking. I hated to stop licking, but her hand was getting me horny again. I needed to sink that 7 inch cock between her legs. I knew she would be as hot and tight as she looked. She wasn’t a virgin, but she couldn’t have been busted for long.

TJ took my cock back into her mouth and got it rock hard again. I was tempted to just let her finish me that way, it felt so damned good. But no, she needed to be fucked as badly as I needed to fuck her. I knew she would be a good fuck. Anybody who looked so damned good had to be a good fuck.

“I need to fuck you now,” I gasped. She smiled, licked the end of my cock for a moment, then slid down so my cock was touching her cunt. I surged up off the bed while pushing her down on my fleshy rod. She squealed as my cock slid up inside her. I wanted to squeal too, but men don’t squeal. I had heard that before.

She rode slowly up and down on my stiff cock. I was in heaven. She was even better than I had imagined. And half the treat was seeing that delicious young girl fuck me. She was so beautiful, so damned innocent.

I was glad that she had blown me first, I knew that I could settle down to a long fuck-fest before I came again. She was sure as hell enjoying it. She had her eyes closed and head thrown back. She maintained a steady rhythm as she rose and fell like a merry-go-round pony. Her hand mashed her perfect breasts.

I pushed her hands off those breasts and mashed them myself. She looked down at me with a sexy, alluring glance. I almost came again, but I held off somehow. Before I knew it she was panting louder and louder. She increased her thrusts. The wet slap of her pelvis against mine was sexy. The smell of her sex was aromatic. She leaned well back and steadied herself with her hands on my legs. Thrusting violently she suddenly screamed and stiffened. She humped her pussy forward and back while she came. The violent movements were almost enough to make me cum again. She slowed and stopped.

I rolled her over on the bed, spread her legs and thrust my way back inside her. She was a little sensitive, but she could take my thrusts. I pounded away at her juicy pussy violently. I only had one thing in mind, bring on my own orgasm.

She lay looking up at me, jerking with my thrusts. In a matter of minutes her eyes clouded over and she began panting again. To my amazement she screamed and humped to meet my thrusts, in the throes of a second orgasm.

I forced myself to stop and wait until her pussy became less sensitive. Her gentle thrusts told me she was ready to start again.

“On your knees,” I whispered, rolling off of her. I could tell that my weight had been bothering her. She quickly rolled over on her knees, with her chin resting on her hands. I positioned myself behind her and pressed my cock into her steamy cunt. She moaned as I filled her little pussy to the breaking point. I knew my size would fill her more this way than any other. It seemed to take forever to push my entire cock inside her. I rested there for a moment, fully inserted, then began my slow attack on her upthrust pussy. She panted and whispered into the blankets. My thrusts were forcing her face into the blankets, but she didn’t seem to mind.

I slapped her pussy violently. My balls were swinging into her wet pussy. It felt good to me and her both. I knew it wouldn’t be long now. As the fire in my loins grew, I pounded her pussy harder. She was being battered into the blanket, but she didn’t complain. She simply waited. It didn’t take more than three minutes. The fire in my balls grew to in intolerable level and I exploded.

With a loud animal like whine, I pumped my cum into her body for the second time. She lay panting, simply waiting, until I finished and fell to the bed.

TJ told me that she ran away from home, and she told me about her sick, fucking father. Well TJ is living with me now, and he’s lost a daughter. His loss is my gain.

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