My wonderful Neighbor SHIKHA

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It was summer vacation. I was alone at home since everyone from my family had gone to pune. My mom requested our neighbor Shikha to give me food for those 15 days. Shikha was a very good lady; by nature as well as by looks. She came to live in the flat next to ours couple of months ago.

She was divorced. Her husband went to USA seven years back and got married to another lady there and gave divorce to Shikha. She had a son who was in 3rd standard. Her husband had given her enough money so that she would not have to work for making the living. In those two months she became very friendly with our family. I shared a very close friendship with her. So close that even the difference between our ages didn’t matter. I used to call her by name.

We both enjoyed each others’ company very well. She accepted my mom’s request immediately since her son went to his uncle’s house for spending the vacation and she was feeling very lonely without him.

Shikha was a lovely lady. Just 28 years of age. She had a great body to go with her fair complexion. She was neither too fat nor too thin. She had a nice medium sized pair of boobs. She had a great dress sense as well which made her look even more beautiful and much younger than she actually was. She turned many heads when she walked on the road. She was a very good person to talk with. I never got bored when I spent time with her. To sum it all up, she was a perfect lady for me. So I was very happy that I’ll be spending so much time with such a lovely lady.

I went to Travels office where there was pickup point of Private buses to see my parents off. When I came back, she saw me entering the building and opened her door to ask whether my parents went. Then she told me to come to her house. I told her that I’ll come after taking bath. Since my parents took an early morning train I had no time to take bath. So I bathed and went to Shikha’s house. She was ready with cups of coffee for both of us. She had made a great coffee. It was quite refreshing.

Then she went to kitchen to prepare lunch. I sat in the living room reading the newspaper. After I finished with reading I went into the kitchen to see if she needs any help. But no help was required. So I sat on the kitchen table and started talking with her. Our subject slowly changed to her past. She asked me whether I would like to see her marriage album. I said, “I would love to.” She went in the bedroom and brought the album. I started seeing the pictures one by one. She was looking very beautiful in that red saree. Her husband too was good enough to suit her. I said, “You looked beautiful that day in the red saree!”

“Why? I don’t look good now days?” She asked back.

“You look even better now. You were quite thin framed then. I wonder why your husband left you.” I said. But next moment I realized that it might hurt her. So I said, “I am sorry. I shouldn’t have remembered you of that.”

“Don’t be sorry. He must have been flattered by the beauty of firangs.” She said.
“He is such a fool. If I were in his shoes I would have left thousands of such firangs for you. How can he leave such a nice and beautiful wife? It takes a lot of luck to get a lady like you as your life partner.” I said.

“It’s hard luck for me that you were not in his shoes.” She smiled.

“When did he leave you?” I asked.

“Three years back. He provides me with a lot of money. But what’s the use when he has already left.” She answered.

“It must have been very difficult to spend life alone. I know Rohan (her son) is there. But one needs someone more than that to live.” I said.

“Why don’t you go for dating?” I added.

She looked at me with a smile and said, “Who will date me?”

“Why? You have all the attributes to become a perfect date for anyone.”

“So will you be my first date?” She asked.

“I am honored that you asked me for the date. I’ll love to be with you on a date” I said immediately.

She laughed.

“I am not joking. I am quite serious.” I added “But I’ll prefer my home as venue.” I
said, “Ok. That will be fine if you are comfortable.”

“When we shall go for date?” She asked.

“Why not today?” I questioned back.

“Ok. Get off the table now. Lunch is ready.” She said.

I helped her getting all the bowls on the table and we sat for the lunch. She definitely was a very good cook. I loved absolutely everything she prepared. We talked about a lot other things while having lunch.

After having the dessert after the lunch I told her that I have to do some washing and so I have to leave. She Okayed. “Don’t forget about our date. I’ll be there at 6 o’clock. Be ready!” I said while leaving.

“Ok!!” She said with a nice smile. Then I went to my home. I did all the washing and went to bedroom for a nap. All the while I had the thought of my first date on my mind. What should I wear? What should be the color of the shirt? Should I wear formals or casuals? What she would wear? And many such questions came to my mind.

Soon I went to sleep. But I didn’t forget to put the alarm on to get up at 5 o’clock. So as scheduled, I got up at 5 o’ clock, took bath one more time and got dressed up in my best formal wear. I went downstairs to the flower shop and bought a beautiful red rose for my date.

I looked at Shikha’s home from the road. The windows were closed. I went to her house and rang the doorbell. After some moments Shikha opened the door. I was stunned to see her. She was wearing which looked the best on her; A red saree with a sleeveless blouse! She had put light make up on. Her hairs were tied in a bun. She had few ornaments on as well. A necklace, small chandelier ear rings and bangles in each hand to go with it.

“Come in.” She said. I went in. The room was dimly lit with the ceiling lights. The closed windows were covered with nice curtains and to add to that, a beautiful room freshener. It was a perfect atmosphere for date. She closed the door. As soon as I turned towards her, she asked,

“How am I looking?” “Stunning to say the least!” I was surprised that I found the words. She blushed.

“A rose for a queen!” I offered the rose to her. She took it with a beautiful blushing smile on her face. She turned towards the music system and turned it on. It was playing beautiful love songs.

“May I have a pleasure to dance with you?” I asked and offered my hand. As soon as she took it I pulled her slowly closer and we started dancing. Both of us were quite good at dancing. We had a great time dancing together when we celebrated Rohan’s birthday a month back. But this was a different thing altogether.

She had her hands around my neck and I had mine around her waist. We have forgotten about the rest of the world. Whatever distance we had between us when we started dancing had already vanished. She was looking deep into my eyes with a smile on her face.

After some time, I don’t know what went through my mind. I pulled her closer into a hug and planted my lips on her lips. I think she too was very much into it. She just closed her eyes and responded beautifully. I had my hands running all over her back. With every passing moment our kiss went on to become more and more tight. Same was the case with our hug too. We continued for quite a long time. We came into my senses when the song stopped. We broke the kiss and I stepped back a bit.

“I am sorry! I shouldn’t have crossed my limits.” I said with my head down.

“Oh come on Rocky! What’s a date without a kiss? You haven’t crossed your limits yet.” She said stepping forward. In the meantime the CD changer had finished with its task and another CD of love songs have started playing. She put her arms around my neck with the intention of resuming the dance and said, “In fact, I wouldn’t have mind if you had crossed your limits!” Her boldness was a complete surprise package for me.

I put my hands around her waist and resumed dance. In a couple of moments, she pulled me into a hug and locked her lips with mine. This time it was a bit hornier. She entered her tongue into my mouth and started exploring my mouth. Our first kiss was like my appreciation to her beauty. But the one initiated by her was more than just expressing the appreciation.

My cock was already erect and throbbing inside my pant. Her hands which were around my neck at first, have now started running through my hairs. My hands which were running over her back during our first kiss have now grabbed the hold of her butts and were pressing them slowly. I was taking small steps towards crossing the limits. I broke the kiss and started kissing all over her face and her neck. My body temperature started rising even in that AC room and my cock started aching in my pant. It was at its fullest. Soon Shikha started playing with the buttons of my shirt, opened them one by one and off went my shirt. She kissed me one more time.

This time she started with my lips and continued to my neck and further to my chest. Her one hand was caressing the huge bulge formed in my pant. She soon took my belt off, opened the button of my pant and in just a moment my pant was down to my ankles. I stepped out of it.

Now I was in front of her with only underwear on. She hugged me tightly. The touch of her silk saree was just too sexy to handle. I kissed her forehead and said, “It’s my turn now.” With that I took out the pin which held the pallu of her saree with her blouse and pulled the pallu. Now I put my hand in her petticoat from the front and pulled out the part of her saree which was tucked in there. With that, her saree came off completely. Her cleavage was prominently visible from the top of her low cut sleeveless blouse. I kissed her neck and started showering kisses on her cleavage.

She laughed naughtily and turned around. I grabbed her waist from behind and started playing with her navel. I continued with the kisses and untied the string of her petticoat. She had her eyes closed. I just pulled her petticoat from both the sides and as it loosened I left it. It went down to her ankles. She stepped out of it. Then I moved my hands a bit up and started pressing her boobs. Soon my hands were busy opening the buttons of her blouse. One by one all the four of them were open and I pulled her blouse out.

Now she was in white bra and panty. She turned around again and hugged me. Her body was fairly hot as well. I was caressing her bare and smooth back with my hands. The only obstacles were the straps of her bra. I found the clasp and opened it. Suddenly her hands which were running on my back and through my hairs for all this time, went down and pushed my underwear down at one go. My cock sprang out immediately and touched her crotch. She stepped back a bit to take look at it and offered an opportunity for me to pull her bra off. She grabbed the hold of it, stroke a little and said with smile, “You have got a massive one.”

“And you have a great pair!!” I added while having a good look at the most beautiful pair of breasts I have ever seen. They were really very beautiful. They were nice and round in shape and fair with pink nipples. On hearing my comments she folded her arms around her chest thereby covering the breasts. I took this opportunity to pull her white panty, which was already very wet, out in a flash.

“You are very naughty!!” She had a grin on her face. Her pussy was cleanly shaven and had pink lips. I pulled her closer and hugged her tightly to feel her body. I have no words really to describe the warm feeling of her body and the soft touch of her breasts. I slowly moved my hand downwards and inserted one of my fingers into her pussy. She could only say, “Aaaahhh… Abhi!!” I kept pushing my finger further and kept on moving it around in her pussy. After some time of finger fucking I pulled my finger out and pushed her down on the sofa. She just laid there rubbing her pussy.

Now it was uncontrollable for me. I opened her legs apart a bit, pushed her hand away and kissed her pussy lips. She let out a moan. I kissed there a few more times, opened her pussy lips and inserted my tongue into it. She moaned loudly and twitched her body like a first timer. I continued with my work on her pussy. Her juices were flowing endlessly. Soon I found one of her boobs and started pressing it. It was a great pleasure to have your mouth on the pussy of a Beautiful lady and your hand on her breasts pressing it.

I continued for 5-7 minutes. Her breaths started getting heavier and moans started getting louder. Finally, she let out a loud groan and a jolt ran through her body. She closed her legs so tightly that I almost got suffocated. Yes! She was in orgasm. I drank all of her love juices thirstily. She set me free after few moments. I was very eager to feel the warmth of her pussy with my cock. So I went up towards her face and locked her lips with mine.

Now we were in such a position that the tip of my cock was touching lips of her pussy. To my surprise, she grabbed the hold of my cock and guided its head into her pussy. The warmth of her pussy just maddened me. I tried to push a bit further. She was very tight.

“You are still very tight from inside” I said breaking the kiss. “It’s unused for last ten years!!” She grinned. I gave one hard push and my cock went in completely.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…Rock!! Do it slowly darling!!!” She almost shouted with pain. I stayed there kissing her lips for a while till her pain subsided. After some time I started moving my cock in and out of her pussy. All I could hear from her was,

“Aah, uhh, ohh, mmmmmm!!! You doing great darling! Just continue. Wow!! I have been waiting for this for so many days. Wow!!!”

I was kissing her face and neck like mad. Soon I turned towards her breasts. First I licked her pink nipple and started biting it. She started shouting in painful pleasure. Her nipples grew harder and darker. I started sucking her left boob and pressing the right one.

“Ohhhhhhhh!! Harder Rocky!! You are doing fine! suck it harder!! Uhhhhhhh mmmm!!!” Now our act was in full swing. I was sucking her boobs hard and pounding her pussy with my monster cock.

After some time, her moans turned into grunts. They went on getting louder and louder. Meanwhile, pressure is building in my loins as well. I couldn’t stand it and increased my speed. Finally we both came with loud shouts. I shot my entire load of sperms into her pussy. It was the greatest ever; almost filled her pussy completely. I just fell on her exhausted. We stayed in that position for some time gathering our breath.

“Thank you!! It was really a great pleasure to have such good session of sex after so many days.” She said after some time. I said nothing in reply. I just locked myself in a wild kiss with her. It went on for around 5 minutes. I just couldn’t keep my hands off her. But then, hunger let its presence felt. But I continued with the kiss. Finally she broke the kiss and said, “Let’s take a break. We’ll have rest of the after the dinner.”

We got up from the sofa. She went in the bedroom. My cum mixed with her love juices running down her thighs. She came back with just a towel wrapped around body. She must have taken a shower. I was putting my underwear on. But she handed another towel to me and said, “Put only this thing on.” I went to the bathroom and took a light shower.

In the meantime, the dinner table was ready. She had prepared a very good food. We had a nice chat about the things except sex while dining as if nothing has happened. After I finished the dinner, she told me to go to the bedroom. I went in and sat on the bed thinking about our session of sex.

My cock which was resting for all this time started coming back to life by the thought of sex. After few minutes Shikha entered the room. She stood in front the bed, removed the towel from her body and said; “Now it’s my turn to satisfy you!!” My cock immediately formed a tent in the towel wrapped around my waist by the sight of that nude beauty.

She just opened its knot, pulled it away and told me sleep on the bed. I gladly followed her instructions. After that she sat between my legs and started stroking my cock with her hands. She pulled my foreskin back and engulfed it entirely. Now it was my turn to twitch my body and moan loudly with pleasure like a first timer. She was quite good at it.

She kissed, sucked, and licked my cock like an expert. It continued for 15 minutes and finally I came with a loud groan. She licked all the cum and cleaned my cock. Though I was through with an orgasm, my cock was not ready to lose its hardness and to add to that, she started stroking my cock. Now my cock was hard like a hot steel rod.

Now she stopped stroking and came up. She slowly sat on my cock and my dick went into her wet pussy with ease. I enjoyed that warmth of her pussy again. She adjusted herself neatly and slowly started riding me. But I wasn’t satisfied with that. I was getting all the pleasure for my cock but what I enjoyed the most was her fair and smooth body; especially her boobs. So I continued to be flat on my back for some time. But then I sat up.

As I sat up she kissed my lips passionately. I hugged her tightly and showered kisses on her neck. After some time I took her boob in my mouth and started sucking with all my strength. This was a pretty quiet session. After almost 50 minutes full of passionate and wild sex changing in different position we both entered orgasm together.

After that too I didn’t stop sucking her breasts. Finally she pulled my head away and locked in another kiss. This one was quite short compared to others. She said, “Enough for today!! I am feeling very tired! I need a sleep now.” I was a bit disappointed at this; but accepted her. “Will you mind if I sleep here with you tonight!?” I asked. “You don’t need to ask me for this after all this.” She laughed. So I got up with intention to get my clothes back.

“Where are you going?” “To get the clothes.” I answered.

“What’s the need to put the clothes on? Who’s going to come to see us in the night?” She asked with a smile. I agreed and both of us took a blanket over us and slept hugging each other.

“Get up now. It’s 9 o’clock!” Shikha told me in sweet voice in the morning.

I opened my eyes and looked towards her she was still in the bed without any clothes. I just pulled her in hug and kissed her deeply. She too replied passionately.

We got up from the bed and brushed teeth. We were still naked. “Let’s take a bath together.” I suggested. She agreed immediately. We entered the bathroom and started the shower. We started caressing each others’ bodies. I occasionally teased her by pinching her stomach, her breasts and her nipples.

I slapped her butt too couple of times. She hugged me and bit my nipples couple of times. My cock was now rising under that hot water from the shower. I pulled her in hug and locked lips. My cock touched her pussy. My mind said, “Enough is enough!” And I pushed her up against the wall and pushed my throbbing cock into her pussy.

She shouted aloud. But I was in no mood to stop. I just continued banging her pussy in fast pace. After 15 minutes of fast wild sex I shot my hot cum in her pussy. She too came with a loud groan and said, “Haven’t you finished yet?” “With a woman like you available freely, how can one be satisfied with just three shots?” I said with a smile. “I hate you!!” She said naughtily. After that we bathed each other with a lot of love. After bath we toweled each other and put the clothes on. After that we had coffee.

“So, how did you like the date? Am I a good dating partner or not?” I asked.

“Oh definitely! In fact whenever I would go on date, I would like you to be my partner.” She said. “and I would want you to be my partner.” I added.

We both laughed. “Jokes apart. You really have been an ideal partner. Bold and beautiful! Just as I like.” I said. She blushed at my comments. “So why don’t you be my date for next two weeks? Why don’t you stay here only? We’ll have a lot of fun.” She said. I accepted her offer gleefully and stayed there for next two weeks. We had a lot of sex in those 15 days. We had a go at each other at least five to six times a day. We made love in the every corner of house and almost everywhere except look. Those 15 days were the best in my entire life.

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