Oral Circle

Author: Belle Dimond

Russ loved to give his girlfriend oral. In fact, he could never get enough of it. She thought it was great until about 3 weeks into it when her pussy was getting REALLY sore and sensitive and she just couldn’t take it anymore.

She loved that he was so into oral, but he really was insatiable. A girl can only cum so many times in a day! Her girlfriends were always complaining about their lack of sex; either because they were between relationships or because their boyfriends were no good at it. She decided it was time to share her boyfriend with her girlfriends.

It took some convincing and arranging, and finally the day arrived she had planned for. She decided on a party, Friday night, and she got 5 of her girlfriends to agree. That made 6 pussies altogether for Russ to play with.

When he arrived they were ready for him. They were on the floor, in a circle, sitting with their legs spread and completely naked.

“Oh, ladies,” he said. He had an instant hard-on and was salivating lewdly.

He climbed into the circle and knelt before his girlfriend. “Start with Sally,” she said, and guided him to the pussy next to hers. “Work your way around and back to me,” she said, “and you’d better not be too tired for me by then!”

He wasted no time and dove into the pussy next to him. It was so beautiful. Natural and bushy, light brown hair and very pink lips. He spread her open and moaned, diving in with his tongue. He ran his tongue up and down her lips, applying more and more pressure until he was tonguing her hole really good.

She was getting very wet and leaned back on her elbows. All the girls moved closer to get a better view. Soon one of them was sucking on Sally’s tits, another was fingering herself and the others just kept watching.

He was so eager and excited that he began tonguing Sally’s sensitive clit with a vengance. It wasn’t long before she came; bucking in his face, screaming & panting. “Oh my GOD he is good; who’s next???”

The one who was fingering herself begged to be next. She told Russ to lie on his back, she wanted to sit on his face. She was totally shaven and her pussy lips were dark red. She couldn’t stop fingering herself at first, until he bit her finger and took over.

He felt someone’s mouth on his cock as he started his slooooow, laborious work on her pussy. He tongued her slowly & steadily, knowing she had already worked herself into a frenzy. She tried to speed up the tempo but he just kept control and kept it slow and tantalizing.

After a long time the tension grew and grew inside her, until she came, shrieking and pulling at her nipples, her head rolling from side to side.

He said, “Next,” and felt the attention to his cock cease. He didn’t mind, it had felt good, but he couldn’t cum when there was pussy to be eaten!

The woman who had been giving his cock the lovely attention straddled his face, she was older and had black hair. Her pussy was unshaven and a very deep red with a very large, pronounced clit.

He began by “frenching” her clit, as if he were kissing her and as if her clit were a tongue. He rolled his tongue around it, sucked it gently, and then flicked it relentlessly.

He moved so that his tongue was going up her pussy hole, fucking it, then back to flick her clit and then back to her pussy hole again. He kept on with this until she was gripping his hair and basically riding his face.

He did his best with his tongue until she came, spasming on his face. His face was so wet now, with the cum of 3 women all over it.

“3 down, 3 to go,” he said, not nearly tired yet.

This time he did something different.

“Jenny, Karen, I want to do you next,” he said, as they looked at each other quizzically. “Karen, lie on your back. Jenny, lie on Karen on your back. Now spread your legs, both of you.”

They did and he had a double order of pussy right in front of him!

He started at the clit of one and licked his way up to the clit of the other and then back down. He repeated this over and over until they were both beginning to squirm in front of him. 2 squirming pussies right in his face. He was in heaven.

He began to focus on one, making little circles around her clit with his tongue, fast & furious. When he felt she was about to cum, he would stop and then do the same to the other. Once SHE was about to cum, he would stop and do the same to the other. Until they were both panting and shrieking for release, so wet and squirming. Finally, he decided to let the one on the bottom cum. He attacked her clit furiously until she was grinding her cunt into his face like a mad-woman.

Her juices were all over his chin, and her writhing and shrieking had made the one on top of her even wetter and HER juices were running down onto my his face, too. Soon he let her cum, too, and there was only one left to do. His girlfriend.

He layed down on his back again and she straddled him. She was already incredibly turned on, so he licked her clit very gently. Soon he felt hands and fingers and mouths on his cock and his balls and his whole body. The other women were “thanking” him. He had to concentrate hard on making his girlfriend cum.

But as soon as she did cum, he did too. Hard and long and with loads and loads of cum – enough for 6 women.

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