The Hottest Blind Date Ever

Author: Wave

Being in my thirties and not married has been a great source of frustration for my mother. She is always trying to fix me up with girls, always the ones who are totally NOT my type. So, when she told me that she wanted me to take her friend’s daughter out for dinner, I was not especially thrilled. It was easier just to do it than to listen to my mother complain, so I agreed.

I’m a pretty conservative person and have not had many wild sexual experiences, but that was all about to change on the night of my blind date. I went to her house to pick her up and was surprised to find out that she was very attractive. I’m talking very attractive. VERY attractive. I was mentally thanking my mom as we walked out the door for our date.

We were sitting at this expensive restaurant, in a little round type booth that was pretty private, talking and getting to know each other. She was a lot more forward than I was and, part way through salad, she reached over and kissed me very gently. Then she started to kiss me more aggressively. The next thing I know, I felt her hand on my crotch! Even though there was a tablecloth hanging down in my lap, I was totally dumbfounded that she would be so bold in a restaurant! She ended up unzipping my pants and taking my cock into her hand right there. My cock was already hard and she started to massage it while she is still kissing me.

Just then, our waiter brought our dinners. I’m sitting there with my stiff cock out, and she started to eat her steak. I figured she was done groping me, so I started to zip up. She said, “wait, I’m not done yet.” So as we ate our meal, she occasionally reached under the tablecloth to make sure I was still hard (I was, of course), stroked it for a few minutes, and then went back to eating. This was so wild! I was so horny that I could hardly eat, but she seemed to be taking her time with her meal. Every time she reached over to stroke my cock, she stopped right before I could cum.

My cock was throbbing and covered with precum. She finally finished her meal and then scooted a little closer to me. She grabbed the base of my cock and then used the other to stroke the head of my cock. Then she leaned over, dribbling some saliva right onto my cock, then continued stroking away. Soon, I was gushing a huge amount of cum all over both of her hands. She cleaned it up with her cloth napkin just in time for the waiter to come around to take our plates and ask if we were interested in dessert. She said she would like some chocolate mousse and I agreed that sounded good too.

As the waiter walked away from the table, she brought her right hand up to her mouth and, using the tip of her tongue, seductively licked up a long stream of my cum off of it. Then, she grabbed my hand and put it up her skirt, where I discovered that she was not wearing any underwear. I slid my finger down over her clit and right into her molten hot pussy. She said “taste it” so I pulled my fingers up and licked the juice off of them. “Mmm, tastes great,” I said and she smiled and said “now I want you to make me cum.”

Just then, the waiter arrived with our chocolate mousses. Now SHE was the one who was not as interested in eating! She moved my hand back to her pussy. I began alternating between rubbing her swollen clit and dipping into her juicy pussy. I could see that she was discretely squeezing her nipple through her blouse. Her eyes were closed, with a look of ecstacy on her face. She tilted back just enough so that I could slide a few fingers deep up into her sweet pussy. I finger fucked her for awhile, and then pulled my fingers out and rubbed firmly on her clit with my wet fingers. She rocked backward and started to cum, so I slid my fingers back in just in time to feel her pussy contract wildly and feel her creamy cum all over my hand.

I used my napkin to clean my hand up, we ate our chocolate mousse, and then I took her home. Suffice it to say I’ve become much more agreeable to my mom fixing me up on blind dates.

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