Subjugation of Howard

by SmartNSexy

It was a little over a month into my husband Howard’s new job when Jim called me during the day.

“Hey, baby, I’m coming over this afternoon. Howard will be busy on a new project with tough deadlines I just gave him. But before I come, I’ll be having some fun at lunch with your extra pussie! Then you and I will have some REAL fun at your house. But I want to go a little further today. I’m going to have Howard call you and have you meet him and me at After Hours Bar this evening, okay? I want you to start thinking about what you can wear to rock the bar – something really revealing and hot. I want every guy in the bar to stare at those luscious tits!”

“I love it! I’m already getting hot thinking about it!” I said, unable to resist touching myself.

“Okay, I’ll be at your house right after lunch. Be wearing the outfit for me!” And he simply hung up. No good bye. That made me even hotter.

Immediately I began looking over my outfits. Much of Howard’s pay went into my Dolce and Gabana and Armani closet! I wanted something that would really show my body off, deep cleavage, long legs, everything. I wanted something that would stop the room when I walked in and make Howard completely uncomfortable with all the male attention, especially Jim’s.

My eyes fell on a tiny black skirt that would barely cover my ass. That would do the trick, at least part of it! Then I grabbed a red, glittering top with a “neck” line that plunged to my belly button. It would be obvious to everyone in the bar that I was braless and at the right angle, I knew, you could almost see my nipples and the soft underbelly of my breasts. $600 Jimmie Choo shoes with 5 inch heels would make my long legs look even longer.

I carried the outfit into the master bath and began running the tub. I was getting more and more aroused as I thought of walking into that bar. As I slipped into the aromatic suds I glanced at the clock and realized Jim was, at that moment, with my husband at lunch. The thought of his toying with Howard put butterflies in my stomach and, of course, much lower. Dreaming of Jim’s fat cock and the things he might be saying to Howard, I began to touch myself, slowly at first.

My hand caressed my inner thighs as I knew Jim’s hand would soon be doing. The thought of him fucking me in the outfit I would be wearing that evening made me more and more excited. My clit was hard and both nipples stood erect. I was rubbing myself with more urgency now, feeling the water licking along my body.

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