Making It Natural

Author: Jim Goodwin

I believe in owning land. It doesn’t break (unless it’s in California) and you can’t misplace it (unless it’s shoreline property). Right now, I’m not a land baron or anything but I figure owning twenty-five acres in New Hampshire at the tender age of twenty-five is a pretty good start. Besides, having your own patch of woods can present some fantastic opportunities if you need a little privacy for your recreational activities.

Just this past spring we had one of those magic early spring days. It had been a tough winter so when the thermometer jumped up to 72 degrees it felt like a full-fledged summer day. I was at home trying to finish up a web site project. My girlfriend Cindy had recently been laid off and she was bent over her laptop searching the job sites in hopes of landing something. I was just finishing up a web page when I heard her sigh with exasperation.

She leaped up from her chair and began opening windows. I just sat and watched her move around the room. Cindy is a joy to watch. Her long auburn hair flows just about down to her muscular round ass. Her perky 32-inch tits ride high on a sleek frame. She’s got a pair of shapely, strong legs that can damn near crush a man and, believe me, I speak from experience on that one. Realizing that the job hunting frustrations were getting to her, I decided it might be a nice time to take a break.

“What do you think about taking a walk?” I asked.

Her hazel eyes fixed on mine and then she shook her head.

“You’ve got to finish a job and I’ve got to find one” she said sternly.

I got up and put my hands on her shoulders.

“Both gigs can wait a few moments. A little fresh air might do us a world of good, besides we’re blowing a beautiful day.”

She gave me one of her cute small smiles. I kissed her on the forehead and took her hand. Within a few minutes we were wandering in the woods and, sure enough, it did us both a world of good.

Around Cindy sex is always in the back of my mind but, I swear, it didn’t move to the front that day until she bent over to look at a plant. Something about that luscious curvy butt stretching her white slacks caused my dick to stand up and pay attention. I came up behind her and hugged her from behind.

“What you got there?” I asked.

Squirming her rear end up against my crotch, she obviously felt my erection.
“A better question might be, what you got there” she giggled.

I rubbed my hard-on between her sweet ass cheeks.

“Want to go back to the house and find out?”

She turned around and ran her hand along the lump in my jeans.

“I think I’d rather find out here”, she said with a seductive smile.

She quickly had my jeans and underpants down to my knees. The air felt cool on my balls. Her hand felt warm and soft on my hard cock as she began to slowly jerk it. I unbuttoned her blouse and freed her sweet, firm tits. Within their dark brown circles her nipples rose to greet the air and my tongue as I alternated between breasts, squeezing them gently together.

“Over there” she said pointing to a nearby large oak.

I waddled behind her with my pants down around my ankles and my dick standing straight out in the fresh spring air. She dropped her slacks and pink panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them. Turning around she placed both hands on the trunk of the tree and bent over with her legs spread. I noticed that she was rubbing her pussy.

Well, I could certainly take a subtle hint. Sliding my dick beneath her sweet cheeks, I found her wet, warm pussy and slid in, slowly pushing forward until I had it buried to the hilt. Cindy groaned with pleasure and we just hung there a moment locked in our intimate embrace. Still rubbing around her clit, Cindy began gently rocking her hips. I picked up the motion and began fucking her with short tender strokes. The woods were alive with sounds of birds but, being early spring, there were no bugs to chew on our naked flesh. I reached over and grabbed a double handful of smooth tit flesh as I slid my cock slowly in and out of her hot, tight twat.

Her head bent down, her long, shiny auburn hair hanging down, the fingers of her left hand working between her sexy legs as she leaned against the tree with her right, Cindy was a beautiful sight. Her long, smooth naked back rippled with straining muscles and a light sheen of sweat as she began meeting my strokes with increased passion. Rolling her tits around in my hand, I started fucking her harder and deeper. Her groans of desire mingled with our mutually labored breath. My balls began to slap lightly against her fine ass. The smell of fresh pine and dry leaves blended with Cindy’s perfume and our lusty musk odor. We were fucking harder and faster. I was a wild man, rutting and grunting in a primeval fuck frenzy.

“Fuck me…fuck me harder, faster, deeper…ohhh…give it me”, Cindy moaned.

I released her breasts and grabbed hold of her hips. Leaning back I watched her powerful tush pounding up against my pubes as I held on tight. Giving back as good as I got, my cock began to slam into her cunt. Our naked bodies were slapping together in the forest, uncontrollable passion pushing us forward into manic motion, grunting and groaning our way toward the blessed release we both craved.

Cindy was now leaning against the tree with both hands, bent over so far that her long hair was touching the leafy forest floor. Her naked body was flushed with sexual excitement as I pounded deeper and harder inside her rippling pussy. I was on the brink of cumming when I heard Cindy groan.

“Ohhhh…gawwd…I’m gonna cum…I’m…ohhh…fuucckk…I’m cumming…ohhh yeahhh.”

Her upper body stiffened and her hips were jerking in a spasmodic motion. The walls of her cunt seemed to be sucking on my dick. I plunged forward one last time as a massive orgasm shook my body, wads of hot sperm shot deep into Cindy’s quivering cunt. We were melting together, it was beyond anything I’d ever experienced.

Nine months later Cindy gave birth to a daughter. We named her Diana, the goddess of the woods. Maybe someday we’ll tell her why.

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