Girl across the street

Author: Scottydelight

I known her for a long time. I had never seen any part of her nude. She had the home to herself for a week and would be early in the morning. She came over at 8am, wearing sweats, a tanktop(braless), and panties I assume. I had a tshirt, thin shorts, and boxers. I wanted to use the jacuzzi but had to clean it out. I wanted to use this to my advantage somehow. I got there to find her daughter home too. I was unsure how this would affect things. I began to plan how to clean the tub since I didnt know how to drain it.
I figured I would splash out most of it. She said what about my clothes getting soaked. I told her I would get down to just my boxers. I stripped down and jumped in. She sat on the edge helping how she could. I did this awhile noticing she had been gone for 10 minutes or so. I went to look for her. She wasnt downstairs so she had tobe in her room upstairs. I came up the stairs and rounded the corner to get more then I could hope for. I found her nude with a pair of panties at her ankles. She acted startled hurrying to pull her panties up. When she turned to look I saw her tit and ass for the first time. I told her I would wait downstairs for her hiding my excitement. I was cool as ice waiting for her. I wondered what she was changing into.
She came down with a white tanktop, braless, and white panties. I was already in boxers. We went back to work. By now her daughter was awake and in the tub helping me. I filled the first bucket and poured in on her shirt. It would become transparent and cling to her body. I got one side but not the other. She held still to please me, exposing a set of small pointy breasts and nipples. She had dark brown nipples like eraser tips. I stared. I let time pass before trying to get her to take off her shirt. After awhile I said I can see everything she may as well lose the shirt. She didnt take much convincing to go topless. As he took it off tossing it in the corner. She was now wearing panties no top. Soon after her daughter wanted to get undressed too. Her mom said she should be naked since we practically were. I was ok with it as long as her mom was ok with it. I applauded her mothers open mindedness.
Her mom topless and daughter nude I let everyone get real comfortable. I asked for a soda she had to go get. She left her girl with me and I made my move. I got totally naked and waited for her to return. She came to find me nude and a first look at my naked body. I would work on getting her panties off as well. I began to make reasons why she should just take them off. I said how her daughter already seen her naked before so whats the harm. She revealed a small fact to me, saying I was the first naked man her daughter ever saw. She was getting a good and long look at it. She gave counter arguements why she shouldnt. She began to say it would make me horny and hard. I finaly stood to show her I was already hard. She stood and slid them off to show off a completely bald smooth pussy. I too was bald and smooth crotch.
We were now all naked, the three of us. I told her to come sit with me instead of across from me. I moved to her and she moved away playing hard to get. I chased her around awhile before I grabbed ahold of her. I pulled her onto my lap feeling her ass all over my dick and balls. She sat only a few minutes at a time, pretending to be unsure. I kept moving her back to my lap. I began to feel up on her with the cover of the water. I felt on her great ass. I would also let my hands wonder up to her tits. This went on for hours until we got out to go inside and watch tv. We came in and we all remained naked. Her daughter sat next and on my lap a few hours till she fell asleep. I laid her down and laid behind her mom to cuddle for the rest of night. Completely nude it was an incredible day and night.

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