Hot company girls – part 3

It shouldn’t have happened. I had to admit as much to Gale. I’d been working for her for over a month and everything went well until the day I got tempted into leaving work an hour early and forgot about an urgent order I hadn’t attended to. No matter that I woke up early next morning and remembered about it then. No matter that I went straight to the office and got the cleaners to let me in early so I could try to fix up the mess. No matter that I did as much as I could as soon as I could to put things right. None of those excuses were worth a row of beans when we had a major client on our hands wanting to know why their high priority forms hadn’t been delivered overnight. I had no choice at all but to go to Gale and confess my mistake.

She was as mad as hell, and with good reason. After she’d finished telling me what she thought of my inefficiency I left her office in tears and hid out in a toilet cubicle. Until she ordered me to come out of it and face her again.

“Philippa, I’m spoken to the people at Saint Delphina’s Hospital. Spoken to them, hell, I’ve crawled on my belly to them and they’ve finally agreed to give us a second chance. I’m really pissed that you put me in that position. As far as I’m concerned you’ve got a choice: you can either clear your desk and get out or accept my punishment as your way of showing you’re sorry. What’s it to be?”

She knew what my answer before I’d even opened my mouth. To make me quit this job she’d have had to hang me by my thumbs over the edge of the Grand Canyon. “I’ll take the punishment, please, Gale,” I whispered.

Of course in one way it was just a kind of a game. Oh I’d fucked up big time and Gale might yet throw me out, but I knew she was going to enjoy having a good excuse to make me squirm for her. Just as I knew I was putting my name down for another unforgettable experience.

“OK,” Gale said. “Eight o’clock tonight, and be hungry. You’re going to be eating a whole lot of humble pie.”

Yeah, right. Which was why I wasn’t at all surprised to find Gale wearing her full boss lady outfit when I got to her apartment. Nor did I expect a friendly welcome, which was just as well, because I wasn’t offered one. She just pushed me into her special little romper room and told me to kneel down on the floor in front of a folding chair. Then she sat down on it and tapped my arm with the big cane she was carrying.

I didn’t wait for any instructions, I showed straight away that I knew my place by starting to lick her knees.

“It’s no use you thinking you can get around me with that kind of stuff,” Gale said. “You’re a naughty, naughty, little pussy. What are you?”

“I’m a naughty, naughty little pussy,” I told her. “I’ve been bad and now I’ve got to suffer for it.”

“Oh, yes, you’re going to feel sorry for yourself, I’ll make sure of that,” Gail said, half to herself, as though she was talking to a dog or cat that she owned. “And while I’m thinking about what to do with you, you can clean my boots with your tongue.”

Well, that was one thing about Gale, she had no problem in finding ways of showing who was giving the orders.

So I bent right forward and lapped away at her boots with her cane tapping up and down against my ass as a warning about what was going to happen if I wasn’t submissive enough for my disgruntled mistress. So I grovelled before her like she was an empress or something.

Not that any amount of boot licking was going to save me entirely from that cane. Which was why I was expecting the next order, to take my dress off. Or, to be exact, to kneel up straight so that Gale could take it off me.

“I’m glad to see that at least you know what to wear for punishment detail, Philippa. I was beginning to think that somebody was fucking all the brains out of your head for you. Who is it you’ve been dating? Some stud from the office?”

“No,” I protested. “I’d never get involved in any kind of office affair.”

“Perhaps you should be, maybe then you wouldn’t be in such a hurry to leave it before finishing your work.”

Of course there was no answer I could make to her caustic comment because she was right. If I’d thought about my job first and my dating second, I wouldn’t have made such an stupid asshole of myself.

“What’s the matter, Philippa? Can’t you answer me. Did you wear your tongue out on my boots?”

“No, mistress,” I replied quickly.

“Fine, then start using it again. But in an interesting way.”

I guessed what she wanted and leaned forward to gently nibble on a nipple. Then I began licking and sucking on both of Gale’s milking points. She took some deep breaths through her nose and her tips stood out clearly against the damp lace sticking to them.

“Playing the slave girl routine again are you, you loathsome little slut? You think you can get around me again by licking my tits and my ass? Going for the grand finale as soon as you can with your tongue up my cunt so I’ll forgive and forget? Oh, it’s not going to be that easy this time, you trouble making little whore.”

Gale stood up quickly, without me being quite ready for it, then grabbed my hair and pulled it until I whimpered. Gale took no notice at all of my distress and dragged me across the floor so quickly that I could hardly keep up with her, even with crawling on my knees as fast as I could. Then she turned me around until we were both facing a full length mirror.

“Go ahead, take a good long look at yourself. The woman who said she wanted to work for me, the woman I gave a chance to show what she could do, and the employee who’s doing her best to wreck my business because of her laziness and inefficiency. Proud of yourself, Philippa?”

“I forgot, I forgot, that’s all,” I moaned. “I thought I’d done everything that had to be done that day and I just plain forgot about that last invoice. I’m sorry!”

“Sorry! Why were you in such a hurry to leave last night? Tell me the truth, was it because you had a hot date?”

“Yes,” I admitted. “Yes. A guy called Brad. I met him last week.”

“So now we know.” Gale’s voice was cold and sneering. “Some low life in some singles’ bar decides he wants to get into your pants and you’re so eager to spread your legs for him that you rush out of the office and leave everything behind as fucked up as you were hoping to get.”

“No,” I protested, “It wasn’t like that! I’d never have left early if I’d thought there was any work still to do.”

“Stand up and then bend over,” Gale snarled. “I’m going to give you a memory improvement course. And I’m going to apply it right where your brains are, Slave.”

Even before I was bent over she was slashing the cane around so sharply that it seemed to be cutting the air up into slices. This was going to hurt and I knew it. Even so, when Gale laid the first stripe across my ass I yelled out at the pain. I felt as if I’d been branded.

But one was nowhere enough for Gale. She kept one hand resting on my shoulder as a warning to stay in the same position while she kept thrashing away at me. My buns seemed to be on fire and the only relief I could get was to keep screaming. Maybe, I hoped, if I made enough noise, Gale would finally quit punishing me.

Well, she did finally stop the caning but that didn’t mean my problems were over. I was allowed to stand up and rub my bottom, only to see Gale fetching a chair and a hairbrush. There wasn’t any need for a set of instructions to work out what was going to happen next. At least being spanked with bush couldn’t be anymore painful than the cuts from the cane.

That was what I thought, and I suppose it was true, though it was sometimes hard to believe as Gale waled away at me. She had me sprawled across her lap like a naughty child and squirming my hips on top of her legs as I got well and truly paddled.

“You useless fucking bitch,” my boss cursed me. “The next time you screw up I swear I’ll do this to you in front of everybody at the office before I throw you out for ever.”

“No, Gale, no, please, don’t throw me out! I’ll do anything you want if only you’ll let me stay!”

“So you’d let me spank you in front of all the guys in the office and then go back to work would you? With them all laughing at you and ready to gang bang you on top of your desk afterwards?”

“Yes, yes, anything, just as long as you let me stay with you!”

The blows from the hairbrush stopped. Then I felt Gale’s gloved fingers gently circling around the tops of my stockings.

“Anything at all — is that what you said?”

“Yes, Gale, yes, mistress, anything,” I begged her.

“Yeah . . . tell me about this new stud of yours, this guy Brad. Has he laid you yet?”

“Yes, mistress” I admitted, wondering why Gale wanted to know that.

“How many times has he fucked you, Philippa?”

“Twice — two times,” I gabbled. If I sounded confused, part of the reason was because my boss’s fingers were sliding up higher between my legs.

“I like to know about what my employees are doing, who’s they’re screwing around with. Perhaps I should get you to phone him and tell him to come on over and watch this. That should get real horny for your sweet ass, hey?”

Her fingers found my pussy and began to stroke it, hard. “Imagine him standing behind you, watching me do this to you, slave girl.”

Gale began slapping me on the ass even as she was rubbing me, and I twitched with excitement like a gaffed marlin.

“Imagine him standing here, butt naked, a cock on him like a stallion, and as soon as I give the word, he’s going to come up behind you, pull down your pants and fuck you doggy style while you’re still bent over my legs. Can you imagine that, Philippa?”

Yes, I could. I had the whole scene fixed right there in front of my mind, with some very stimulating help from Gale’s velvet covered fingers and that hairbrush. Stroke and slap, stroke and slap, stroke and slap, and all the time soaking my panties and Gale’s glove in a rush of juice.

“He’s just behind you, Philippa, he’s just behind and he’s reaching out to pull down those briefs and put his cock into you,” Gale taunted me. “Hey, how come you’re puffing and panting like that, Slave? You sound as if you’re as horny as a bitch on heat. Ready for some rocking and rolling, are you?”

“Yes, Mistress”, I moaned, unable to stop myself responding to her manipulating fingers.

“Then we’re going to have to get you ready for it, aren’t we?”

Of course I agreed: “Yes, Mistress.”

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