Morning Roomie

Author: Steph

I smacked the alarm clock hard, I didn’t remember if I set it or not. God, another early morning and cold as hell. I didn’t want to get out of my nice cozy bed. I cracked open one eye and tried to see what time it actually was before I woke up completely. I am one of those types that think that the extra fifteen minutes of sleep would actually do me some good. It was almost seven am and definitely time to get up. I slowly got out of bed, dreading the fact I had to leave my warm cocoon. I stood up and stretched, my t-shirt rose up letting the cool air touch my skin. I wandered into the kitchen and found Nina waiting for the coffee pot to finish brewing. “Morning roomie.” She said not so bright eyed. “Morning babe, sleep well?” She nodded. She was always up this early, even on the weekends. She made me sick.

I leaned up against the counter, my bare ass touching the cool cabinets below, as I sipped on my orange juice. I looked over at Nina. She was in a tank top and I could see her nipples pushing hard against the thin fabric. “Girl, aren’t you cold in just that?” “No, why do you ask?” I stuck out my chest and wiggled my tits at her. She looked down at her own and noticed her erect nipples. The light shade of pink that touched her cheeks was cute. “Oh.” She said a bit more embarrassed than I had expected. “I’m not cold though, they are hard for another reason.” She giggled as she poured her cup of coffee. “What do you mean? You got someone in your room?” I asked with a smirk. “Nope, just thinking of someone I want in my room.” Again she blushed. I couldn’t understand why she was so embarrassed. We were both women, we’d always talked about whom we were hot for and now all this coyness.

She looked at me over the edge of her coffee cup and winked. It hit me, “Wait a sec: you mean : me?” She smiled brightly as soon as those words left my mouth. I about fell over. No fucking wonder she was beating around the bush. “Hon, you should have said something a long time ago. I’ve wanted to get into your pants ever since ya moved in.” We both giggled, not sure how to react.

We headed into the living room and plopped down onto the couch. We sat in silence for a while as the morning cartoons played. What she said in the kitchen had my mind going. I couldn’t stand it any longer and put down my orange juice. I leaned over to her and slid my hand up her bare thigh. She turned and looked at me as soon as my hand touched her. A smiled danced across her face. “So roomie, wanna play?” I asked. She just nodded.

I started to nibble at her neck, leaving my hand on her thigh. As I continued she leaned back against the arm of the couch making me lay on top of her. My body pressed against hers. I could feel her hard nipples pressing against the thin fabric of her tank top. I moved up her neck and our lips met. I kissed her deeply, letting my tongue probe her mouth for the first time. My entire body tingled as she ran her fingertips lightly along my sides, pausing to cup the sides of my breasts.

I let my hands move down to the hem of her shirt and slipped my hands underneath it, slowly pulling up her shirt as my hands moved up her body. Her perfect tits were revealed and I took advantage of her, since her tank top was over her head and had her arms pinned above her head. I let my tongue swirl around her nipples making them glisten in the light. I rolled my tongue around each one, gently taking them into my mouth one at a time. Her soft moans urged me on. I sat back and held her arms in place as I blew lightly across her chest, making her nipples even harder and goose bumps rise over her skin. I figured I had teased her enough. Her tank top was off and on the floor in an instant.

She smiled up at me and removed my t-shirt. Her hands moved up my tummy to my breasts, gently cupping them in her soft hands. It felt so good. I felt myself grow moist as she kneaded my breasts and lightly rolled my sensitive nipples between her fingers. I leaned down and kissed her again, our tongues twirling in our mouths. I moved from her mouth, letting my soft lips press against her skin as I moved down her neck to her breasts again. I grazed her nipples lightly with my teeth then sucked them into my mouth, caressing them with the tip of my tongue.

Her breathing began to quicken as I slowly made my way further down her body. I let my hands wander, tracing delicate circles along her flesh with my fingertips, then kneading her breasts and then back to the butterfly soft touches. My lips kissed their way down her tummy to her trimmed mound. I could smell her musky but sweet scent now. As soon as it hit my nose, my mouth began to water. I wanted to taste her so badly it ached.

I blew across her pussy lips, my warm breath washing over them. I looked up and watched her squirm in anticipation. I slipped my tongue from my mouth and pressed against her wetness easily finding her engorged clit. I lapped at her slit, stroking her clit with every up stroke. Her hands found their way to the back of my head and her fingers weaved into my hair. The more I licked her the more pressure she applied to the back of my head.

My nose was firmly pressed against her trimmed black hair as I worked my tongue around her clit. She started to rock her hips into my face, her pussy smelled so sweet. I wanted to hear her cum so I slipped my middle finger into her tight hole and wiggled it against her g-spot. The gasp that came from her filled the room and quickly became a moan as she squeezed her muscles around my finger. I sped up my strokes against her clit as I continued to pump my finger in and out of her sweet pussy. Her moans became louder and louder with every thrust of her hips until her body tensed. She pushed hard against my head, forcing my face deeper into her pussy.

She was cumming! Her juices flowed freely into my mouth and coated my finger completely. Her moans were music to my ears and I worked her down from her peak. Her moans died down to just heavy breathing. I looked up at her and smiled, her face covered in content. I slowly made my way back up her body and kissed her firmly, letting her taste herself on my tongue.

“By the way hon, it’s Saturday and you didn’t have to get up.” I looked at her quizzically. “What do you mean?” She giggled lightly and replied, “I snuck into your room and set your alarm for this morning: I couldn’t hold in what I wanted anymore and I thought today would be the day I told you.” We both laughed. I wasn’t going to hold it against her.

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