Paperwork Shuffle

Author: Steph

I squinted up at the clock hanging between the two bay windows. Damn, it’s eleven o’clock already. I couldn’t get my lover out of my mind and definitely couldn’t focus on my paperwork. I needed to get it done or my boss would give birth to a full grown cow. This merger was huge and I was left with all the contracts and minor details. Of course this meant I was dealing with tons of money hiding in the words cleverly crafted by lawyers. No pressure, ha! I’d been getting home from work late the past week and I knew Chelsea understood, but I wanted to be there with her. Her soft skin, her delicate kiss, the way she smelled, and the way she moaned lightly into my ear as I played with her sweet pussy. I shook my head. I couldn’t get her out of my mind.

I got up for a cup of coffee and to stretch my legs, trying to trick myself that I wanted to be here and wade through all this paperwork. Feeling somewhat refreshed I sat back down and plunged right in. After what seemed a small eternity of reading legalese I heard a soft knock at my door. “Come in!” I said slightly irritated. I didn’t want any interruptions. I wanted to get home! I didn’t look up as the door opened, “What do you want?” I heard a slight gasp. I realized it was Chelsea. “What are you doing here baby?!? Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to see you!” “I thought you could use some company. And all I could think about was you, as I lay all alone in our bed. So, I thought I’d surprise ya.” With that she opened her long coat and revealed her satin teal bra and panties.

My heart about leapt out of my chest and I felt myself grow moist. “My God baby! You wore that over here?” At first I was upset. That quickly changed as she sauntered over to my desk, shedding her coat and draping it along the back of the chair. She lifted up her leg and put her foot on the corner of my desk, feigning like she was adjusting her white thigh high stockings. Her legs went on forever and her curves could knock anyone out cold. I turned my chair from my desk and patted my lap. “Come here Chelsea, I want to show you just how much I missed you.” “Oh goodness Jackie, you’re bad.”

She climbed onto my lap and I promptly kissed her, letting my tongue slip from my mouth to explore hers. Her smell made my entire body tingle. Raspberries and Vanilla. I inhaled deeply as I broke off our kiss and began to kiss and nibble my way down her neck, brushing her hair back with the back of my hand. Her long red curls fell over her shoulders, spilling down her back. In no time at all she had worked the button and zipper of my skirt open and was tugging lightly. I lifted my hips off the chair for her and she quickly stripped me of my skirt. She stood between my legs and leaned forward for another kiss. As our lips were sealed her nimble fingers worked open all the buttons down the front of my blouse revealing my full breasts resting in my white lacey bra.

She smiled brightly as she stared at my nearly naked body and reached back to the clasp of her bra; with a flick of her wrist her perfect breasts were freed. She turned around and bent over as she pulled her satin panties down past her hips, to her thighs finally letting them fall to the floor. She stepped out of her high heels and panties then turned her attention to her coat and slipped her hand into on of the inside pockets. In seconds I heard a light humming coming from her hand. I saw the light flash against metal as she sashayed back to me. She had brought Silver! She was serious about surprising me. We had fooled around in my office before, but she’d never brought our toy. She knelt down in front of me and slid her hand up my thighs, letting the vibrating, cold, metal shaft tease my skin. I looked down at her and she flashed me a mischievous little grin.

She pushed the tip against my pussy, causing a wet spot appear in the crotch of my panties. “Now these simply won’t do.” She said and started to tug at them with her free hand. Once she had gotten the waist band just past my hips to reveal my hairless lips she was satisfied and continued her teasing. She slipped Silver in between my lips and the waist line of my panties and moved up my body, placing kisses as she rose. Silver stayed in place as she mounted my lap.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and pressed her hips against mine, forcing Silver to push harder against my clit on one side, her clit rested against the other. Her light moans filled my ears as she felt the cool metal against her swollen clit. I slipped my hands up her thighs, rounded them over her shapely hips to her ass squeezing lightly. As she grinded against Silver and my hips my grip became tighter. The vibration against my clit sent waves of pleasure up my body, especially when she pressed her hips forward. As her grinding grew faster and harder she leaned down for a kiss, her hair fell forward onto my breasts and shoulders. Her tongue met mine and drew it into her hot luscious lips. Our moans were muffled in each other’s mouths.

After only a few moments she was panting heavily into my ear, her climax was drawing closer. Hearing her desperation I felt my orgasm begin to grow. Our hips wildly grinding against the little cock, our bodies bumped together. The chair rolled around on its wheels from our momentum. Her moans intensified as her climax peaked. She arched back shoving her breasts into my face. I immediately began to suck on one of her erect nipples, urging on her orgasm.

As her body shuddered from her climax, Silver was pushed against my clit and forced to wiggle side to side, over and over again. That pushed me over the edge and my moans joined in with hers as I came. I felt my juices flow as my pussy spasmed. My body tensed and my hips held still, pressing firmly against the metal cock. Chelsea leaned down and kissed me as she grinded her hips against Silver, easing me down from my peak.

We sat there kissing and regaining our senses. With a final kiss she climbed down from my lap and pulled on her panties. I watched her dress and I buttoned up my blouse and pulled on my skirt. She sat down in one of the chairs facing my desk. “I’m gonna stay just in case you need another break.” I smiled as I looked at her then at the paperwork, “Some how, I don’t think that will be too far away.”

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