Teen Lesbians For Now

Author: Dan

Lucy was in love with Penny. Her heart skipped a beat whenever she walked into the room and her gentle kisses made her so wet with excitement, it was like living in fantasyland.

With Penny’s grandmother spending time away from home, Lucy and Penny took the opportunity and decided to spend the following Friday night together. When her classes finished for the week, Lucy raced home to get ready. She packed up her well-hidden sex toys and clothes, grabbed some munchies and headed over to Penny’s.

Penny and Lucy were babes on a mission, they were into guys but there were none in their lives at the moment and the way they felt, they just wanted to have sex. Penny’s kisses were erotic, she didn’t hold anything back… their sessions were steamy, hot, uninhibited and sexual. They loved playing together, their sensual bodies as one when they touched…

When Lucy arrived at Penny’s she was greeted with warmth that only these two young ladies would understand… The thought of feeling Penny’s perky tits pressed up against her body made her body quiver in anticipation as Penny gently caressed her excited skin… Her arousal was noticeable as Penny played with her body, licking her skin, tasting her.

Penny tasted wonderful as her soft lips gently touched Lucy’s her tongue pushing past her soft open lips their tongues ballet danced together as Lucy tasted her sweet flavor and Penny explored Lucy’s mouth. Lucy couldn’t control the moans of pleasure escaping from within as Penny kissed her deeply.

Penny had an incredible way of arousing Lucy… grabbing her ass she pulled Lucy to her. Holding her close Penny welcomed Lucy into her grandmother’s home, leading her into the lounge where Lucy was able to leave her bag before Penny pulled her towards the sofa.

She stood before Lucy undoing her blouse, releasing her large firm tits from her bra. Penny reached out and cupped Lucy’s tits in her hands her fingers playing with her nipples, teasing them and pleasing Lucy at the same time. She kissed Lucy again her tongue trailing it’s way to her nipples, taking one into her mouth Penny sucked gently, nibbling on it gently between her teeth.

Penny stopped and encouraged Lucy to lie on the sofa. Lucy did as she was told opening her legs a little for Penny to see her curly bush. Penny breathed deeply inhaling her wonderful feminine fresh scent as she parted her pubic hair. Lucy’s pink lips glistened with her honeydew and within seconds she was gasping with pleasure as Penny lightly ran her fingers between her lips revealing a tight hole knowing that she would ensure Lucy had a wild and mind-blowing slut fuck session tonight.

Lucy sighed as Penny began to lick her cunt, softly tracing the outline of her lips with her tongue she worked her way in deeper and deeper, feeling her lips part allowing her probing tongue to savor the tightness and the sweetness of her hole. Penny worked her way inward using long strokes, starting from the bottom of her moist pussy before sliding up and over her swollen clit.

Penny’s hands opened her wider and with each lick of her pussy Lucy sighed and gasped as her tongue penetrated her hole. Lucy’s body grew tense and Penny knew she was almost there, her pussy throbbed underneath her and as she thrust her pussy against Penny’s face Penny brought up one finger and slipped it into her dripping cunt and then continued to suck on Lucy’s clit, paying special attention to her hardened clit with every whimper.

Penny licked faster and faster, licking with the flat of her tongue, she gave long low soft strokes of pleasure. Lucy’s cries came closer together as Penny licked her faster, poking her finger into her honey pot, finding her g-spot as she sucked on her quivering love button. Lucy came noisily thrusting up against Penny’s tongue as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her.

Penny took the opportunity as Lucy rode out the waves of her orgasm to tie in place her 8-inch strap-on. She stood up and buried it into her dripping cunt, slamming into her as Lucy was still on an orgasmic high. Lucy’s body was alive as Penny thrust that fake cock home sending Lucy into spasmodic throbs with every thrust… they both came together collapsing on the bed and lying in each others arms for what seemed an eternity.

Penny was the first to move heading out to the kitchen to grab a bottle of mountain dew along with a cheese and fruit platter… They sat together on the lounge watching a video that Lucy had thrown in her bag for the night.

Whispering together they watched girls being fucked by huge black dildos, girls shaving their pussies before muff diving and the best one was where two girls licked and played with each other while the guy in the background watched on. The show was getting them hornier every minute, they began giggling and teasing each other and within seconds they were touching and caressing each other.

Lucy’s hands were all over Penny’s body, playing with her nipples, massaging her mound before slipping her fingers into her hairy box.

Enjoying the sensations of Lucy’s soft and gentle touches Penny lay back on the lounge letting the magic of the evening work its mystery on her. Lucy got up and knelt on the floor between her legs. Pushing them apart she revealed Penny’s smooth silky pussy. Lucy was in awe as she leant forward taking in the beautiful sweet aroma of Penny’s hot wet cunt. Her hands found Penny’s nipples tweaking them hard making her moan with the pleasure, her body responding to Lucy’s touch.

Lucy’s tongue pointed and erect found Penny’s protruding clit. Long and hard waiting to be sucked, kissed and licked Lucy closed her mouth over it. It was enormous for a clit almost like a small penis…

Lucy teased her with the flat of her tongue, caressing Penny’s cunt, tasting her juices before targeting her swollen clit between Penny’s thighs drawing it between her lips and massaging it with her tongue. She grabbed a dildo from the side of the lounge, eased it into Penny’s tight pussy and slowly thrust it back and forth as her mouth teased Penny’s massive clit.

Lucy pumped harder and harder but still Penny had not come. She stopped her pussy licking and changed positions. She lay on the floor inviting Penny to join her… Penny got up and stood over Lucy, before easing herself down so her beautiful sweet juicy pussy was over Lucy’s face. Lucy was in heaven and with Penny in place they both went to town on each other’s juicy cunts.

Lucy still had the dildo and slid it deep inside Penny and continued her attack on the throbbing clit, which was still growing as they licked and sucked to their hearts content. Penny was pushing herself back onto the fat rubber cock and she cried out as she exploded, her clit squirting sweet juices down Lucy’s throat… Lucy tried to lap it up, but there was so much of it that some dribbled down her chin. She continued licking and sucking it tenderly until Penny’s climax had subsided…

Lucy still hadn’t come; so Penny tied her dildo in place and had Lucy kneel up on all fours before coming in behind her between her legs. She rubbed the head of the cock up against Lucy’s pussy lips before pushing the knob just inside allowing Lucy to become accustom to its size… Grabbing Lucy’s hips she pushed forward sinking the enormous dildo deep inside her pussy, banging against her womb as a loud squeal escaped her lips.

“Fuck me Penny… fuck me hard!”

Penny pulled her to her as her hips thrust forward fucking Lucy harder and harder until she was screaming with passion… A wave of pleasure traveled from her toes to her clit, her heart raced as her juices escaped from her burning cunt…. they lay snuggled where they were, and slept like two teen lovers in the night…

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