Thunder and Lust

Author: Jim Goodwin

With a sunny and warm four-day weekend in store for the 4th of July, Mary and Denise decided to head to the mountains. Roughing it in a tent wouldn’t have been Denise’s first choice. She’d never camped before and was rather fond of the comforts of a good mattress and freshly washed sheets, but Mary won her over with talk of sitting around the campfire with a bottle of wine and watching a truly dark sky ablaze with stars. Besides, Denise thought, it’d be nice to get away from the stifling heat in the city.

She and Mary had been roommates since they’d started college three years ago. Under Mary’s mass of curly red hair there always seemed to be a plan brewing. It certainly kept things exciting. Though Denise was cute, in a petite ash blonde kind of way, she knew that most of the guys who came around their apartment dropped by for a taste of Mary’s sizzle and pop. Both girls had slender, short bodies with perky tits and cute, round rear ends but Mary had the type of personality that lit up a room. Denise managed to get a guy into her bed whenever the mood struck her, no problem there, but she knew the pickings wouldn’t have had near the quantity or quality if they weren’t coming around to see Mary.

They’d planned this trip without guys, just the two of them, a chance to catch a little sanity break. The first night was everything Mary had said it would be, a blazing fire, fine wine, lots of giggles and an amazing sky. Between the wine and the night air Denise didn’t have any trouble falling asleep in the tent.

They spent the next day hiking and exploring, which was sweaty fun. Late in the afternoon they cooled off by skinny dipping in a small cold pond deep in the woods. Denise was startled by how big Mary’s pink nipples were when they were erect and fascinated by the pattern of freckles on her otherwise creamy white skin. Denise’s blonde pubic hair was so sparse that Mary couldn’t resist asking her when she thought she was going to become a woman. Back in the gym showers that type of joking always bothered Denise, but with Mary it was just good-natured ribbing. They found themselves in a rousing splash fight that came to a quick end when they heard the thunder.

Tossing their underwear into their knapsacks, the girls donned their tee shirts, shorts and shoes and scurried back to the campsite, as the clouds grew darker and the sky more threatening. Moments after they dived inside their tent the sky opened and sheets of rain began pouring down punctuated by increasingly loud crashes of thunder. When the first bright flash of lightning lit up the tent, Denise jumped and began quivering. Mary reached over and hugged her blonde friend.

“Hey, D, it’s gonna be okay,” she whispered.

Denise was struggling to keep from crying but there was still a quaver in her voice as she pulled Mary tighter.
“It’s so loud.”

Mary returned the intensity of the hug. With only the thin cloth of their tee shirts between their breasts, she could feel Denise’s firm springy tit flesh pressing into her own. Thrilling little waves of lust began coursing through her young body. She took Denise’s head in her hands and stared into the frightened slate blue eyes. Denise stared back into Mary’s bright green eyes, finding reassurance, strength and something more. Mary’s body heat began to excite her. When the redhead’s soft lips reached for her own, Denise returned the kiss with passion. Her mouth opened to Mary’s probing tongue and soon her own tongue was erotically wrestling with the slippery invader.

A blast of thunder caused them to grasp each other even tighter, deepening their soulful kiss, mashing their sweet breasts together. Their hands began to explore the smooth flesh beneath their tee shirts and before long the restrictive cloth lay on the tent floor, followed quickly by their shorts. They pressed their young, naked bodies together as flashes of lightning cast crazy shadows on their silky skin. For a few moments they rolled around the tent floor in this nude embrace until Mary ended up on top, pressing her coppery bush into Denise’s prominent pubic mound. The blonde released a low, long moan as she began rubbing her pussy up against Mary’s. For several minutes they groaned with passion as their horny cunts ground against each other in a delicious dance of desire. Their cute ass cheeks clenched and unclenched with each pelvic twist and turn.

Mary broke off their crotch clenching and slid up Denise’s slim blonde body until her crimson-fringed cunt was right over the blonde’s face. She turned around to face Denise’s feet and lowered her curly head between her friend’s shapely legs. Denise felt a spasm of sexual electricity surge through her body as Mary’s tongue slid along her slit. Reaching up to grab Mary’s muscular round butt, she brought the red bush down on her face and began sucking on the pink cunt lips. Mary’s muffled moans of pleasure and increased tongue work drove Denise even deeper into the redhead’s pussy.

Locked together between each other’s warm thighs, the young girls licked and sucked each other’s salty-sweet cunts, their hips writhing with pleasure, both lost in the stormy seas of lust. Building waves of passion rippled through their slender frames, pushing them ever deeper into their oral efforts, causing their pelvises to rock to a frenzied beat as the orgasm rose within each flushed body and they strained and struggled for release.

The thunder rolled, jagged forks of lightning flashed and torrents of rain pounded the fabric of the tent but within a different form of storm was brewing. Two short, slim females in their early twenties were locked together in a mutual race toward orgasm. Their muffled groans mingled with the thunder, their sweat soaked writhing bodies reflected each flash of lightning and an orgasmic tsunami pounded against each girl’s rippling cunt walls. Their bodies stiffened almost simultaneously, their cries of passion were hot against their spasm-racked pussies. They fell to their sides, panting and gasping, now more than roommates, more than friends. They had shared the storm and things would never be the same.

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