Back Seat Hussle

Author: Steph

Leeann followed Shauna out of the bar and into the parking lot, the cool, night air slipped up her skirt, tickling her damp inner thighs and pussy. She pushed her red hair out of her eyes and behind her ear. The memory of Shauna’s licking, finished only moments ago in the ladies’ room, made her hot. Her bare nipples rubbed against the inside of her blouse adding to her overall arousal.

Leeann watched Shauna’s long, thick hair sway against her wide ass.
Her tight jeans hugged every curve and emphasized the size and roundness of each butt cheek. She had never felt attracted to a woman, but Shauna was different. Her plump, earth-motherly figure suited her; the raw, unashamed, womanly love she had generously given made her radiant in Leeann’s eyes.

“I’m parked in the corner,” Shauna said. She pointed to a corner of the lot with a broken light.

Leeann giggled nervously; all she could think about doing was getting her face in Shauna’s pussy and making her scream in delight. The mere thought of being able to satisfy Shauna, made her own pussy tingle; her nipples hardened to complete erection. With every step, Leeann’s blouse chaffed her nipples causing a delicious little pain. Her throat was tight with anticipation. Suddenly, Leeann worried that her lack of experience would leave Shauna unsatisfied. She could not fail. Tonight, Leeann wanted nothing more than to satisfy this Godsend, this goddess. Shauna appeared just when she needed a friend and a lover the most. She promised herself that she would do whatever it took to satiate her new friend’s sexual appetite. She would not let her down.

As they got closer to the car, Leeann could see that the car was big, old Lincoln. In her memory of high school dating, she could practically smell the leather and imagine the big bench seats. Leeann looked at Shauna again; there was something so delicious about her Shauna’s round ass, broad shoulders, wide hips and heavy breasts made her breathe hard.

Shauna got the keys out of her pocket.

Leeann could not resist. She moved closer to Shauna and put her arm around her new friend’s waist. When Shauna stopped to unlock the door of the Lincoln, Leeann stepped in behind her, put both arms around her waist and hugged her. She gave a tight squeeze, dropped her hands to the front of Shauna’s thighs and gave a little rub.

“Darlin’! Oh, that feels nice.” Shauna turned around and, leaning against the car, returned the hug. Shauna started gently nuzzling the redhead’s ear.

Leeann felt like she was quickly spinning out of control. Shauna knew exactly how to push her buttons. She knew how to put her in a thoughtless hyper-emotional frenzied sexual state. Her power, her comfort, her size, her spiritual warmth were more intoxicating than any amount of wine. She felt her head swim and her spine go soft. Oh mother, Leeann thought. I would get naked and bay at the moon for this woman. Leeann felt Shauna’s heavy breasts press against her and her sexual aura envelop her. Leeann kissed Shauna. The big woman’s lips were so soft, so loving. Her tongue was gentle; her cheeks were smooth. Leeann knew only that it all felt so right. When their lips parted, Leeann’s breathing was short and labored as if she had been running.

“Oh Darlin’ did you say you’d never done this before, because I sure wouldn’t have guessed that.”

“It’s all you,” Leeann confessed. “Really. I mean, the way you licked me in there. The way you’ve been so nice to me.” Leeann felt a lump in her throat and a tear formed at the corner of her eye. “No one has ever been so nice to me, I mean without expecting anything in return. It makes me want to do anything for you, and everything for you.” She let out a little sob.

“Darlin’ don’t cry, don’t cry.” Shauna pulled the redhead’s cheek to her voluptuous breast and comforted her, smoothing her hair. “There’s nothing to cry about.” Shauna gave her a quick squeeze. “Come on. Let’s get into the car.”

Once inside Shauna didn’t even get the car started when Leeann slide across the seat and began planting kisses on her throat. “Oh Shauna, what do you want, Baby? Tell me what I can do to please you.” Leeann’s hand drifted to Shauna’s bosom and began unbuttoning her shirt. Four quick buttons later, Leeann’s hands crept over the large silky bra cup, searching for a nipple to tweak.

Shauna let out a little gasp, and Leeann knew that she was on the right track. She undid the fifth button, and pushed her shirt wide open. One at a time, Leeann stretched the cups to pull her breasts free. In the dim light, Shauna’s massive breasts flowed out of her shirt, exposing semi-erect nipples. Leeann put her lips to one nipple. She gently flicked her tongue against the nipple, once, then again. Shauna inhaled sharply and Leeann went in for the kill she pressed her whole mouth against the nipple and sucked, harder this time. With her free hand, she played with Shauna’s other breast. She found the nipple, rubbed and gently squeezed. Leeann sucked the nipple hard and came up only to kiss Shauna full on the mouth.

“I need to lick you, Baby, and I want to do it now. Here, in the car.”

It was Shauna’s turn to start breathing hard. “In the car? Oh Darlin’ that’s one of my absolute biggest turn ons. How did you know?”

“I don’t know anything; I only know that I need to please you. Now come on.” Leeann insisted. “Now, I want you to take your jeans off. I don’t mean pull then down around your ankles. I mean take them off and toss them in the back seat. I want to see your big gorgeous body naked and jiggling with the pleasure that I give you.”

Shauna took a deep breath. Leeann’s hot talk made her wet and horny. As she listened, she too was wanted nothing more than to follow the redhead’s imagination. “Yes,” was all she could mutter. She reached down and unbuttoned her jeans. Slipping off her shoes, she then wiggled out of her jeans, and tossed them in the back seat

Leeann stared as Shauna took off her shirt and bra, and with a mischievous grin tossed them into the back seat too. Leeann’s mouth watered at the site of Shauna’s large naked body. The abundance of Shauna’s soft flesh was compelling; she wanted to dive in, face first and let it surround her, comfort her. She wanted to lick and tickle and tease Shauna until she screamed with pleasure. The sight of Shauna’s black thong underwear against her pale skin almost made her cum on the spot.

Leeann started with her hands. She placed a hand on her soft beefy thigh, and another on her breast. She put her mouth oh Shauna’s big shoulder and gave a gentle nibble. From her thigh, Leeann slid her hand down to Shauna’s thong covered pussy.

“I’ll need to get that off.”

“No, I want to do it,” Leeann said. “But first you need to get your knees up on the seat.”


Leeann guided the big woman so that she was on all fours on the front seat, her ass facing Leeann. She lightly ran her fingernails from the backs of Shauna’s knees to the crack of her wide ass. Her thong, wedged deeply into her ass crack, accentuated the size of each cheek. The sight thrilled Leeann; she was in awe of the pure amount of warm smooth flesh. She leaned forward and hugged Shauna’s ass, pressing her face against one plush ass cheek. Leeann pressed her wet lips on Shauna’s ass then gave a little nibble.

Shauna moaned.

Leeann helped Shauna out of her thong. When it was free of her feet, Leeann held it up and figured there was enough material there to tie up someone. She hung the flimsy underwear from the rearview mirror.
As she caressed Shauna’s ass with one hand, she slid the other between her legs. They both groaned with pleasure. Leeann found Shauna’s cleanly shaven pussy sopping wet and sensitive.

“Lick me, please, Darlin’. Lick me now.”

Leeann quickly guided Shauna’s knees apart, flipped on her back, and slid her face under Shauna’s waiting pussy. More than a little nervous about licking pussy for the first time, she took a deep breath. After the body-racking orgasm Shauna had given her, Leeann was determined to tongue-fuck her into ecstasy.

She put her arms around Shauna’s ass, pulled the weight of her body onto her face, and began licking. When her mouth first touched pussy, the taste and tangy feeling it left on her tongue intrigued her. She started licking fervently, randomly licking Shauna all over then calmed down. She thought about what she wanted in a licking and slowly did the same to Shauna. She dug her tongue into Shauna’s cunt and swirled it around.

The big woman moaned. “Oh yeah Darlin’ that’s it; right there.”
With her hands still roaming over Shauna’s ass, she began to scratch lightly as she licked.

Shauna moaned. “Don’t stop, Darlin’. Ohhhhh, it feels so good. Lick me, lick me, lick me.” Leeann kept licking and let her fingernails dance lightly between Shauna’s ass cheeks. Shauna moaned loudly and Leeann had a suspicion. She danced her fingernails further down and over her asshole.

“Oh yeah! Right there, Darlin’. Right THERE!”

Her mouth, chin, and nose were covered with Shauna’s love juice. Leeann lapped Shauna’s cunt as fast as she could while massaging one broad ass cheek and rubbing her asshole.

“I’m gonna cum, gonna cum, gonna cum!”

Leeann felt Shauna’s pussy, belly, and thighs tremble; she licked harder and massaged her asshole harder. She wondered if this was it or if Shauna might possibly lick her again later.

Shauna let out a guttural moan then stiffened. “Oh, oh, oh, OH YEAH!”
Leeann felt the extra juice on her face. She tried to keep up, licking as much as she could. She stopped licking, waited, and then gave Shauna another lick.

“Oh! Stop that, and come here.”

They wiggled, maneuvered, and rolled around the front seat until they were face to face. The big woman bear-hugged Leeann. “Yum,” she said. She kissed ear and licked her own excess juice from Leeann’s face.

“Oh Darlin’, that was wonderful.” She pulled Leeann’s face to deep cleavage and stroked her soft red hair. “Truly, I can’t wait to get us back to my place.”

“Me either,” Leeann replied.

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