Misspent but fun youth

Author: Goblin

   I’m not a virginal little straight-laced nun. My husband and I have played around a little with ropes and Dominatrix/submissive role playing in the bedroom in the past. I enjoyed the hell out of it but in time it seemed just what it was, just play, and it never became a regular thing. It never really entered my mind that it could be an actual lifestyle thing. But now I’m thinking why not? If it turns me on and it turns him on?

   This didn’t come about overnight. I didn’t turn instantly from a contented, submissive and tame wife into a wanna-be bitch-goddess dominatrix. Power in my hands in a sexual relationship has always been a turn-on for me. Let me tell you a little about my sexual past.

In college I dated a big dumb stud that liked to eat pussy more than he liked to fuck. I really had no feelings for him above my waistline. One drunken night I tied him to my four bedposts and blindfolded him. I sat on his face and tongue for a while and was having a smoke and playing with his hard prick when I heard my two roommates come in. I left the room and over a beer we decided that each of them should go in and stick their pussies in his face for a little good-night kiss.

The first went in and we waited outside a few minutes and our curiosities were killing us so we had to peek in the door. I guess that hard prick was still sticking up when she went in because she was riding it like a cowboy. She reached an orgasm with a little squeal and sort of went into a fetal position while still straddling him.

“Ummm” was all she said after a short pause and she walked on her knees up to his face and stuck her pussy in his mouth. It wasn’t as messy as it could have been because he didn’t come until her pussy was in his face. It spurted up and almost hit her in her bare ass. We had to go in and pull her greedy ass off after about 10-15 minutes so the other roommate could have a turn.

He seemed a little stunned and speechless with the three of us there in the room, him tied spread eagle and blindfolded with pussy juices all over his face. I asked him if he was enjoying the gang bang and he said yes in a low tone with a little quiver in his voice.

Roommate two told him she was going to get a washcloth and come back and clean him off and then fuck him. “OK” was all he said, again in a low voice. We played around a little with his now limp dick, saying “come on boy, there’s work to be done, UP!” and the like and it worked. And why shouldn’t a twenty-year-old be able to maintain a hard-on when he’s being tied-up and gang-banged by three women of the same age? We got him a beer and held it to his lips to drink for being such a good sport.

Roommate two came back in and wiped him down a bit and threw us out of the room. We of course watched from the door crack. She took her clothes off and talking the whole time straddled him and first stuck her nipples in his mouth one at a time. “A little harder” she was saying “I love to have my nipples sucked, sends tingles down my spine.”

Next she moved her pussy to his face and told him to put his tongue in as deep as it would go and come out slow and begin working her clit slowly. After a moment she said stop, and she moved down and guided his dick into herself. She sat straight upright and said how good that felt and held that position for a few minutes looking straight up. I realized she was having an orgasm when I saw her shudder a bit and then start breathing again.

Then she stretched out on top of him and began fucking him, her hips attaining quite a bit of speed and violence. After a few minutes she too let out a squeal, much in contrast to the first orgasm, went stiff, and was still for a moment in which he too reached his orgasm.

Now she said to him “I cleaned all the come off of you and out of you. You’d do the same for me wouldn’t you?” He said sure, and she got up and took her dripping pussy back to his face and jammed it into it. At one point she said she was giving a little of his cum back because he might need it for another time.

I was so turned on by this whole scene that when roommate two was done I went in and tried to get him hard for one more fuck but he couldn’t do it. I first took his clothes to the living room and tossed them behind the couch and then I let him go. He was a little pissed about the clothes thing so I did let him borrow my pink bathrobe to go to the bathroom.

I waited for him in the living room with the roommates and when he came out I called to him to bring us all another round of beers and he came out and sat with us in that frilly bathrobe and drank a beer, then got dressed and went home.

He was a little weirded out by the experience but he couldn’t resist coming back around and who can blame him? All that school year we treated him like the house whore, all of us fucking him, sometimes as a group, when it was convenient or when we couldn’t find anything better to have sex with at the moment. I loved to call him late at night and tell him to come over for a fuck, but bring some beer. We never actually dated again, but I got to keep his dick all year.

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