Julias Windfall

Author: Dan

Julia couldn’t believe it when she was named in a relative’s will and inherited a huge amount of money. She was single and forty and lived alone in a comfortable house in a large city. She wasn’t unattractive she was just particular and so far she hadn’t found a man who had measured up to her standards and her special sexual needs.

She’d never had much money but managed to live a fairly decent lifestyle however luxuries were usually out of the question except on very special occasions. But now Julia could virtually afford anything she wanted and what she wanted more than anything was to fulfill her sexual fantasies, one by one. She had a liking for black men and found them extremely arousing whenever she happened to see them around the town.

Julia decided that she would hire herself a couple of big black studs for an evening of outrageous and decadent sex. She had seen advertisements in the classifieds and started studying them until she found one for a male stable who seemed to be available to do anything and everything. She rang and arranged to have two big black boys come over to her place on Saturday night.

She dressed in a sexy little see through dress and wore a daring g-string and high heels to show off her long legs. She had set up a massage table in the living room and lit scented candles and put on her favorite music and poured herself a stiff drink. Ding-dong went the doorbell and the time had arrived for her night of sin and debauchery.

When she opened the door there they stood, just as she had ordered. They were both tall black, muscular and very good looking.

“Come in gentlemen,” she said.

They followed her into the room and introduced themselves as John and Leroy.

“We’ll have a drink first” she said. “Scotch okay?”

They both accepted their drinks and they all sat down on the couch together.

“Did the agency tell you what I require?” she asked.

Leroy replied, “They sure did honey and I for one can’t wait to get started.”

He ran his finger up and down the inside of her thigh as he said it and leaned over and kissed her mouth and she could feel his hot sweet breath on her neck.

“I’m looking forward to my massage first” she said and Leroy helped her rise and she turned around so he could undo the zip on her skimpy little dress. As it fell to the floor both he and John appraised her beauty and Leroy touched his crutch in a most suggestive way.

John picked her up and laid her down on the table and grabbed a bottle of body oil. She told them both to get undressed and she lay and watched them get naked which was an awesome sight. They were absolutely beautiful and both had big cocks that were growing slowly revealing their hot libidos and lusty sex drive.

Leroy began to pour oil all over Julia’s naked waiting body and John sat down right in front of her and began to play with his dick and say filthy things to her. Leroy’s hands were big and warm and he massaged her slowly and concentrated on her butt, squeezing it and running his oily fingers along the crack in her cheeks.

She rolled over and both men stood over her rubbing their cocks on her breasts and her belly. She grabbed one of the big hard things and started to suck on it and lick and nibble the huge balls at the end. John got up on the table with her and started to eat her hot wet pussy, his tongue darting in and out of her tight little hole, his teeth gently biting at her clit.

Leroy was touching her breasts squeezing and pinching at her rock hard nipples and Julia was in sheer ecstasy. The men swapped places and Leroy told her he was going to fuck her and she got up on her knees so he could enter her incredibly horny dripping wet cunt.

She felt like a slut and that was just what she wanted. “Fuck me you beast, fuck my little white cunt” Julia groaned.

She steeled herself for the impalement and when it came it felt like a hot steel rod burning through her aching loins.

Leroy had hold of her hips and he was ramming his huge prick in and out of Julia’s tight wet hole sweating and grunting. He grabbed her by her long hair and gently pulled her head up so John could shove his big fuck stick in her mouth.

“You want this bitch,” said John and he rubbed his cock over her face and poked it in her mouth and she lapped at it and sucked it hard causing him to growl like a wild animal in extreme pleasure. She was being mauled and totally abused by them both and she loved every minute of it, it was the thing that turned her on the most and she couldn’t wait for the onslaught of cum that was fast approaching.

John started cumming, the load at first shooting into her throat and then he pulled out his throbbing cock and sprayed her all over her face with it. His hot man juice was dripping off her chin and running hotly down her neck and John was wanking his prick and the sight of it still shooting sperm made her cry out that she was cumming too. It came from deep inside her and rose up in intense fiery waves as Leroy fucked himself into a lust driven orgasmic frenzy. He made a deep noise in his throat as he began to ejaculate into her throbbing wet hole almost reeling from the intensity of it thumping against his prick. When he pulled his cock out he spurted the hot juice all over her bum and her back and rubbed his prick up and down against her ass.

After the men left Julia was completely sated and she crossed off the first fantasy on her long list and started thinking about the next one as she masturbated herself to sleep and to her dreams of the devil that drove her to do such wicked things.

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