The adventures of a Short Willied man part 1

Author: Art Poindexter

The Adventures of a Short Willied Man

Chapter 1

I was born small 53 years ago. To add injury to that biological fact, they did not leave me uncut.

Now this is not a story of deprivation and despair. I lead a full life, have sown my wild oats, and was in a stable and faithful marriage for over thirty years. I am now single, but not by choice.

Three years ago the wife and I decided that while we loved each other, our sexual attraction to each other had diminished. We agreed that we needed to try another life style, and we researched the swinging scene.

We mistakenly thought that we would have trouble finding entrée into the local scene, if it even existed. We live in a small town in a rural part of our state. The population is about 48,000 living beings, mostly human. I began to talk about the lifestyle with my lunch mates at work. I just expressed an interest, and wondered what It would be like to Swing.

Three days later, Lenny approached me. Lenny is a foreman in our shop, and a member of our church. While we are acquaintances, we never socialized with him and his wife, outside of church functions.

Lenny said he heard that I was curious about the lifestyle. I agreed that I was, and he then asked if my wife was also curious.

I told him yes, she was. Lenny then invited us to our first party. It was being held in a hotel, two towns over. Each couple was responsible for their own room, but was expected to chip in for the added expenses. The rooms were all adjacent to each other, and

there were adjoining doors. The wife and I were to be the fifth couple.

I went home, somewhat excited, and grabbed my wife, held her while I told her about the invitation. She was at first shocked that we were being invited, but she soon warmed to the idea, and strangely, to me. She forgot dinner, and led me upstairs to the bedroom. She told me to undress, and get into bed. Well, okay, no woman would ever have to tell me that twice, having learned that from my mother.

She took something out of her dresser, and left the room, telling me to close my eyes. Three minutes later she returned and stood close to the bed, I could smell perfume, and something else. Se told me open my eyes, and there she stood, five feet five inches tall, but wait, she seemed taller. Yes she was wearing a pair of stiletto heels. Where did they come from? What she was not wearing was even more interesting. All she had on was a thong, a mesh thong.

Well, guess who showed himself, none other that the wee man, Willie. There he stood in all his glory, four and 1/4 inches. My wife, always somewhat oral, made a bee line for Willie and engulfed him. She deep throated him, not as difficult as it sounds, and began to suck and lick him like a kid going after a lollipop. I generally take a bit of time to cum, but she had me squirting like a fifteen year old on his first heavy date. She in fact swallowed for the first time in our long relationship. This was getting interesting.

Before I could say a word, she pummeled over me and landed squarely with her snatch over my face. I have never seen her so aggressive. This was exciting me and guess who returned for another appearance?

She sat, I ate, she came, and I was rock hard. I was also unprepared for her next acrobative move. She dismounted my face and mounted Willie, in the upright, giddyap position. She began to move up and down, then swirl around on Willie, this was so exiting I began to reciprocate her moves. She came again in record time, and her load vocal release drove me over the edge as well.

Hey twice in twenty minutes, when was the last time I was able to do that?

After we were both satiated, I looked at her and she just laughed. I asked where this sudden passion came from, and she smiled, telling me not to take it the wrong way, but the invitation was a long time fantasy coming true for her. She said she loved me and Willie, but she wanted more out of life. Little did I realize that she wanted “more.”

Chapter 2

Where was I, when you left?

Right, it was when the wife rewarded me with her passionate lovemaking, something I haven’t seen from her in years. I should have been

aware that my life was going to change in ways I never expected.

The wife stands at 5’5, she is a little pudgy but cute at 140 pounds. Her skin is youthful, and clear. Her hair is red going toward brown, with the grey successfully concealed. Her breasts are medium size, say a 34C going on D. She has a cute pooch of a tummy, and she shaves her bush. She only started shaving when the natural color went to grey. Her best feature is a valentine shaped rear end. Her body and the length of her legs are proportionate to each other. At the age of 50, truly not a bad package.

Personality wise she is calm, caring and loving, in a relaxed way. Our relationship lasted longer than most and was strife free. Our children are grown, out of the home, and are living their own lives.

What about me? You know my age, 53, I stand tall at 5’9. I used to be 5’9 1/2. I weigh more than I should, but I appear to be just some what overweight, not porky. My hair is silver, thinning and cut short, like someone I told you about. I am easy to be around, I dislike confrontational behavior, and find self proclaimed experts a great source of amusement. if I can’t take myself seriously, I will not take anyone else either.

Now you have an idea of who we were, three years ago, when Lenny gave us the biggest invite of our lives.

You are really waiting to hear what happened at the hotel, correct?

Now for the rest of the chapter.

The party was set to begin at 6:30pm, the Saturday after Lenny’s invitation. Each couple traveled on their own to the hotel. Lenny arranged the room rentals and each couple had an envelope waiting for them at check in. The envelope contained an invitation to meet at the restaurant across the hotel parking lot.

When we arrived at the restaurant we were escorted to a private dining room where three other couples were waiting. The first couple was Lenny and his wife Laraine. Lenny was 43 years old, tall at 6’1, light hair with blue eyes. He looked fit and was fairly trim. His wife, actually his second wife, was 30 years old, 5’7, about 130 pounds, a bottle blond, but rackalicious, with a flat tummy, and round ass. She was a delight on the eyes. Her conversational skills were limited, but no one was there for the conversation.

The second couple were strangers to us, his name was Karl and he was a friend of Lenny. Karl was 50 years old, 5’5, totally bald by choice, with brown piercing eyes. Karl was of average build at first glance, and was prone to dominating conversations. Again no one was there for the conversation. His lady was not his wife, but his secretary Janine. She was quite cute, 28years of age, clear of complexion and she had the lightest blue eyes I every looked into. Her hair was flaming red, and her breasts were firm and natural. I think she can type, but who cares.

Couple number three was a surprise, the wife and I knew them both. In fact I knew Bob from the day of his birth, Bob is my younger brother. His wife Carrie is my sister-in-law. Bob is three years younger than me, and you would recognize us as brothers immediately. We share body types and are close in height and weight. Bob was enriched, where I was cheated. Carrie is somewhat plain in appearance. she is 5’6, slim, with small breasts, and a small ass. You wouldn’t notice her in the supermarket, but the wrapping isn’t everything. Carrie was 44 at the time, mother of two, and a housewife. Our relationship with my brother and his wife was always cordial, but we were not overly familiar with them outside of family gatherings.

We all ordered drinks, and dinner. Lenny said we would wait for the fifth couple, before discussing the festivities to follow.

Just then, the fifth couple arrived. We were shocked, and left speechless. Lenny had them arrive last for a reason He introduced Charlene and Jerri to the group. At first all were speechless, but the possibilities dawned on each one of us, and the two ladies were welcomed.

Charlene and Jerri were both 5’4 inches tall. Charlene’s hair was light brown, Jerri turned out to be a natural blond. They both were fit and had large breasts. The seemed almost like a pair of bookends. They were also bi, and very friendly.

Lenny then started the meeting. He introduced everyone and told us that he and Laraine had previously been in a swinging scene with Karl and Janine. Karl said that he and his girlfriend have been in the style for several years. Bob and Carrie told us that they have been involved for six years and they were glad the I and the wife were there, they have looked forward to an encounter with us for years, but never saw a sign that we would be receptive.

Lenny said that he and Laraine have been in the scene for their entire marriage, and they had actually met at an orgy.

We told our new friends that we were new to this and asked them to be gentle with us. Everyone laughed and the word “gentle” seemed to amuse all.

Charlene and Jerri told us that they were both married, to men who did not wish to be in the lifestyle. They met as college roommates and their friendship has endured. They agreed that sex with all the participants would be welcome. My wife’s eyes lit up like a Xmas tree. What did I not know about this woman?

See you in the next chapter.

The Adventures of a Short Willied Man

By Art Poindexter (copyright 2005)

Chapter 3

We all became acquainted over dinner and some drinks. No one was hitting the booze, staying sober was the rule. Lenny was the acknowledged moderator for the evening. He set the one and laid out the rules for the encounter. Three rooms had adjoining doors and they were going to be our play house. The ladies would get comfortable in one room the men in another. The mattresses from the three rooms would be brought into the first room. If any couples or groups wanted a private playroom they would have to go to one of the other two rooms.

So far this sounded exciting. With ten people this scene could become complicated. Each person had the right not to be touched by shaking their head no. In the common play area it is assumed that that anyone can join in with others. Female/female or male/male contact is appropriate if both parties are willing. Couples or groups can leave for a private session, but the person’s significant can not object if not invited. Problems are not dealt with here. Lenny knows his business.

We all eyed each other, and finally cute Janine broke the ice when she got up, went to each man, and licked each one of us in the ear. Everyone got the message and away we went.

We split up, and brought what ever clothes and toys we wanted back to the “dressing” rooms. The men brought the mattresses into the play room while the women made themselves “more comfortable”, (couldn’t resist the 60’s reference.

We all gathered and Lenny said that he understood that since we all really have not partied together as a group he and Laraine would start off. They put the cliché of clichés Barry White, on the stereo.

They both removed their robes, Lenny was half risen and embraced the standing Laraine. They began kissing and grinding into each other as they sank onto the mattresses.

The rest of started to fondle our partners as the robes became undone and then discarded. Still everyone was watching Lenny and Laraine as they began their foreplay. Lenny was message one breast as he rubbed her mound. She held a firm grip on his now extended 7 incher.

Things began to heat up on the mattress and around the room. Karl was standing as Janine kneeled in front of him and was sucking on his equally long tool. This was getting me very excited and the wife kept staring at both men. Now and then she would sneak a peak at my shortie, and I at once had a realization that I was the odd man out in the size department. This was confirmed when I glanced at brother Bob.

Bob had Carrie bent over, touching her toes, while he was rubbing his dick against her pussy. Bob was standing at least eight inches behind her, and he was making contact.

The two girls were fingering each other and would take turns licking each others breasts.

I was slowly stroking, as my wife sat mesmerized by what she saw, heard and smelled. She began fingering herself, and whispered to me, “Can we play with the others?”

What a choice of words, which I will remember for ever.

I need a moment to myself before I can continue…..

Chapter 4

Thanks for waiting.

The wife surprised me when she walked past Karl and Janine and knelt down besides Charlene and Jerri. She was tentative at first, but Jerri took the wife’s hand and placed it over Charlene’s pussy and then rubbed Charlene with the wife’s hand. This encourages her and she began to jill Charlene, as Jerri sits back and watches.

Jerri then eased the wife on her back and started to suck on each breast in their turn. Jerri, got between the wife’s legs, parted her lips and began to suck and lick first her lips, than her clit. Suddenly she inserted two fingers into the pussy causing the wife to gasp, moan

and then shriek, as first shaking orgasm of the evening hit her.

While my fantasy of seeing my wife with another woman is realized, with two women yet, I am shocked. This is a sudden liberation, I have not had any sexual experiences outside of the marriage, and now the entire world is opened to me.

My brother notices that I am alone and a little bewildered. He comes over to me with my sister-in-law Carrie. He smiles and she smiles. I smile back. Carrie gives me a hug. Her small breasts are pushed up against me, she is warm, and whispers that it okays for me touch her. Bob smiles, nods and says “We want you to….”

Carrie always struck me as reserved, not a sensual person and not a swinger. I truly never had any sexual fantasy in which she starred. But her tender approach and her obvious interest in me released any inhibition towards her.

I started to kiss her face, she offered her lips. We began to kiss passionately and she urged me to lay back. She lay next to me and started to rub my chest with her hand. Bob is on her other side and he is massaging her back. In an electric moment she fondled my woodie. That inspired me and I reached down to her pussy. She was wet and hot. As I kept fingering her she began to breathe raggedly. Bob was concentrating on one breast and was playing with her ass.

Carrie eased me on my back and mounted me. She was fucking me with a passion. I was fucking her back. I did look around to see what other action was going on. I notice that the wife was in a ‘69’ with Jerri, and she wildly abandoned herself in the other woman’s snatch. Jerri was pretty enthusiastic herself.

As Carrie and I family bonded, Bob went over to the wife and Jerri. He began to carress the wife and she accepted his touches. I turned away and really concentrated on what Carrie and I were accomplishing. She was close, and I was closer. We ended together, she was tearful, and I was amazed. We hugged. Carrie started to say how should had wanted me for years and how she never had the courage to give any sign because of the family relationship. I lied and told her that I always felt a desire, but played cool for the same reason. Carrie said that she and Bob would like a private session with me and the wife, soon.

While we hugged together I watched the wife, Jerri and Bob going at it.

The wife was on top of Jerri, still in the ‘69’ with Bob behind her with his dick firmly planted in her pussy. The wife is getting fucked and sucked at the same time, with a look of utter contentment on her face.

Still looking about Karl and Lenny were on their knees fucking Laraine and Janine doggy style. It seems that they were in some sort of completion to get their women off.

At that moment Charlene came over to us and asked if she could join. She looked at the willie, smiled and said she always appreciated the compact models. Well willie never heard that before and began to respond. Charlene then went down on willie and coaxed him back into the game. Charlene had excellent oral skills and gave willie the attention he craved.

At my stage of the game, like I previously mentioned, I do not rise to the occasion that I would have 25 years earlier. But rise and come I did.

The action petered out and the wife came over to hug me. She was flushed with excitement. She asked if I was alright with her performing with others and if I was freaked out by having sex with the in-laws.

I smiled and indicated there were no problems here.

Chapter 5

Round One was over, if anyone felt embarrassed, ashamed or humiliated I could not detect it. I looked around at the other members of our new group and notice only smiles and a satisfied looks upon all of them, the wife seemed especially buoyant, I was totally amazed with myself.

Lenny and Laraine broke out the refreshments, soft drinks, a variety of cheeses and crackers. No alcohol, the last thing you would want at this party is someone’s demons being released.

Karl announced that he and Lenny have devised a treat for the party, A glory hole. What a concept, what a crazy idea, in a motel. Now did they drill a hole in the walls? No they brought a wooden panel to cover the opening between the adjoing rooms. In the center they cut a round hole, at the appropriate height.

Everyone was silent for three seconds, and then the chatter level rose. Lenny explained that all are welcome to service and be serviced. Anyone is free to participate or not, and that this is anonymous, no one on either side is to announce who they are when they chose to perform.

We divided by sex, no make that gender. The four men were on one side, the six women on the other. Lenny was the first one to approach the hole. He was erect and ready. There was some giggling on the girls’ side, and then Lenny kind of shuddered when a mouth engulfed him. She was using her tongue and Lenny started to moan. Just as suddenly as it started it stopped. Lenny was confused, but he then felt fingers wrap around his pecker, and the hand job commenced. The pumping continued for about four minutes and stopped. Lenny did not have time to think, as two tongues began working on him. He was so close, and they were so determined to bring him off, that he lost control and sprayed the two helpful ladies.

Lenny backed off from the hole and Bob moved up. He was dripping pre-cum, the scene had so excited him. Rather than feel a mouth, tongue of hand, he found himself embedded in a rather moist pussy. The pussy and its owner began a rhythmic back and forth movement, which Bob began to emulate. The heavy breathing, slight moaning and rapid movements from the lady only excited Bob and he shot his load.

Karl and I look at each other and he waives me to the hole. I step up and produce my Willie. I hear some whispers and feel somewhat embarrassed because only an inch or so is coming through the opening.

As I stood there I prayed that someone would show a little attention and not humiliate me. And my prayer was answered. A Florence Nightingale wrapped her lips around Willies head and proceeded to suck and lick it. The feeling was so intense I let loose more quickly than I would have wished. My partner did not release me on discharge, but swallowed my offering and then licked me clean. The other ladies applauded her. I was ever so thankful.

Karl, the last man standing approached the hole, and was met by a waiting mouth which began to minister too his needs. The mouth was then joined by a hand which began to wank away on him. This dual attack on his member brought on a quick crises and release.

Well were we through with the glory hole? No a slight knock on the barrier, caused us to look, and we saw a brown eye winking at us. We men looked at each other, and Lenny nodded that he would address the request.

Lenny teased her anus with his fingers and noted that it was already lubed. Through the hole he went, the lovely ass backed up , and with an adjustment on her part, was entered. Lenny was hard, but some what satiated from the first encounter at the hole. He kept plunging until she stiffened and stopped. She whispered to another woman on her side to move her fingers faster over her clit. The women then picked up her pace, half moaned and half screamed and pulled forward from Lenny.

While Lenny did not come, he enjoyed the ride. We all enjoyed watching and participating. I never knew what male bonding was, till that point in time.

The party continues in the next chapter.

Chapter 6

The Glory hole was removed and we reunited the two groups. Lenny announced that any couple or grouping were free to use the other rooms for private encounters.

The first one to make a move was the wife, she went over to first Karl and then Lenny, and stroked their peckers, and tilted her head in the direction of the other room. She glanced in my direction and gave me a somewhat embarrassed shrug as the three of them put on their robes and headed for our room.

Janine crawled over to me and placed my head upon her breast in consolation. Carrie slinks over, makes eye contact with Janine. They pull me up from the floor, gather our robes, and lead me to Janine’s room.

I am somewhat bewildered, and partially in shock. The wife had instigated a threesome, in private without me being invited. The realization that out exclusive bond had been undone made me feel adrift.

While trying to absorb this monumental piece of information, the two ladies began to explore each other. I don’t care what you may say about same sex love, the sight of two women going at each other is a real life fantasy come true.

The ladies were standing close together, in a lusty embrace. Janine was kissing Carrie’s neck and Carrie had her hands between Janine’s legs. This continued for several minutes until they retired to the king-size bed. Well old short Willie was as firm as a fifteen year old.

I did not need an invitation, as it occurred to me that Janine was a warm and beautiful person with a giving nature. This is someone you would want to have sex with. The kicker was my sister in law. She obviously had a repressed desire for me, going back years. This fifty year old man, with a short Willie to boot, doesn’t have a fan club, at least, one that he was aware of. Here were two women willing and eager to play with me. What a rush.

The women are lying on their sides, kissing and fondling each other’s pussies. From the sounds I gather that they are both moist. I move behind Carrie and begin to lick her ear and neck, she responds by handling Willie in a gentle manner. We continue like this for a while, until I reverse direction and begin to lick Carries snatch. Janine increases the pace of her finger within Carrie’s pussy, and adds a second finger.

Carrie is now very responsive to the double probes of her pussy and clit she starts moaning and thrashing her pussy into my face and Janine’s hand. As we increase the pace, she stops, and allows the orgasm to sweep over her. It rolls through her for a minute, and subsides. She is smiling and turns towards my pecker. She has me engulfed and her tongue is whirling across the head of the Willie. She is going at me with a passion I haven’t seen from anyone in years.

Janine is sitting at the foot of the bed, Indian style, with a finger rubbing her clit. She is totally absorbed by Carrie’s lust for Willie.

She begins to root Carrie on, telling her how cute that pecker looked being fucker by her mouth. She then came behind me and began to lick around my ass.

This was a shocker, NO ONE every did that before. The combination of the blow job and the ass exploration drove me over the edge. As I spurted Carrie forced her mouth to seal around Willie, and sucked back my come. She sucked until I softened. Janine at that point stopped her rear exploration and gave me a hug. She also decided to explore my withered Willie.

Janie was handling the little fellow, and commented on it cute features. This was heaven. Two women giving selflessly of themselves.

All I wanted to do now was return the favor.

And so I did. I laid Janine upon her back, spread her legs and dived into her muff like I’d never dived before. I licked, sucked, manipulated, fingered and tongued like I never did before. Janine knew that this was more than play, and she began to react more intensely. At one point she asked me to stop, and placed herself on all fours. I immediately got behind her and was about to place Willie in the regular place, when she reached under herself and aimed Willie at the Dark Continent. She whispered that she appreciate it more when done by a more petit Willie. Okay, Willie did have a selling point.

Enter I did, and began to fuck her first at a slow pace,, and then I notice her pace was increasing because Carrie was underneath her and had her mouth latched on to Janine clit. She was sucking that clit like a cock.

This drove me to plunge in as deeply as I could, as fast as I could. This drove Janine over the top, and I squirted whatever was left in my nut sack. I drifted off, and the next thing I knew, I was awake in bed with two women, all of us hugging.

What a night. Multiple partners, multiple sex, multiple questions.

Janine seeing I was awake kissed my cheek and said “Welcome to our world.” Carrie just looked up at me and squeezed me. She had a tear in her eye.

Chapter 7

We all met at the same restaurant that morning. Lenny announced that the encounter was a success and congratulated all concerned. We rejoined our original partners and checked out of the motel.

The ride home with the wife started out in silence. We drove for five minutes and I finally said “So…?”

The wife could not look me in the face. Thirty years of marriage and she could not look me in the face.

“Well, I had a great time” said I. “Who knew that Bob and Carrie had the hots for us?”

The wife turned toward me and with tears in her eyes she told me straight out… ”I still love you, but I am leaving you. I need something which you can’t give me.”

She went on to explain how she felt the difference between Little Willie and real cocks. She told me how she blew a huge one with a huge one in her mouth. The feeling of being filled made her feel like a woman. She told me that Lenny, Karl and Bob had her at once, totally occupying her mouth, ass and pussy. She was stretched and fulfilled at

the same time.

“Where are you going to live?” With Charlene and Jerri she replied. I pulled over to the side of the road and stared at her. My wife is telling me that I am so inadequate as a lover that she now has a preference for woman, and that a man has to be massive to satisfy her.

Now that I am totally crushed, she responds that she still loves me and would have no trouble making love to me. She said that she really was turned on by the women, and wants to fully explore that lifestyle. About the large cocks, well they did wake her up to a new dimension, pun now intended.

We drove home in silence. When we arrived home she went to pack her things. She told me that she did not want a divorce, but she wanted to move in with the girls.

My whole being and sense of self were destroyed. I wanted to swing, and here I am being swung at the end of my own rope.

I let her go, we divorced, amicably. What could I do, I opened the door and she walked through it.

That was three years ago. I am healed, restored and happy.

How that happened is the basis for the rest of my story.

Now the adventures begin.

Chapter 8

Brother Bob and I became quite close, because Carrie made sure that I was going to be okay. I began to see them on a regular basis. Carrie was concerned with my emotional devastation and insured that I did not loose confidence in my ability to perform sexually. Bob went along with me being a third person in their bedroom, and there were times when Carrie came to me on her own. I assume that Bob knew this, but I did not want to know. The last thing I wanted to do was break up their marriage. I had lust for Carrie, I even loved her, but like the song says I was not in love with her.

The first time we had an encounter was three week after the wife left. Bob called and asked if I was up to some company. I agreed and they came over in about twenty minutes. We drank a beer, and Carrie sat next to me on the couch, Bob put the television on. Carrie put her arm around me and kissed my cheek. She kissed me behind the ear, and let her hand stray to my crouch. The hand just sat there, until Little Willie responded. This was the first time in three weeks that a strangers hand had aroused him.

Bob was watching out of the corner of his eye, turned and asked me “Want to get more comfortable?” I took his meaning and noted the twinkle in his eye.

I led them to the former marital bed, now my bachelor’s launching pad. We all stripped down and landed in the bed. Carrie pushed me on my back, straddled me in reverse and began to engulf Willie. Bob stood by and rubbed her back. She reached out for his peter and began to stroke it. Carrie did a 180 degree turn and was still chomping on Willie, h ass up in the air. This was Bob’s signal to enter her from the rear. And enter he did with sufficient force to move Carrie and myself. As Bob pounded, Carrie sucked and swirled Willie. This had caused the crisis to a head, and I spurted for all I was worth. Carrie kept swallowing, while pushing back on Bob. His trigger was pulled, and as he came, Carrie came with him.

We a collapsed in a human pile and savored the action.

Bob asked if I was interested in a special session which went beyond swinging into the orgy scene. As I no longer had a swing partner, and was really not interested in starting a relationship with anyone, I asked him what the scene was like.

He told me that Karl runs an exclusive club which invites single or unattached men to play and party with mature and perhaps older women who are seekng fun outside of their marriages, with no strings attached. The women are all financially sound, everyone has to be tested for STD/Aids on a monthly basis, and Karl provides the testing.

The women do pay a club membership, but the men do not receive ay reward, outside of hot and raw sex with women who are horny.

Having nothing to lose, I agreed to call Karl.

Bob asked me not to mention it to Carrie, or anyone else. When I thought about the arrangement, I realized that Karl is one long stemmed pimp. I sort of envied the guy.

I am about to become a slut for the enjoyment of others and the profit of one.


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