Girl-girl Virginity

Author: Goblin

   Roommate One is what I’ll call her. If I used her name in a published story she would probably track me down and shoot me. She and I and one other woman rented a house together during our college years.

   The three of us gang-banged a date of mine one drunken night. I had tied him to the bed and when my two roommates came in I invited them in to sit on his face and whatever else on his naked helpless body they might like to sit on.

Roommate One tried to hog the communal stud when it was her turn, straddling his face and jamming her pussy into it for a long time with great gusto. Having that guy tied up under her really set her off. We became impatient with her after a pretty long time and interrupted the scene so Roommate Two could have a go.

A few days later we were talking the incident over and she said that I owed her one because I had interrupted what she thought was a particularly strong orgasm coming on. Seems she was working on orgasm number three. Orgasm one had been great, orgasm two had been REALLY great, and number three was shaping up to be stupendous. She was a little irked that we had interrupted what had promised to be a memorable experience. She told me she was getting wet and turned on just remembering it.

   This brought on a discussion of pussy eating technique between us. That the stud was one hell of a pussy eater we both agreed. Few men were and finding one that was good at it was a real treat. Some men were so clueless down there it would almost be laughable if not for giving them some credit for at least making an effort. I really find a man that is unwilling to lap at my clit to be an incomplete lover.

She was a proponent of hard and fast tongue action, going straight to the clit and not stopping until at least one orgasm was reached. I voted for slow steady buildup, a little tongue penetration and soft nipping with the lips and slow loving attention to my clit.

She said she had never really had it done to her that way, probably because she tended to grab the person between her thighs by the hair and in no uncertain terms make it clear she wanted it hard and fast and now.

I recommended that she try to slow down and enjoy the moment more next time.
She said “I will.”
She said “I’m really wet just thinking about it.”
She said “Show me”

She had read my mind. I had been thinking,” I’d like to show her” even though at that time I had never had sex with a woman. We were sitting on her bed, late at night. She was only in panties and a t-shirt, ready for sleeping. She had probably seen me glancing at her tan lines visible just below the sides of her panties, and at her tan and perfect twenty-year-old thighs. Her breasts were medium sized but perfect, with large nipples I could see hardening under that t-shirt. She was, to me, a knockout, and the sexuality I saw in her when she used that man tied to my bed was very appealing to me. It was wild and aggressive and even male in nature.

“Show me now” she said as I was pausing to think.
“Ok” I said with a grin. I knew I wanted her, why not take her

She was up and taking charge of the moment immediately. She gave me a deep slow and unmistakably passionate kiss with lots of tongue. She went to the door and closed it and locked it, and returning to me on the bed she removed her t-shirt.

“You take off the panties” she said when she came to me. I reached my hands out for her breasts first, fondling them and then sucking them and running my hands all over her body which felt like electricity, like sex itself to me. I removed the panties and just looked at her. She was beautiful.

I stuck my finger in her and lubed it up a little bit, she was soaking wet, and then went straight for the clit, hard and fast, and brought her very soon to an orgasm. We collapsed on the bed. Her naked and me fully clothed. I had brought my first woman partner to orgasm.

I got on top of her and kissed her for a while. Moved down to the right breast and sucked it and licked it. I moved to the left breast, cupping it in my hands and sucked and nipped the nipple. I moved to the cleavage and kissed, and began moving down and kissing her chest, her belly. I rubbed my face around in her little patch of pubic hair.

I kissed her pussy. The smell was intoxicating. I was so turned on I don’t even remember the details but I was there for a long time. I kneaded her and penetrated her with my fingers. I penetrated her with my tongue. I worked her clit, first slow, then hard, stopping, starting, trying to devour that pussy.

I felt her reactions through her body. I heard her moan and even talk but I’m not sure what she said. I know she enjoyed it and considered my debt incurred from interrupting a promising orgasm to be fully paid.

I never took my clothes off. She never even hinted at returning the favor. An hour later I found myself in my room alone. I removed my jeans, the crotch of them was very wet. I removed my panties, they were soaked. I went to bed bottomless and brought another woman to a tremendous orgasm.

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