Miami Hotel

Author: Ellen

Hi there my name is Ellen, I’m 52 years young and my husband Brian will tell you without reservation that I’m a very pretty and sexy redhead with shoulder-length wavy hair; I’m 5’4”, 120lb with 36C/D nice firm natural breasts with really sensitive pinkish-brown nipples, a nice round and silky smooth ass, a partially shaved pussy, and great long legs.

Two years ago Brian and I was traveling back to California from Florida when we got stuck on Sunday night in Miami because of thunder storms and couldn’t get a plane out of there until early Monday morning. We finally found a hotel close to the airport and after checking in we realized much to our pleasing that it had a bar that was open.

After dumping our stuff in our room we headed to the bar for a glass of wine, it was a pretty nice place with a pool table and a jukebox. There was 3 local guys drinking beer and shooting pool and playing tunes on the jukebox and the bartender John was really nice. When we got our second glass of wine John actually struck up a conversation with us.

One of the locals kept hanging out at the bar fairly close to us and I could tell he discretely kept looking at my tits. Brian long time ago told me to never wear panties or a bra (fortunately I don’t have to wear a bra since my tits are naturally firm and perky) and that night I was wearing a short denim skirt and a pretty thin soft-green shirt that shows off my tits and cleavage and as usual I had on high heeled sandals.

One of the guys shooting pool came over and asked my husband if he would like to shoot some pool which Brian loves to do so he of course said yes. The other two locals sat down at the bar and John the bartender introduced them to me as Mike and Pete.

As soon as my wine glass was empty Pete bought me another one and he, Mike, John and I were talking about all kind of stuff (I guess they don’t have too many females showing up in that bar on a Sunday night). My husband Brian and the third local who’s name was Dave came over and ordered new drinks and while they were waiting they chatted a little before heading back to the pool-table.

After a little while Mike and Pete came over and sat down on each side of me and we kept chatting away until John declared the bar closed and went out to lock the doors. When he came back he told us not to worry that he was in no hurry to get out of here and he actually served the next round “on the house”. Brian and Dave were still shooting pool when Pete went over and whispered something in my husband’s ear and Brian smiled and nodded.

I was sitting and talking when Brian came up behind me and put his arms around me and reached inside my shirt, pulled out my tits and said “aren’t they beautiful?”. I was too shocked to say anything and Mike, Pete, John and Dave all just stared at my tits and one of them said yes they’re awesome. I turned around and whispered in Brian’s ear “what are you doing?’ and he whispered back “what do you think I’m doing? Just relax and enjoy”.

Brian and Dave then went back to the pool-table leaving me sitting in a bar in Miami, among strangers with my tits hanging out of my shirt and three guys staring at them. I tried to act like this was completely normal even though the situation had some effect on me and I could feel my nipples get hard. Pete was the first one to muster enough courage to touch one of my tits and when his fingers gently squeezed my now very hard nipple it was like a lightning bolt went through my body.

When Mike saw I didn’t push Pete’s hand away he immediately put his hand on my other tit and began to squeeze my nipple as well. I noticed that they both looked over at Brian who winked at them, smiled and nodded. John came out from the bar and walked over to us and he slowly spun my bar-stool around and before I knew it he pulled my shirt off and covered one of my nipples with his mouth and began to suck it slow and hard while he pulled on my other nipple with his thumb and index-finger (it felt incredible).

John then got on his knees between my legs, pushed up my skirt, spread my legs wide and slowly began to lick my pussy which got very wet right away. While John was eating my pussy Mike and Pete each began to lick and suck my nipples. I could feel John’s tongue moving in and out of my pussy when he suddenly stood up, they lifted me up and put me on my knees on the floor and John unzipped his pants and forced his very large and thick hard cock deep into my mouth (thank god I can deep-throat). I looked over at Brian to see if he even noticed what was going on? He and Dave stood leaned against the pool-table with beer in hand and enjoyed the scenario.

Before I knew it I had a cock in my mouth and one in each hand so I had to take turns sucking each one. Suddenly I was lifted up and they carried me over and laid me down on a table. Dave immediately pulled of my skirt so I was naked except for my sandals and he grabbed my tits and began to suck on my nipples. Somebody grabbed my head and thrust a very hard cock into my mouth and I could instantly taste and feel that it was my husband’s wonderful cock.

Dave was on the other side of the table and he turned my head and stuck his cock in my mouth and began to fuck my mouth while Mike and Pete were sucking on my nipples. I think it was John who again spread my legs wide and began to lick and suck my wet swollen pussy-lips and then all of the sudden I could feel his very large cock begin to slowly move into my pussy (his cock was so thick I thought it would rip my pussy) and when he hit the bottom of my pussy he began to fuck me slowly but hard and once I got used to his large cock it felt sooo good.

Brian and Dave switched place with Mike and Pete so I could suck their cocks and Dave and Brian started sucking hard on my nipples. John slowly pulled out of my pussy and moved his wet cock-head down to my ass and I braced myself as he very slowly began to push his large cock into my very tight ass. It hurt like hell as he got inside and buried his entire cock in my ass, he held it still in there for me to get used to his size and after a little while he began to fuck my ass (oh my god it was at first very painful but then it was unbelievable – I didn’t want him to stop). He then began alternating between fucking my ass and my pussy and I was getting my first major orgasm of the night and I knew that it would not be my last.

After I came they put me down on the floor on all four and I had hands all over my body and John pushed his cock deep down my throat while Dave laid down on his back between my legs and had me ride his cock while Mike decide to thrust his cock into my ass at the same time while Pete and Brian was licking and sucking my bouncing tits. Pete and Brian was sucking my nipples and squeezing my tits like they were milking them and with cocks fucking my pussy, ass and mouth I got an unbelievable series of orgasms. John was fucking my really hard and fast and I was sucking it as hard as I could when I could feel his cock begin to contract and I knew I was about to get a mouthful. Sure enough when John began to shoot his load in my mouth and down my throat it was almost like drinking from a faucet, I had to keep swallowing so I wouldn’t drown in his tasty warm cum and it ran out of my mouth and down on my tits too.

As soon as John pulled out of my mouth Pete came up took hold of my hair and thrust his cock into my cum-filled mouth and began to fuck my mouth hard. Dave had gripped my hips and was pounding my pussy hard and fast while Mike was fucking my ass so hard I thought I would get black and blue afterwards. I felt Mike grab my hip really hard as he began to fill my ass with his cum and then I could feel Dave exploding inside my pussy. Pete pulled out of my mouth and Dave and Mike pulled out of my pussy and ass and I remember thinking that boy did I just get fucked when I realized that Pete and my husband hadn’t finished yet.

As much as I thought I could relax now Brian smiled when he told me that I wasn’t done servicing them all and he rolled me over on my back and stuck his huge hard cock into my mouth and told me to suck the best I can. Pete had John and Mike hold my legs spread extremely wide as he began to pound my pussy and ass and Dave was almost brutally squeezing and pulling my nipples (which I happen to like a lot).

Brian knows how much I love to have my tits fucked so he moved down between my tits which I squeezed tight around his cock and he fucked them so his cock-head would slip between my lips every time he moved up. Pete was now only fucking my pussy while his large heavy balls slapped hard against my ass. All of the sudden Pete slowed down but fucked me in some very deep hard thrusts as he began to shoot his warm cum deep into my now sore pussy and I could feel Brian getting close as well so I kept licking and sucking the tip of his cock-head as I squeezed my tits even tighter around his cock until he started unloading his cum all over my tits.

I was sore all over, had cum running out of every opening and all over my tits, I was exhausted and had to get up early and I was sitting naked on a chair when John handed me a glass of wine which I greedily drank since I was so thirsty. After a little while I thanked them all for a fantastic stay here in Miami and I got up to pick up my clothes from the floor. As I bend down to get my skirt John grabbed my hips and before I could do anything his very large and hard again cock was deep inside my pussy and holding my hips in a hard grip he began to fuck my very sore pussy again.

Before I knew it I had five guys with hard cocks all around me again, this is going to be a very long “painful” night………….

When we finally got on our plane the airline had upgraded us to first class and when they dimmed the cabin lights Brian and I was talking about what a wild night it had been and the more we talked about it I could tell he was getting hard again. Under our blankets he pulled out my tits and began to play with my sore but already hard nipples and then he commanded me to give him a blowjob, which as a good wife I of course did.

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