My Birthday treat……

Author: Mary

My Birthday treat……
It was my 35th birthday, and my wife Mary had promised me a night out on the town. While I was on the golf course with her blessing, she spent the day at work.
I came home looking forward to a hot shower and a glass of wine with Mary before we went out.
To my surprise Mary was nowhere to be found. So I grabbed a beer and headed up to the shower anyway. As I got undressed I noticed a note on my pillow. It said, “Happy Birthday Ken. I had some last minute preparations to take care of for your birthday. Meet me at ‘Miners’. Love, Mary.”

I was a little taken aback at first. ‘Miners’ was a little hole in the wall bar down in town and used to be a popular spot for local college kids but in recent years had declined somewhat. It wasn’t really a bad part of town but it had seen better days. I couldn’t understand why she would want to meet there.

As I showered I thought about the possibilities and came to the assumption that it was some sort of surprise party in a place I wouldn’t expect. I was kind of excited about a fun night and quickly cleaned up and dressed. I drove quickly in anticipation of seeing my lovely, sexy wife. I was getting a hard-on thinking about what we would do later and what she might do to please me on my birthday.

I pulled into ‘Miners lot’; a little surprised that there weren’t more cars. There was only one old pickup and two big Harleys. Mary’s car wasn’t even there. Had I made a mistake? I figured she just wasn’t there yet so I wandered inside to have a beer and wait. It took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the dark bar, so I slid onto a barstool and ordered a beer. The place was clean and nicer than I had expected. I noticed two bikers sitting at the opposite end of the bar. One was tall and thin with short hair and a moustache. The other was average height but stocky. He was clean-shaven but had long hair. They both tipped their beers to me and said, “How ya’ doin?”

“Okay,” I answered.

There was also one other guy sitting at a table by himself. He was wearing an old cowboy hat and boots, and was leaning against the wall with his hat down. He was either asleep or just wanted to be alone.

The bartender returned with my beer. He must have seen me checking out the cowboy because he said, “Don’t worry about him. That’s Slim. He’s my bouncer.” The bartender turned out to be very friendly and we were soon talking amiably.
After a few moments a woman came out from the back and slid up on a stool next to the tall biker. She was wearing a very tight, short leather skirt. She was also wearing a low cut top that showed off some nice cleavage. Her shoes were suede with short spiked heels, which accentuated her shapely legs. I had to admit that even though she looked a little sleazy, she had a nice body.

I sipped my beer and looked at my watch. I was beginning to wonder about Mary when I heard the woman at the other end of the bar laugh. Suddenly my senses were wide awake. As I stared intently through the dark bar at that woman she turned towards me and smiled. It was Mary. I was too surprised be either mad or glad to see her like that. She whispered something to her biker friend then slid off her stool and walked slowly over to me. Regardless of what I was supposed to feel, my dick was feeling something of it’s own as it sprang to full attention. Mary looked very pretty and a little slutty at the same time.

When she got right up next to me she said, “Close your mouth and buy me a drink.” God she looked hot! As she stood next to me my eyes drank her in from head to toe. I was so flustered I turned and practically yelled at the bartender for a glass of white wine. I was still a little unsure about the situation but my dick was quickly convincing me that this could be fun.

As Mary slid onto the stool next to me, she parted her legs just enough for me to see her crotch less panties. She then proceeded to ask me my name and if I would mind some company. I was now very excited as I realized we were playing a roll game we had talked about so many times before and that always led to incredible sex. She began to flirt with me, talking and laughing and occasionally touching me just enough to keep me very interested. I, in turn, just stared at her very sexy body, noticing no sign of bra straps, her nipples poking through her shirt. We were really into our scenario when suddenly the tall biker appeared.

“How about a dance?” he said to Mary. I was sure she would turn him down, but instead she downed the rest of her wine, jumped off the stool and let him lead her to the tiny dance floor, smiling back at me as she went. She was definitely playing this role to the hilt and I had to admit, I was enjoying it.

I tried not to stare, instead turning back to the bar and watching her in the mirror. Although they were alone on the dance floor, they moved as if the floor was crowded. Mary seemed to really be into her role as she let the biker “dirty dance” with her a little. He obviously enjoyed grinding into her from behind as she pushed back against him just as enthusiastically. She then turned around and faced him as he held one hand behind the small of her back and pushed his crotch against her leg, with his leg between hers.

More and more people were coming into the bar now and many of them were watching the two of them dance. They must have danced four or five songs that way with the crowd beginning to applaud after each dance. Although I too was enjoying the show, I began to hope Mary hadn’t drunk too much and knew what she was doing.

Almost as if reading my mind, the bartender suddenly appeared with a fresh beer and a card. It simply said, “Happy Birthday! I know you’ll enjoy this present. I just hope you are as excited right now as I was getting ready tonight. I can’t wait to get you home so I can show you how wet you make me. Love, Mary (Your personal slut.)” I couldn’t decide which feeling was stronger just then, my love for her or my need to fuck her. I decided they could co-exist equally.

I turned back to the dance floor to see the two of them slow dancing along with a few other couples. God she was sexy! As the song ended, they shared a hug with him lifting her off her feet. I noticed her skirt was even shorter than I first realized as it rode up her muscular thighs.

The biker walked back to his friend and Mary walked over to me. I couldn’t help but notice how flushed she was. As she sat on the stool next to me, I leaned over to give her a kiss. She quickly put her hand up and pushed me back saying, “Hold it there, big boy. The least you could do is buy me a drink first.”

Needless to say I was taken aback. It was just her way of letting her wanton sexuality come out, without worrying about being a my wife. At these times she was just a beautiful sexual creature.

So I bought her a drink and we made small talk as if we didn’t know each other. I asked her about her biker buddies. She told me she had named the shorter one “Bear,” which he had liked. She then laughed and said that after dancing with the taller one, she had decided to name him “Snake,” for obvious reasons.

I knew her pussy had to be very wet by now. As we talked and laughed, she would occasionally reach over and touch my arm or my leg, very casually, but I was very aware of each and every touch. I wanted to feel her pressing her body against mine, so I asked her to dance. She smiled and told me she’d love to but first she had to go to the little ladies room.

As I waited for her, I couldn’t decide if I should let her play this game a little longer of if I should take her home and make love to her before I exploded. As it turned out, it wasn’t up to me. Mary walked back toward me with a big smile on her face.

“I hear it’s your birthday. Here’s a special present from me to you.” With that she shoved something into my hand. Before I could say a word she was grabbed from behind by Bear and led toward the dance floor. She looked over her shoulder at me with a smile and shrugged.

I admit I was a little upset over losing my chance to dance with her, but then I remembered that I would be the one going home with her that night. Almost as an afterthought, I recalled her “present.” Even though I was pretty sure I knew what it was, I was still pleasantly surprised when I looked down to find her damp crotch less panties sitting in my open hand. I simply laughed to myself and stuck my souvenir in my pocket.

As my attention turned to the dance floor, I was now even more observant, realizing there was just a small leather skirt between Bear and my wife’s honey box. And I know how much bears like honey. Bear had obviously paid close attention to Snake and Mary’s earlier dances. He was bumping and grinding into her just as much or more than Snake had.

Before long, Mary became the object of many men’s affections. She was the life of the party and soon everyone was dancing dirty. At one point she was surrounded by three men who all pressed against her at once. Mary simply threw her hands straight up in the air and laughed.

Because the dance floor was so crowded, it was hard to tell but I was pretty sure there were some wandering hands out there. The more I watched, the hornier I got. Finally, I went out there and grabbed her, just as a slow song started. I’m sure there were more than a few disappointed guys then, but I didn’t care. Mary gave me one of her beautiful smiles and pressed tightly against me. As we danced and pushed against each other, my incredible lust for her overtook me.
I leaned down and whispered in her ear, “I want you.”

Mary smiled up at me mischievously and said, “Is that any way to talk to a lady? Besides, I hardly know you.”

I smiled and replied, “Could I please have the honor of fucking you silly?” “Well,” she stated, “like I said before, I hardly know you. But since it is your birthday…I’ll tell you what,” she went on, “I promised Bear and Snake that I would play some pool with them. After that, we’ll talk about it.”

I thought she was just teasing me, until the song ended and she reached up and kissed me on the cheek and walked away towards her biker pals. I was left standing there dumbfounded with a tent in my pants. I quickly stuck my hands in my pockets and walked back to the bar. As I sat there nursing a beer, the anticipation of getting into my own wife’s pants was giving me a bad case of blue balls. I couldn’t wait to take my sexy little wife home and bang her until I couldn’t move any more.

After watching her dance one more time, she walked up to me and said, “The pool game is starting in the back and you are welcome to watch if you like.” By now I didn’t think I could make it home and just wanted to get her out to the car as quickly as possible.

Looking for help, I turned to the bartender and said, “Isn’t it almost closing time?”

He replied, “As a matter of fact it is, but your little lady friend rented the place after hours for your birthday celebration. So enjoy.”

Suddenly it dawned on me that maybe she was planning a little private party on the pool table for her and I after Bear and Snake left. It would be the ultimate role-playing game. It had better be soon or else I was going to spray my cum all over the felt before we even got started.

I walked to the back room where the pool table was and saw Bear racking the balls. Over by the wall Snake was pressed against Mary from behind as they chose their pool cues. Apparently, he was trying to rack his own balls between my wife’s cheeks.

I sat on a stool in the corner and sat back to watch. They all agreed that Mary should break so she bent over the table and lined up her shot. I was at the opposite end so I could pretty much see right down her top. Bear was also at this end but much closer. I’m sure he could see even more from his vantage point.

Mary sunk two balls on the break. She then moved to my end of the table to continue. Now it was Snake who took in the sight of my wife’s nice breasts.

As Mary leaned over the table to check out her next shot, I couldn’t help but notice how much her skirt pulled up. It was just below her ass, showing off her nice thighs. As she got ready to shoot she spread her legs apart and I could just imagine how wet she must be. She had me so hot and hard! I saw Bear adjusting his dick through his pants and knew she was having the same effect on him.

Mary missed and stood off to the side to watch. While Snake was planning his shot, Mary reached for and dropped the chalk. As she knelt down to pick it up, she parted her legs slightly and smiled, flashing her smooth cunt right at me.

Just then Bear peeked around the end of the table, undoubtedly getting an eyeful of my wife’s pussy. Playing the part of the bar slut to the hilt, she flashed her pretty smile at him also and then stood up.

She just stood there with her cue in front of her. At first she stood very still. But then I noticed a movement. It was only slight but she was obviously sliding one hand very slowly up and down her cue as once again she smiled at me. Snake glanced over at her and proceeded to miss his shot.

Now Bear moved up to the table. This time Mary wasn’t so subtle. She slid both hands up and down her stick slowly while smiling at Bear. He didn’t stand a chance. But I don’t think either Bear or Snake cared. If they were thinking like me, they would rather watch Mary bend over the table again.

As she walked around the table to survey her next shot, I knew it would be difficult for her. Mary only stands about 5’1,” and the cue ball wasn’t near the edge of the table. She slowly leaned as far over the table as she could, balance herself on one leg as she raised the other.

Since she was once again at the opposite end of the table, I couldn’t see much but I knew exactly what anyone standing behind her could see. Which turned out to be Snake; I could tell by the look on his face that he was staring right at my wife’s trimmed pussy and I could only imagine how wet it must have been. Mary then proceeded to miss her shot.

As she lowered her leg she turned to Snake and said, “I thought I had it lined up pretty well.”

Snake replied, “It looked perfect to me.”

Next Snake missed his ball and then walked over and whispered something to Bear. A smile came over Bear’s face as he listened to Snake. It was obvious that Bear knew what he was doing as he lined up the cue ball and struck it so that it came to rest in the middle of the table. Once again, Mary would have to lean way over to take her shot. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what they were doing.

This time Snake and Bear both positioned themselves behind her as she leaned over the table and lifted her leg. I’m sure Mary realized what was going on, but she pretended not to. Making a show of it, she lifted her leg a little higher than necessary and made sure to part her thighs.

As she lined up her shot, Mary turned her head back to them and asked, “Does that look okay?”
Bear chuckled, “That looks great. Just take your time.”
Mary actually made the shot, but the game continued the same way, with Bear again setting her up with a difficult shot. The next time she leaned over the table, she really had to stretch. I could see the muscles in her supporting leg flex as she tried to balance herself.

Bear quickly stepped forward, placed one hand under her upraised knee, and asked, “Need a little help?”

Mary replied, “Yes, thank you.” Though her legs were now steady, she was bent so far over the table that she was having trouble keeping her breasts from resting on one of the balls. Now it was Snake’s turn to offer his help. He stepped up next to her and boldly reached over and lifted her breast off of the ball that she was concerned about.

Without even blinking an eye, Mary simply said, “Perfect.”

It was almost comical to see the three of them standing like that. But my hard dick reminded me that it was also very erotic.

As I watched, I noticed that Bear’s hand was no longer under her knee, but was moving up the inside of her leg. At the same time, Snake’s hand was starting to squeeze her tit. Seeing no resistance, Snake slowly slid his hand down Mary’s top.

Mary set her pool cue down as she allowed Bear and Snake to explore and caress her body. I could see her body relax as she gave in to both men. As Bear’s hand slid out of view under Mary’s short skirt, I could see her eyes open a little wider. Bear had obviously found what he was searching for. I noticed the muscles in Bear’s forearm flex slightly as he pushed forward, apparently sinking one or more of his fingers into my wife.

As I watched, I couldn’t help but see the subtle movement of his arm as it began moving slowly forward and back. I wished I were at the other end of the table so I could watch as he finger fucked my wife.

As Snake continued to rub her tits and Bear began to finger her rhythmically, both men began to unbutton their pants. Even though I was enjoying watching all of this, I wasn’t sure if Mary had meant for things to go this far. As I was trying to choose between stopping them or letting them go on, the decision was once again made for me.

As if out of nowhere Slim appeared, grabbed both Snake and Bear by their collars, and said, “Okay boys, the party’s over.”

Snake and Bear both struggled briefly, but it was obvious Slim knew what he was doing. I could hear them pleading with him as they were dragged away.

Although this sudden turn in events both surprised and disappointed me a little, I knew what I needed to do. I walked over to my wife, put my arms around her and kissed her deeply. Without a word, she pushed away from me, stepped out of her skirt, and jumped up onto the pool table. She unbuttoned her top, releasing her breasts, her tan nipples rock hard and erect. She then laid back and spread her legs.

Her pussy lips were swollen and protruding. Her juices were spread everywhere. Unable to resist, I dove for her clit and began licking her madly while my finger found her cunt that only moments before had engulfed Bear’s fingers.

Mary grabbed my head and pushed me harder into her wetness. I don’t think she has ever come that fast in her life, but within about 30 seconds she was moaning in ecstasy as she ground her pelvis into my face. She came and came and then she came some more, continuing to push her pussy up as she pulled my head down. After what seemed like an eternity, she finally began to loosen her grip as her hips began to relax. Soon she relaxed back into the table, totally spent.

I knew what my lovely wife would want next. First she would want to suck my dick a little. I took this opportunity to slip out of her grasp, where I quickly unbuttoned my pants and dropped them to my ankles, releasing my hot and swollen member. I then climbed up on the table and knelt next to her head. She instinctively opened her eyes, turned her head, and engulfed my whole cock with her mouth. She began to suck me slowly as I supported her head with my hand. God it felt so good as she sucked me deep into her willing mouth.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, I noticed a small movement out of the corner of my eye. I must have jumped a little because Mary stopped her blowjob, looked at me, and then raised her head to see what had startled me.

Slim was standing there totally naked, just watching. But he wasn’t standing still. As we looked at him his cock rose higher and higher until it was pointing right at Mary. I don’t think she realized it but she had begun sucking my head again ever so slightly as she stared intently at Slim. For you see, whoever nicknamed him Slim had never seen him naked. Although his well-muscled body was slender, his cock wasn’t. It was probably about eight inches long and very, very thick. Just the way my wife has always described the perfect penis.
“Don’t stop on my account,” Slim said. But in fact I did stop and I pulled my dick out of my wife’s mouth. As she looked up at me questioningly, I stepped down from the table, leaned over her, and kissed her lovingly and deeply.

I whispered, “I love you Mary,” then stepped away. As much as I wanted her for myself, I wanted just as much to watch her fuck that fat cock. And knowing how much she absolutely craves a dick inside her after she comes, I was pretty sure she was willing to take on Slim.

She didn’t disappoint me. As I backed away, Mary and Slim looked lustfully at each other. Although Mary had initially closed her legs when Slim appeared, she slowly returned to acting the part of the slut, spreading her legs wide and allowing Slim to take in the sight of her pink wet pussy, surrounded by her puffy, swollen lips.

I stepped away from the table, found my stool, and waited, my cock throbbing. As Slim reached the end of the table, he lifted his dick and set it on the rail. He was now fully erect. If Mary was apprehensive about his size, she didn’t show it.

Slim climbed up on the table and knelt between her legs. Once again they just stared at each other, Mary admiring his big cock as he gazed at her waiting pussy. Slim put one hand on her calf, then slid it slowly upward, over her inner thigh, until he found her swollen wet lips. As his middle finger began to disappear inside her, his thumb slid up and easily found her engorged clit. As he rubbed her clit slowly back and forth Mary suddenly shuddered.

“I think someone’s ready,” Slim said. Mary sat up enough to reach Slim’s dick, rubbing his own dripping juices over his head and down his shaft.

Unable to wrap her hand completely around his thickness, she said, “I think that goes both ways.”

With that, Mary lay back down, spreading her legs even a little wider to accommodate Slim. Slim moved forward until he was positioned comfortably between her legs. With one hand supporting his weight, he reached down and grasped his dick. He began rubbing his head up and down over Mary’s lips.

I got off my stool and walked over closer. By now they were oblivious of my presence, but I still hung back a little. I was close enough to see the head of his huge cock now settled firmly between her lips, as he pushed his cock up and over her clit. After a few seconds, he pushed it back downward, sliding through the sloppy wetness of her slit. He must have found his target because he began to move his dick in small circles, as if zeroing in on her hole.

Suddenly he was still and I could see his leg and stomach muscles tense slightly as he began to push forward. Applying slow steady pressure with his thick cock against my wife’s tight but willing pussy, I saw the head of his dick disappear. If it hurt Mary, I couldn’t tell. She was just looking down between her legs, watching as if a bystander herself.

Slim paused, then slid in slowly about another inch. Pausing again, he slid almost all the way out, and then slid back in a little farther. I could tell he was giving Mary time to get used to his size as he paused frequently, then slid almost all the way out, paused again, then slid a little farther in each time he pushed forward.

When he was about half way in, I could see a definite change in Mary. Although she was not thrusting herself, by the look on her face she was welcoming each new inch inside of her. She was still watching intently, but her face now had a beautiful glow of growing pleasure. I wasn’t sure she could handle his whole dick but after about ten slow cycles of pausing and pushing, his whole cock had disappeared inside her. Yet he still paused.

With his massive member now buried to the hilt, Mary let her head fall back. For what seemed like minutes, neither one moved, seemingly getting used to and enjoying the feeling of each other, his largeness and her tightness.

As they stared into each other’s eyes, Slim began to pull back slightly then thrust forward. He moved slowly, as if reversing the whole process of penetration. As his strokes became longer; and longer, Mary too began to move, her hips rocking in unison with his. After about a dozen increasingly longer strokes, he had pulled back as far as he could without coming out of her pussy altogether. He then started sliding his entire length all the way in and all the way back.

Moving slowly as they were, I was able to once again see just how thick he was. If I had any doubts about Mary’s comfort level they were quickly extinguished by the look on her face. She gets such a beautiful look of pleasure on her face during sex. But this was beyond anything I had ever seen. Mary looked so relaxed but at the same time she seemed totally spellbound. She beamed with a sense of euphoria and lust. Her intense look of delight went straight to my heart.

The two of them were beginning to settle into a rhythm, pulling back then pushing against each other, until they seemed as comfortable as old lovers. They moved slowly, contentedly, neither one in a hurry to rush toward the inevitable climax. Yet seeing his girth of a member and knowing how tight Mary is, I knew the intense friction they were creating wouldn’t allow this pace for long.

As if reading my mind, Slim began pick up the pace, Mary rocking up to meet him. As their speed increased so did the force of their thrusting. It was amazing to watch as Slim’s cock, slick with Mary’s abundant juices, was sliding easily in and out of her cunt. I could also see Mary’s pussy lips, shining with wetness, being pushed and pulled, as she seemed to hungrily engulf Slim’s thick, hard dick.

By now they were no longer trying to hold back. To put it simply, they were fucking each other faster and faster. What a sight! On and on they went, both developing a light sheen of perspiration, both panting and moaning, as they succumbed to one of their most basic instincts.

Mary’s pretty face was glowing with sensuality. This was a woman who loved sex and wasn’t afraid to show it. Suddenly her face changed slightly, becoming taut as her mouth opened in a small oval. She began to groan, quietly at first, then building and building until she was moaning so loud it was obvious she was deep into orgasm.

As if this were his cue, Slim clenched his teeth and began a deep guttural groan of his own as the both of them began sliding and slamming fervently against one another. I could only imagine the pleasure he was feeling as Mary’s pussy clamped down on his cock. They went on this way for about 30 seconds, until Slim began to slow.

But knowing Mary, I knew she wasn’t done yet. Slim tried to slow down, she kept up the pace, thrusting hard against him as she was overcome by a second powerful orgasm. Slim had no choice but to keep up. I knew how drained he must have felt by now. But I also knew how Mary could encourage a man to go on.

And with her pussy once again squeezing his big cock, I’m sure he was just as hard as ever. I could tell he was losing steam, but Mary had been overtaken by her own ecstasy and was not ready to give up. So as Slim slowed almost to a stop, Mary continued to use him, thrusting her hips up and down, forcing her pussy over his rigid cock. Slim held still over her, allowing her to slide up and down his thickness, engulfing him deeply.

As she moved into yet another orgasm, Slim simply looked at her and admired her from her rapturous face down to her persistent pussy. Finally Mary began to slow, still having numerous twitches of left over excitement. When she stopped moving altogether, Slim gently laid down on top of her, holding her as they both regained their breath.

After a few minutes he kissed her softly on the lips. He then lifted up, his dick pulling slowly out of her pussy. He climbed off the table, took one last admiring look, and walked away.

As soon as he was gone, I walked over to Mary. She had her eyes closed but must have known I was nearby as she reached out to me.

“That looked like fun,” I said.

“Mmmmm….” was all she could reply. “But this was supposed to be your birthday party, not mine.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” I said, “I think that was the best present you’ve ever given me.”

I helped her get cleaned up, dressed, and practically carried her out to the car. As it was now well into the next day, I realized I hadn’t even been laid on my own birthday. Yet still I had received an amazing present. And it turned out to be the present that kept on giving. Because whenever one of us brings up that birthday, we instantly reach for each other initially out of lust, but mostly out of love.

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